20 Best Books Like Pretty Little Liars (YA Thriller Romance)

YA thriller romances are popular, to say the least. They allow the younger generation to dream, the current generation to relate, and the older generation to reminisce. 

20 Best Books Like Pretty Little Liars (YA Thriller Romance)

Pretty Little Liars is a masterpiece. It combines murder, mystery, romance, suspense, drama, and even a pinch of comedy. It leaves you wanting more and flipping the pages late into the night. 

Once you find a good book you love, it’s hard to put it down (even when it’s over). Keep that feeling alive by choosing your next YA thriller romance. Check out these 20 best books like pretty little liars. 

Rhymes with Witches – Lauren Myracle

Rhymes with Witches

Jane shares a dream of popularity with the rest of the first-year students. An attractive, dominant group with one girl from each grade is the key to success in this school, and Jane has her eyes on the prize. 

After making her way into the group, she soon realizes that fame and power aren’t all it’s chalked up to be. Explore dark humor and sinister secrets here

Poseur #1 (Poseur) – Rachel Maude


When four sophomores are grouped together and given a class assignment, they’d rather fail than work as a team. 

Charlotte, Janie, Melissa, and Petra couldn’t be more different. Can a popular flirt, fabulous egomaniac, hippie goddess, and shy punk work together to create fashion? The girls aren’t too sure. 

At Winston Prep, it’s about what fits in. Get your book in Kindle or paperback format here

Sweet 16 – Kate Brian 

Sweet 16

Teagan Phillip’s has it made. Name-brand everything, top-tier guests, and velvet ropes surround her at the country club for her sweet 16. 

Life’s been pretty sweet for Teagan, and she knows she’s popular. Despite being obnoxious, everyone wants to be seen by Teagan. 

However, she’s thrown for a loop when she tumbles into a cellar and blacks out. She wakes to find a mysterious woman standing over her. Is she going to help Teagan back to her feet? Or tell her the harsh truth? Grab the book here to find out! 

Secrets of My Hollywood Life – Jen Calonita

Secrets of My Hollywood Life (Secrets of My Hollywood Life, 1)

Secrets of My Hollywood Life is a six-book series about Kaitlin Burke and her break from stardom. Well, it’s not necessarily a break if high school is just as nasty as Hollywood. 

Starring on one of America’s hottest TV shows, Kaitlin is fed up with life in the spotlight and looks to spend two months disguised as a regular student in a regular high school. What she soon learns will change her life forever. 

Follow Kaitlin on her journey and snag your book here

Untouchable (Private Series, Book 3) – Kate Brian

Untouchable (Private, Book 3)

When Reed’s popular, charming, fun-loving boyfriend Thomas turns up dead, everything at Easton Academy seems a bit. . . off. Reed’s closest friends Taylor, Kiran, Noelle, and Arianna all cope with the tragedy in their own ways, some healthier than others. 

Reed and her friend Josh end up alone together on campus during Thanksgiving break. Feelings of heartbreak, and for each other, explode in a steamy hookup. Things seem to be moving up until Josh tops the list of suspects for Thomas’ death. 

See what the hype is about and buy your copy today! 

The It Girl (It Girl #1) – Cecily Von Ziesgesar

The It Girl

In this popular romance fiction, Jenny transfers to Waverly Academy in New York to become a sophisticated boarding school student. She’s escaping a messy, tiring past and long overdue for change. 

The Disciplinary Committee won’t hold Jenny back from getting what she wants. Dealing with self-absorbed roommates, hot boys, and strict rules, she plans to do what she needs to become The It Girl. 

Learn more about The It Girl series and purchase your edition here!

Pretty Dead Queens – Alexa Donne

Pretty Dead Queens

Since losing her mom to cancer, 17-year-old Cecelia Ellis is sent to live with her grandmother in California. 

Shortly after her arrival, she realizes things in this ordinary coastal town aren’t what they seem: the homecoming queen is dead (and she’s not the first). Additionally, her estranged grandmother is an author and carries a few secrets of her own. 

Cecelia makes it her mission to discover the truth, despite the dangers that lie ahead. Buy your first copy here

Nothing More to Tell – Karen McManus

Nothing More to Tell

Brynn is living her dream as an intern on one of her favorite true-crime shows. Her work created a fire inside her to find out who killed her teacher at Saint Ambrose School nearly four years ago. 

Three students found the teacher in the woods behind the school, one of whom is Brynn’s ex-best friend. He is the key to the whole case, especially since he lied to the cops the day the body was found. 

Follow Brynn on her journey for truth here!

Five Little Liars – Amanda Morgan

Five Little Liars

Ivy, Tyler, Kinley, Mattie, and Cade all have a secret about their teacher’s death that they must hold close. But they each have their own motives. 

Ivy is on her way to being Queen Bee again. Tyler has a bad history and is looking at legal trouble. Kinley is the poster child for a college application. Mattie doesn’t live in the area; he was simply visiting. Now he’s looking to relieve his guilt. Cade just wants someone else to be found guilty. 

Will they all work together to keep the suspicious circumstances under wraps? Or will they stab each other in the back to save themselves? Snatch your edition here to learn more! 

The Elizas: A Novel – Sara Shepard

The Elizas: A Novel

Eliza’s family is convinced she’s experienced another failed suicide attempt when she’s found at the bottom of a hotel pool. 

Despite her rescuer being her only witness, she’s sure she was attacked. However, the more she looks, the more she finds, and it’s not necessarily all good. Meanwhile, her life starts to blur with the novel she’s writing about her life. 

But. . . the novel is fiction, so why is her family going along with the mixed events? Discover for yourself and grab your copy here

Losing Brave – Bailee Madison and Stefne Miller

Losing Brave

Dylan, Payton Brave’s twin sister, has been missing for over a year. Surprisingly, so has Payton’s memory of the day Dylan went missing. When a girl’s body is uncovered at a local lake, Payton knew she had to work on the truth. 

As she digs into her own memory, she fights the troubles of high school with her diverse group of friends (including her twin’s boyfriend, Cole). The closer she gets to the truth, the more danger she’s in. 

Buy now and explore for yourself! 

People Like Us – Dana Mele

People Like Us

Kay Donovan is a star soccer player with a troubled past. She pretty much runs her private school with her popular group of friends. That is until a dead girl turns up in Kay’s town. 

The dead girl has left a computer-coded scavenger hunt for Kay and, as she solves the clues, she finds herself in danger. The characters navigate Bates Academy to solve the mysteries unfolding and attempt to unveil the truth.

Get your copy here and start reading!  

The Cheerleaders – Kara Thomas

The Cheerleaders

After the death of five cheerleaders in Sunnybrook, the high school dissolved the cheer team. Although seemingly unrelated, the deaths are a mystery that Monica wants to unravel. 

Two cheerleaders died first in a rainy car accident. Two more cheerleaders were shot and killed. The final cheerleader, Monica’s sister, committed suicide. After Monica discovers letters in her stepdad’s belongings, an old cellphone, and a new friend at school, the story takes a wide turn and makes you wonder what’s going to happen next! 

Solve the mystery when you buy the book

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder – Holly Jackson

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

Pip is now a senior in her town of Fairview. Fairview is well known for the suicide murder of Andie Bell and her boyfriend Sal Singh. But, Pip knew Sal when she was younger and she couldn’t imagine he would do something like this. 

As a final project, Pip pursues answers to place doubt on the existing theory. However, the more she finds, the more she realizes that Sal actually might be innocent. . . and there’s someone out there who wants Pip to stop looking. 

Grab this nail-biting mystery here

They All Fall Down – Roxanne St. Claire

They All Fall Down

Every year at Vienna high, the list is created with the prettiest girls in eleventh grade. All girls want to be on this list. It gets you into parties and all the students want to befriend you. 

Kenzie Summerall made the list, despite her own surprise. Her average life explodes into the stars with jocks wanting her and girls wanting to be her. 

If you’re on the list, your life changes. But this year? It’s not all glitz and glamor. Snag your copy now

Our Little Secret – Roz Nay

Our Little Secret

The book takes place while Angela sits in the interrogation room claiming she has nothing to do with the disappearance of her ex’s new wife. Detective Novak just wants answers. 

Angela recalls her love story with HP, the ex. It’s sweet and seems like a fairytale at first. However, when HP visits Angela in college, everything goes downhill from there. Soon HP marries Saskia, the missing wife, and they have a child. 

But, where does Angela fit in? She’s not going anywhere. Buy the book here

The Secret Place – Tana French

The Secret Place: A Novel (Dublin Murder Squad)

Chris Harper, a high school student, was found dead in some trees a year ago. With no leads, the case goes unsolved. 

However, when Holly Mackey comes across an anonymous post of Chris with the caption, “I know who killed him”, she approaches Detective Moran and Conway for help. 

The detectives must work through rivalries, cliques, and flirtatious games to solve the crime. Purchase yours here

You Will Be Mine – Natasha Preston

You Will Be Mine

Sonny finds an anonymous note addressed to him, but didn’t think much of it. When he turns up dead a few days later, Lylah and her friends know they may be next. 

Lylah has to find out who is leaving the notes, especially since another arrives before it’s too late. Will another friend disappear? Find out now

Pretty Girls – Karin Slaughter

Pretty Girls: A Novel

The only thing Claire and Lydia have in common is blood and trauma. Their sister, Julia, disappeared without a trace when the girls were teenagers. Now, decades later, they find themselves together through trauma. 

Claire is the wife of a millionaire in Atlanta, while Lydia is a single mom and is dating an ex-criminal. Claire’s husband is suddenly killed, leaving the sisters searching for the reason. 

But, how are the murders related? Are they related? Only the sisters can find out. Purchase your copy here

One of Us is Lying – Karen McManus 

One of Us Is Lying

Bronwyn, Addy, Nate, Cooper, and Simon are five normal students at Bayview High spending a Monday afternoon in detention. The only thing they have in common is the room they sit in. 

The only problem is that Simon doesn’t leave with the rest; he was murdered. Then the police found evidence that he was going to leak hot gossip about his four new friends. Who is willing to go the farthest to keep their secret? Find out here


What should I read if I liked Pretty Little Liars?

Any of the books above will suffice! You know what you like: young adult thrillers. Find more books based on common genres. Search for other books by the same author, as well. 

Is the Pretty Little Liars book appropriate for a 13-year-old?

Pretty Little Liars is recommended for children ages 12+. However, every child is different. There may be some scenes that are strong for a 13-year-old. Children should have the emotional capability to handle complex situations.

What book should I read if I like One of Us is Lying?

Karen McManus is a great author! One of Us is Lying is actually a series. Book 2 is One of Us is Next and book 3 is Nothing More to Tell.

What to read after All Your Twisted Secrets?

If you liked All Your Twisted Secrets, check out The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes or A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson.

What age rating is One of Us is Lying?

One of Us is Lying is recommended for readers ages 14 and older.

What’s next?

So, you loved Pretty Little Liars. Now you have a list of YA thrillers to pursue. Which one are you reading next?

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