14 Historical Fantasy Reads To Get Sucked Into

14 Historical Fantasy Reads To Get Sucked Into

When it comes to some of my favorite subgenres in fiction, there’s nothing quite like combining two different established styles into the same literary mixing bowl and seeing what comes out of it. You get some very niche, but unforgettable combinations out of this process. Gothic romance. Sci-fi western. Horror mystery. The list goes on. … Read more

5 Thoughtful Dystopian Short Stories To Read

5 Thoughtful Dystopian Short Stories To Read

People have been obsessed with dystopias and dystopian stories since Grecian and Roman times and likely even before that. Imagining the day the world ends is both cognitively interesting as well as somewhat entertaining, allowing us to imagine how our society could turn against us, political matters turn into war, or how global conflict and … Read more

Ranking The Best Harry Potter Books (All Novels From Best to Worst)

Ranking All Harry Potter Books From Best to Worst

Before this article begins, it’s important to note that this ranking is entirely dependent on opinion. Some people may love the books that others hate, so before you take the ranking as gospel, be sure to read the descriptions provided and see which ones suit your style and preferences. If you’re after some light-hearted, magical … Read more

Enchanting Tales: The 19 Best Mermaid Books for Adults

Enchanting Tales: The 20 Best Mermaid Books for Adults

The Mermaids are calling, will you answer? Discover 20 fin-tastic Mermaid Books for adults, guaranteed to be great reads. The Deep by Rivers Solomon Descendants of pregnant African Women who were thrown overboard by slave owners live in an underwater community in Yetu’s world. Their traumatic past is often forgotten because the memory is too … Read more

Mer-Mazing Stories: The 19 Best Mermaid Books For Young Adults

Best Mermaid Books For Young Adults (20+ Mer-Mazing Picks)

Looking for some mer-mazing new stories? Get ready to dive into new, magical fantasy YA books with this list of the 20 best mermaid books. Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs Lily Sanderson is a half-mermaid, half-human who has been in love with the swim champion Brody Bennett for years. But when Lily ends … Read more

The 79 Greatest YA Fantasy Books Ever

YA Fantasy Books

Among the greatest things about the YA fantasy subgenre is how many distinct subcultures these stories may fall into, and how many mythological beings and stories can fit into one particular plot. Whether you love vampires, mermaids, or fairy tales, there is a story for you! The power of each YA fantasy book to transport … Read more

8 Grown-Up Fairy Tale Books To Enchant Your Inner Child

8 Grown-Up Fairy Tale Books To Enchant Your Inner Child

Many of us grew up reading fairy tales or having fairy tales read to us. These stories are not only fun adventures to spur our imaginations, but they will also teach us a lesson along the way. Fairy tales are not just entertaining, but also educational, especially for children. Do you wish that you could … Read more