Discover the 20 Best Books like The Vampire Diaries by L. J. Smith

Best Books Like The Vampire Diaries (20+ Choices)

The Vampire Diaries has sold over three million copies worldwide and since the series adaptation was released in 2009, the franchise has become even more popular.  The story centers around high school girl, Elena Gilbert, who becomes wrapped up in the lives of two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon Salvatore. The story intertwines horror, romance, … Read more

Books Like The Fault In Our Stars By John Green

Books Like The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Anyone who used social media in the early 2010s will recall John Green’s influence on teen culture. Screenshots and lines from The Fault in Our Stars were continuously hunted for and used for Instagram and Tumblr postings equally. Even those who never read the book will be aware of the impression that this novel left … Read more

4 Books Like Let’s Get Lost (By Adi Alsaid)

4 Books Like Let's Get Lost (By Adi Alsaid)

Young adult literature is not just beholden to some of the same tired tropes again and again. Though some of the most popular young adult novels are fictional and fantastical stories like Harry Potter, or set in dystopian worlds like The Hunger Games, some of the other beloved works in young adult fiction take a … Read more

6 Books Like Neal Shusterman’s “Scythe”

6 Books Like Neal Shusterman’s “Scythe”

“Scythe” is a fascinating dystopian young adult story written by Neal Shusterman. It’s set in a futuristic society where all forms of death have been eradicated from the planet. The only way for a person to die now is by being “gleamed” – or murdered. However, only a handful of people have the ability to … Read more

3 Books Like Before I Fall (By Lauren Oliver)


Young adult fiction has proven more and more popular year after year, as more young people take up the hobby of reading, and enjoy delving into fiction worlds and fantastical tales. However, young adult fiction is not just reserved for high fantasy juggernauts like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, but is also a great avenue … Read more

3 Books Like Never Always Sometimes (By Adi Alsaid)

Books Like Never Always Sometimes (By Adi Alsaid)

The young adult fiction market is so tremendously big now, so it does mean it can be quite difficult to find a book that stands out from the rest. Never Always Sometimes by Adi Alsaid is one of these stories which tells the tale of two best friends who adamantly follow their “Never List” of … Read more