The Fablehaven Series In Order

Fablehaven is a popular children’s fantasy book series written by Brandon Mull. The series tells the epic story of a group of dragon tamers that save the world. The main protagonists in the series are Seth and Kendra, two siblings who face the toughest of all challenges.

The Fablehaven Series In Order

They are tasked with saving Fablehaven from extinction from a powerful evil! Brandon Mull is an American author best known for writing children’s fantasy books. He rose to fame shortly after releasing the Fablehaven series, which consists of 5 novels.

Those novels are Fablehaven, Rise of the Shadow Plague, Grip of the Shadow Plague, Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, and Keys to the Demon Prison. Whilst Mull went on to write another book series called Dragonwatch, it is Fablehaven that still remains the most popular.

Fablehaven was met with huge success with more than two million copies of the series being sold worldwide. It is yet to be confirmed, but it is widely believed that Mull’s fantasy series will one day be turned into a film, but for now, let’s look at what order you have to read the series in.

About Fablehaven

This best-selling children’s fantasy series is about a brother and sister called Seth and Kendra who come to find their grandparents have one of the most amazing jobs. They’re caretakers of a sanctuary that cares for magical creatures!

For centuries, mythical creatures were kept in a refuge called Fablehaven to keep them safe from evil forces. However, when Seth accidentally releases a powerful evil, he and Kendra face a serious challenge to save themselves, their family, Fablehaven, and potentially the world from certain doom. 

The journey Seth and Kendra find themselves on is full of mysterious villains, mythical creatures, challenging battles, plenty of twists and turns, and the odd laugh along the way. Every novel follows Seth and Kendra on a new journey.

More often than not, they have to face unspeakable evil to save Fablehaven and its creatures. When it comes to themes, the Fablehaven series is perfect if you love fantasy, mystery, enchantment, magic, myths, legends, and the supernatural.

Other themes you can expect to see in the series include the importance of rules, family, transformation, courage, good vs evil, the past, and fierce battle.

Fablehaven Books In Order



Fablehaven is the first novel you need to read if you want to read the Fablehaven series in order. Published in 2006, this is the story that introduces readers to the world of Fablehaven.

What starts off in a pretty normal family setting quickly takes a magical turn when siblings Seth and Kendra come to realize that their grandparents are caretakers for a hidden refuge called Fablehaven. Readers soon learn that Fablehaven is one of the last strongholds for true magic.

Therefore, it must be protected at all costs. You would think this leads to a fun, exciting, and enchanting story about mythical creatures. However, things take a dark turn when Seth accidentally releases a powerful evil that threatens the existence of everything they know and love.


  • Fablehaven is a great introduction to the magical world of mythical creatures and the supernatural.
  • This novel starts the series off perfectly, giving us a chance to get to know each character and more about Fablehaven.


  • It could be argued that the start of this book is a little cliche. Like most children’s fantasy stories, it all begins when the parents are away from home.

Rise Of The Evening Star

Rise of the Evening Star (Fablehaven, Book 2)

The next book you need to read is Rise of the Evening Star. The Rise of the Evening Star is the second installment in this 5 book series. It was released in 2007, just a year after Mull’s first Fablehaven story.

Featuring themes of family, transformation, fantasy, legends, myths, mystery, and magic, this Fablehaven book sees Seth and Kendra rush back to Fablehaven at the end of another school year.

This time, they are greeted by a potion master, a mythical creature trapper, and a magical relics collector, who are in Fablehaven to protect the refuge from the evil that is the Society of the Evening Star, who seek an ancient relic.

Time is running out and it’s down to Seth and Kendra to prevent the Evening Star from infiltrating Fablehaven and stealing the artifact. Will Kendra unlock her fairy powers? Can Seth stay out of trouble? You’ll just have to read the book to find out!


  • The character development in this novel from the first book is excellent.
  • This book features twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


  • This novel is more than 400 pages long which some children might find too long.

Grip Of The Shadow Plague

Grip of the Shadow Plague (3) (Fablehaven)

The third book in the Fablehaven series is Grip of the Shadow Plague. Published in 2008, Fablehaven is now in desperate need of help as a mysterious plague has started to consume Fablehaven, turning creatures of light into terrifying creatures of darkness.

The Sorensons decide to turn to the Sphinx for help, but is that a wise decision? Vanessa might have key information that could lead to a cure but is she trustworthy? These are all decisions the Sorensons have to make.

Meanwhile, Kendra must travel to a distant land to obtain a hidden artifact. Will she get there before evil forces? Will Fablehaven be overcome by the plague, these are all things you’ll find out in Grip of the Shadow Plague.


  • Grip of the Shadow Plague introduces us to new enchanted places and a plethora of interesting characters.
  • This novel sees more action than the previous two.


  • By moving in a new direction away from Fablehaven, Mull potentially runs the risk of losing the childhood innocence and magic associated with the series. In some ways, this book is better suited to adults.

Secrets Of The Dragon Sanctuary

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary (4) (Fablehaven), Packaging May Vary

In Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary things are starting to heat up in Fablehaven. Two artifacts have been but another three more are still out there. To make matters worse, more refuges and preserves are facing destruction at the hands of the Evening Star.

Kendra learns the location of another artifact but she faces a race against time to get there before the Evening Star. To retrieve it, she must face another challenging journey into the unknown.

The race to acquire all five hidden artifact keys is well and truly on and it’s only a matter of time till the reader finds out who prevails.


  • Things start to get pretty exciting in this Fablehaven novel.
  • Readers are introduced to some of the series’ best characters.


  • This novel does contain some very dark themes that some could argue aren’t suitable for children.

Keys To The Demon Prison

Keys to the Demon Prison (5) (Fablehaven)

The final book in the Fablehaven series is Keys to the Demon Prison. After years of plotting, the evil behind the Society of the Evening Star is revealed. They are after the final artifact needed to finally open the demon prison.

If the prison is opened, an even more powerful evil will be released into the world. Seth, Kendra, and the Knights of the Dawn face an uphill battle to stop the Evening Stars plot. If they don’t act quickly, it could all be too late.

In this fast-paced explosive finale, everything is on the line. Relationships will be tested, true loyalties will be shown, and the climactic battle for the final keys to the demon prison will commence.


  • This is an epic conclusion to a fantastic series.
  • Fablehaven does come to a conclusion in this novel.


  • Keys to the Demon Prison is almost 600 pages long.

Final Thoughts

Fablehaven is a popular children’s fantasy series that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. Consisting of 5 books, this Brandon Mull series follows the story of Kendra and Seth as they attempt to save Fablehaven.

The series takes us on a long and winding road that features nail-biting battles, stories of betrayal, magic, enchantment, and most magnificently, mythical creatures. In this post, you’ve learned the order you need to read Fablehaven in.

To summarize, you should start with Fablehaven before moving on to Rise of the Evening Star, and then Grip of the Shadow Plague. The final two books in the series are Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, and Keys to the Demon Prison.

Now you know the order you should read the series, get comfy, grab the first book, and dive into the magical world of Fablehaven.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have To Read The Fablehaven Series In Order?

Yes, you do have to read the Fablehaven series in order. The story flows from one book to the next, so reading the books in the wrong order doesn’t make any sense.

What Should You Read After The Fablehaven Series?

After the Fablehaven series, you should read the Dragonwatch series. This is another Brandon Mull book series and it is the sequel to Fablehaven.

Did Brandon Mull Win Any Awards For Fablehaven?

Brandon Mull won a wide range of awards for the Fablehaven series. This includes the Volunteer State Book Award and the Nevada Young Readers’ Award.

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