Brian Jacques’ Redwall Books In Order

Redwall is a fantastic series written by British novelist Brian Jacques. It is a children’s fantasy series that has become a bestseller!

Brian Jacques’ Redwall Books In Order

In these stories, Jacques writes about anthropomorphic animals who all live in the Mossflower Wood, a magical land.

The series was first started in 1986 and 22 books were written in the series. The series ended upon the death of the author in 2011.

The success of the series did not die with Jacques, however! Both young and old readers continue to enjoy the Redwall series today.

About Redwall


The Redwall novels are set in Mossflower Wood where a group of woodland animals resides.

They are peace-loving animals who all live together in harmony. However, often these animals have to defend themselves against wild vermin in the woods.

The series sees the moles, mice, hares, and hedgehogs defend themselves against the snakes, rats, and foxes. In the stories, these animals are the villains of the story.

Most of these novels are set in Redwall Abbey. These books look at the battle between good and evil, shown through the monsters and villains that the good-natured animals find themselves in battle with.

These animals have to be very brave when they are faced with a problem, and this pays off.

Redwall Books In Order



This is the first novel of the series. It introduces the Mossflower Wood, where the animals have gathered to celebrate peace and abundance.

The mice face Cluny, the one-eyed rat who has vowed to take over Redwall Abbey. The mice search for the lost sword of Martin the Warrior to protect their land!


  • A great novel for children and adults alike.


  • The storyline can be difficult to follow at times.


Mossflower (Redwall, Book 2)

This novel follows Tsarmina, the wildcat. She becomes the ruler of the Mossflower Woods and hopes to govern the woodlanders.

Martin and Gonff meet in the dungeon of Kotir Castle, and they attempt to end the tyrannical rule of Tsarmina.

She is joined by Kinny the mole as they look for their only hope in defeating Tsarmina: Boar the Fighter.


  • Easy to fall in love with the fantastic story.


  • Difficult for young children to read this novel.


Mattimeo (Redwall, Book 3)

In this story, Slager the Fox is looking to vanquish Redwall. He gathers the rats, stoats, and weasels and advances on the abbey with his scheme.

Instead of making battle plans, however, he plans to steal the children of Redwall from their parents!

Mattimeo is the one child he is searching for, as he is the headstrong son of Matthias, the mouse warrior.


  • Fantastic and heartwarming stories!


  • Some violence for young children.

Mariel Of Redwall

Mariel of Redwall (Redwall, Book 4)

Gabool the Wild, a rat pirate, attacks a mouse ship in this story. He casts Joseph the Bellmaker and his daughter out to see.

Joseph dies, but Mariel survives. She is taken back to Redwall Abbey. Mariel sets out to find Gabool and get vengeance for the death of her father.


  • Thrilling stories for both children and adults.
  • Great characterization.


  • Some violence for younger children.


Salamandastron (Redwall)

A badger named Urthstripe the strong is the main character in this novel. He is a wise badger who leads the animals to Redwall Abbey and the fortress of Salamandastron. This is led against the weasel Ferahgo the Assassin.


  • This novel received fantastic reviews.
  • The teachings in this novel are great.


  • Violence is present in this novel.

Martin The Warrior

Martin the Warrior: A Tale from Redwall

This story takes place in the Eastern Sea. Badrang, an evil stoat holds many creatures there as slaves.

This is part of the scheme to build an empire. However, a mouse named Martin who is enslaved there is seeking freedom.

He wants this freedom for himself and his friends, and he will fight until he succeeds!


  • Has fantastic teachings within the story.


  • Some parts of the novel are violent.

The Bellmaker

The Bellmaker

This story returns to Martin the Warrior, who comes to the Bellmaker with a message.

Mariel and Dandin are seemingly in grave danger, and Joseph sets off to give them some help. They face many threats along the way!


  • Experience a great adventure.
  • This novel has fantastic reviews.


  • Sometimes it can be difficult to follow.

Outcast Of Redwall

Outcast of Redwall

This is number 8 in the Redwall series. It tells the story of the Swartt Sixclaw who was abandoned as an infant and became evil.

Bryony, who raises Veil, thinks that eventually, his morality will win, but he commits a crime that sees him banished from the abbey.

Veil faces a dilemma in this story which will determine the path she takes.


  • Battle of good vs bad.


  • Some complicated ideas run through this novel.

The Pearls Of Lutra

Pearls of Lutra: A Tale from Redwall

This story follows two Redwallers as they find a skeleton in the woods. At the same time, Ublaz Mad eyes send some lizards and seascum to Redwall on a mission.

There is a lot of action that takes place in this novel, but will good overcome evil?


  • This is an action-packed novel.


  • It can be difficult to follow for younger children.

The Long Patrol

The Long Patrol

In this great addition to the series, you will be introduced to Tammo. He wants to join the Long Patrol, but he is seen to be too young and naive.

Throughout the story, Tammo learns a lot as he takes a pilgrimage to Redwall.


  • Highlights the meaning of life, death, and honor.


  • Might be quite complicated for some children to follow.


Marlfox: A Tale from Redwall

The Woods come into contact with a new enemy known as the Marlfoxes. They are the offspring of Queen Silth.

These Marlfoxes steal a tapestry, and Dippler and Purple undertake a quest to get this beloved item back.


  • An exciting adventure.


  • Can be difficult to follow.

The Legend Of Luke

The Legend of Luke: A Tale from Redwall

This book is a little bit different. It takes the reader back in time to the days before Redwall. This is a great lead-up to the stories.


  • Gives insight into the beginnings of Redwall.


  • Can be confusing at times.

Lord Brocktree

Lord Brocktree: Redwall, Book 13

This novel follows Dotti, a young harem aid, and a warrior named Lord Brocktree. They set out on an adventure to the mountain that is being attacked by a mountain cat – Ungatt Trunn.


  • Exciting adventure.


  • This novel gets violent in some places.


The Taggerung

This is another bestselling novel in the series. In this novel, the vermin clan of Sawney Rath kidnaps a baby otter, one of Redwall’s own.

The novel then sees young Tagg – the abandoned otter – search for his birthplace. Will he find his way back?


  • You will get lots of excitement in this novel.


  • There is some violence in this novel.


Triss: A Tale from Redwall

King Agarno enslaves the squirrel maid Triss alongside Shogg the otter and Welfo the hedgehog. They attempt to escape to sea but happen upon Redwall on their travels. The abbey creatures see a hero in Triss.


  • A very satisfying story for lovers of Redwall.


  • Some parts of the story can be upsetting.


Loamhedge: A Tale from Redwall

This is the sixteenth Redwall novel. It begins in Loamhedge, a deserted abbey that has been forgotten about.

These ruins hold many secrets, and Martha, who is wheelchair-bound, may have the chance to be cured at this abbey.

Martin the Warrior sets out on a quest to the Abbey, and the readers go along with him!


  • Great adventures.


  • Can be scary for younger children.

Rakkety Tam

Rakkety Tam: A Tale from Redwall

Rakkety Tam is a great Redwall hero who heads into Mossflower Wood on an errand. He falls in love with Redwall Abbey.

The villain, Gulo the Savage, is a wolverine who heads over to the Abbey in search of a relic. This story sees the attack of Gulo the Savage play out.


  • Nail-biting stories!


  • There is some violence in the novel.

High Rhulain

High Rhulain

The otters of Green Isle are enslaved to Riggu Felis, the Wildcat. They wait for the day that their savior will arrive, and lead them to battle.

Tiria Wildlough, who is an ottermaid, waits for her opportunity to learn the ways of the warrior. Tiria steps up to the mark when an injured osprey arrives at the Abbey.

Other Stories

There are 22 Redwall novels in total. The remaining novels are:

Final Thoughts

The Redwall series by Brian Jacques is a very successful series. It follows the adventures that take place in the Mossflower Woods.

This article has explored the order of the Redwall books, up until the final one was published in 2011.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is The Redwall Series Set?

The Redwall series is set in the Mossflower Woods. Most of the adventures happen in an abbey, and in the surrounding countryside.

Who Wrote The Redwall Books?

The Redwall series was written by Brian Jacques. He wrote the series until his death in 2011. The final book was published in 2011.

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