How To Read The Brotherband Chronicles In Order

Sometimes there’s nothing quite as exciting as getting to grips with a saga of books all focused on a cast of characters and reading their exploits as they grow from volume to volume.

What Order Should You Read The Brotherband Chronicles In

Some of the most popular books of all time are part of larger stories, such as the Harry Potter series, or the Percy Jackson series.

However, one of the lesser-known, but no less beloved series of this ilk is The Brotherband Chronicles itself a spinoff from a larger saga known as Ranger’s Apprentice.

This is a series of Australian books that focuses on a group of outcast children forced to enter a team known as a ‘Brotherband’ and endure various trials of courage and skill.

The series started with the publication of the first volume The Outcasts in 2011, and since then has gone on to become a hugely popular series of books aimed at a younger audience.

You’re likely here because you heard about the series and now you want to try it out for yourself.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place, because we are going to show you how to read the entire series in order!

About The Brotherband Chronicles

The Brotherband Chronicles is a series of books that focuses on Hal Mikkelson, a spinoff character from the larger Ranger’s Apprentice saga who finds himself as the captain of the ship known only as the ‘Heron’.

On the ship, Hal is joined by his Brotherband, a group of outcast children unloved by the society they were born into.

Over the course of the series, Hal and his crew need to prove their worth as members of their society and work together as a Brotherband to earn the honor of fighting for the Skandia.

But it won’t be an easy quest, as Hal’s band of outcasts are given to in-fighting and conflict, and the odds stacked against them grow with each volume.

The series touches on themes of brotherhood, friendship, and faith, and proves to be a very touching story of how adversity can bring the most unlikely of people even closer together.

The Brotherband Chronicles Books In Order

The Outcasts

The Outcasts: Brotherband Chronicles, Book 1 (The Brotherband Chronicles)

The first volume of this beloved series is a fantastic introduction to the world and characters of the story.

Right away, the stakes of the story are established as we are introduced to Hal Mikkelson, and we learn that he does not fit into the wider Skandian society.

Skandians are prized for their immense size and their strength, but Hal Mikkelson and his Brotherband are infamously weak and of small stock. They are a group of outcasts, sent out to die.

However, despite all of the odds, Hal and his Brotherband buck up their courage and face down the competition when they are set to join in with the Brotherband competition and head out to sea to compete in a race against other Brotherbands made up of much stronger Skandians!


  • A great introduction to the series and its characters.
  • Strong stakes.


  • The book is very long at around 450 pages.

The Invaders

The Invaders: Brotherband Chronicles, Book 2 (The Brotherband Chronicles)

In this volume, we join Hal and his crew as they wrestle with the fact that, against all odds, they won the Brotherband competition!

The only problem is, when the Skandian artifact of the Andomal is stolen under the eyes of its people, Hal and his crew make for the perfect scapegoats, and soon they find themselves cast out once again.

To regain their honor, Hal and his crew must venture out to find the real thief, known as Zavac.

The journey to reclaim the Andomal will be more dangerous than anything they faced in the Brotherband competition!


  • Further explores the dynamic between Hal and his crew.
  • Explores the wider lore of Skandian society.


  • Some readers may find the story a little too similar to the first volume.

The Hunters

The Hunters: Brotherband Chronicles, Book 3 (The Brotherband Chronicles)

In this volume, Hal and his Brotherband get closer and closer to capturing Zavac and bringing him to justice, before he can do any more damage to Skandian society.

The only problem is, in order to take those final steps to capture the infamous thief, Hal and his band must head into even more treacherous territories that are not welcoming at all to their kind.

In order to save the Andomal and return the band home to safety, Hal must go beyond what he has learned, and face Zavac in brutal combat!


  • Sees the stakes rising even higher.
  • Spends more time with Zavac.


  • Despite being conclusive, this volume ends on a cliffhanger.

Slaves Of Socorro

Slaves of Socorro (The Brotherband Chronicles)

This volume starts off on an incredible note, as it sees Hal and the crew of the Heron returning home from their quest. They have defeated Zavac, and the Andomal is returned to its rightful home.

With their honor stronger than it ever has been, the crew of the Heron must set out to capture an old rival who has turned on the Skandian people and taken to slave trading.

Trusted with this mission, Hal must come face to face with Tursgud, his former rival, and now his bitter enemy.

Hal is joined on this quest by one of the most legendary Rangers in the world, proving that Hal still has a long way to go to becoming a true Skandian hero.


  • Expands on the world of the story.
  • Sees Hal coming into his own.


  • Some readers have noticed inconsistencies in terms of the story’s timeline.

Scorpion Mountain

Scorpion Mountain (The Brotherband Chronicles)

After succeeding at freeing the Araluen slaves, Hal and his crew are given an even more intense mission, to protect Princess Cassandra.

This places a lot of pressure on the shoulders of the crew and this leads to a palpable tension throughout the book!

To prevent Cassandra from being assassinated, the Brotherband must work together to root out the killers before they can strike!


  • Palpable tension as the crew must work to protect the princess.
  • Pulse-pounding action.


  • At this point, some readers may begin to feel that each volume’s setup is rather “samey”.

The Ghostfaces

The Ghostfaces (The Brotherband Chronicles)

When the crew finds themselves marooned on an uncharted island and worshiped by its local people, the Mawagansett, they are soon drawn into a larger conspiracy involving the dreaded ‘Ghostfaces’ who are planning their largest raid yet on the people.

This volume really sees the crew of the Heron beginning to mature and become true warriors!


  • Great character development.
  • Features an exciting scenario.


  • A very long volume.

The Caldera

The Caldera (The Brotherband Chronicles)

Skandia is in the midst of deciding on its strongest warrior, but in the course of this decision, the city of Byzantos comes under siege, and it is up to Hal and his crew to help protect its citizens and rescue its kidnapped children!

The stakes are really high in this volume!


  • Incredibly tense.
  • Continues the great action.


  • One of the shorter books in the series.

Return Of The Temujai

Return of the Temujai (The Brotherband Chronicles)

The peaceful nation of Skandia is not often under threat, which makes the return of the ‘Temujai’ so palpably terrifying, especially for the crew of the Heron who must journey across treacherous waters to stop the Temujai from invading.

This is another volume that sees the central crew really growing into their own and becoming true warriors and protectors of the Skandian nation.

Over the course of the volume, there are some truly hair-raising situations that will have you turning page after page.


  • Has some incredible character development.
  • Truly gripping stakes that are more personal.


  • Easily one of the shortest books in the series.

The Stern Chase

The Stern Chase (The Brotherband Chronicles)

At this point in the series, the crew of the Heron are full-fledged warriors, which gives them the confidence necessary to defend a small town being raided by pirates.

However, the glory of victory from this excursion is short-lived, as the Iberian pirates declare revenge, and the crews that soon pursue the Heron are even bigger in number.

How will the crew survive this latest caper? And will they all make it out alive? You’ll have to read to find out!


  • Massive in scope.
  • Truly exciting.


  • The series is still yet to reach a conclusion.

To Wrap Up

The Brotherhood Chronicles series of books is incredibly popular, and it’s not hard to see why when you read them yourself.

If you are planning on jumping into the series, then we hope that this reading order helps you to feel more confident in jumping right in and experiencing the glory of the series for yourself.

Luckily, unlike many long book series, The Brotherhood Chronicles is not a hard one to read in order, as the release order is also the chronological order, which ensures that you can read the series in the same way that long-time fans do, without becoming confused.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Brotherband Chronicles Good?

Absolutely. The stories are intended to be read by younger readers, but they are incredibly engaging for even slightly older readers.

How Many Brotherband Chronicles Are There?

Currently, there are 9 books in the main series, and the series is still ongoing.

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