The 30 Best Mafia Romance Books and Authors – Ultimate Guide

Do you enjoy stories that revolve around Made Men? Mafia romance might be right up your alley. With many options for tropes, including alpha males and arranged marriages, there’s no end to the type of books available. 

The 30 Best Books About Mafia Romance - Ultimate Guide

Mafia romance is also well-known for the high level of steam between the leading characters, especially in the darker romance category. If you’re looking for a book that will sizzle and burn, you’ll want to choose one from this list. These 30 best mafia romance books contain all the heat and mafia action that makes them at the top of their genre.

There’s something for everyone on this list, including books that weave in fantasy. No matter your specific mafia romance requirements, you’ll find a book that suits your needs. Read on for the ultimate guide to the best mafia romances.

Carnal Urges by J.T. Geissinger

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Carnal Urges begins with a kidnapping. Declan is given orders to take Sloane captive for perceived crimes against the Irish mafia. Despite her innocence in everything she’s accused of, Sloane isn’t afraid of anything about the situation.

What follows is the development of a steamy romance between the two sworn enemies. Sloane’s bubbly personality drives Declan to the point of insanity, but the two soon realize there are much more powerful urges in life than just those for revenge.

The Master by Kresley Cole

The Master (The Game Maker Book 2)

Mafia boss Maksimilian Sevastyan generally gravitates toward tall, obedient blond women to satisfy his desires in The Master. Then one night, he encounters a disobedient brunette that sets him on fire, and his world is turned upside down.

Catarina Marín once led a happy life as a well-to-do young wife. When her life came crumbling down, she turned to a life as a Miami escort. It’s her first night, and her very first client has nearly shocked her right back out the door with his plans. But she’s not one to back down from a challenge, and things quickly heat up. 

Devil of Dublin by B.B. Easton

Devil of Dublin: A Dark Irish Mafia Romance

Devil of Dublin isn’t your average mafia romance. Instead, it weaves Irish folklore throughout the story. Darby’s grandfather always told her the tales of the magical creatures in the woods behind his farm, but she always took them as nothing more than stories. Especially the ones about the boy she grew so fond of.

Darby eventually finds that all the stories are true, and Kellen was never what he seemed. This book is ideal for those looking for fantasy mixed in with romance and mafia action.  

Forget-Me-Not Bombshell by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

Forget-Me-Not Bombshell

The fifth book in the Mafia Wars series continues the story of the world’s largest mafia families and their plan to broker peace among them through arranged marriages. In Forget-Me-Not Bombshell, readers are taken to London, where the Butcher Boys rule the British Mafia. 

Anya Volkov, daughter of the Russian mafia, must marry into this family. Originally promised to Benny, who has been imprisoned for the past eight years, she must wed his cruel and sadistic twin, Danny, in his place. 

Through twists and turns, Anya finds many budding love interests who make this reverse harem an exciting read from start to finish.  

Crow by A. Zavarelli

CROW (Boston Underworld Book 1)

Mack is out to discover exactly what happened to her friend; to do that, she must infiltrate the Irish mafia. Her goal was to find a soldier to help her ease her way into the fold. The problem? She attracted the attention of Lachlan Crow, the heir to the family. She’s determined to keep her head and not fall for the devastatingly handsome Crow, but all bets are off.

Lachlan has no idea where Mack came from, but now the Russians want her dead, and he’s the only thing able to protect her. Despite the distraction he knows she is, he’s decided to lay his claim to her. 

Cruel Paradise by J.T. Geissinger

Cruel Paradise (Beautifully Cruel Book 2)

With excellent Romeo & Juliet references, Cruel Paradise will take you on a journey into the sordid underbelly of the mafia. Killian is the so-called king of Boston, leading the mafia family in all their nefarious doings. 

He meets Juliette, and his world is set ablaze. She’s the daughter of his fiercest enemy, and claiming her would cause many problems for everyone involved. Their passion for each other quickly heats up, making this a page-turner.

The Kiss Thief by L.J. Shen

The Kiss Thief: An Arranged Marriage Romance

Francesca Rossi was promised an heir in the Chicago mafia, Angelo Bandini. Instead, she is taken into a forced marriage by Senator Wolfe Keaton. An enigmatic love story follows with the female lead torn between two men. 

An unthinkable romance begins with The Kiss Thief at a party, setting the story’s events in motion. Full of unexpected twists and steamy scenes, you’ll easily be swept away by the characters and their interactions.

Bound by Honor by Cora Reilly

Bound by Honor (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles Book 1)

Bound by Honor begins as a typical arranged marriage story with a mafia romance twist. Aria is the daughter of a leading Chicago mafia family who is promised to Luca, the son of the head of the New York Cosa Nostra. The arrangement was intended as a guarantee of peace between the families. 

However, Luca is well-known for his monstrous reputation, and Aria is left with two choices – follow through with the marriage or run from everything she has ever known. Unable to bear losing her family, she takes her chances with Luca and works her way into his heart. 

The Sweetest Oblivion by Danielle Lori

The Sweetest Oblivion (Made Book 1)

Elena is the perfect mafia princess, always ready with the ideal response for everything. Her sister is part of an arranged marriage to a notorious made man – Nicolas Russo. Unfortunately for Elena, the man may be rude, but he makes her blood boil, inciting a passion deep within her. 

While she managed to escape one scandal in her recent past, she’s beginning to fall deeper into the danger zone the more she’s around Nicolas. The forbidden romance in The Sweetest Oblivion has taken in thousands of readers.

Blood of My Monster by Rina Kent

Blood of My Monster: A Dark Mafia Romance (Monster Trilogy Book 1)

Sasha is undercover as a man in the Russian army when she first meets Kirill. The men in her unit are harassing her, and she begs him for extra training. While he first tells her to leave the army, as he immediately recognizes her secret, he eventually begins to train her.

A slow-burn romance follows where the main characters develop a close bond. As Kirill is forced to travel back to New York to the side of his dying father, Sasha accompanies him as his bodyguard, still under the guise of a man. 

At that point, their relationship deepens but faces a significant twist. Blood of My Monster ends on a serious cliffhanger that leaves readers desperately needing the next installment to discover what happens to this pair of lovers.

Sparrow by L.J. Shen

Sparrow: A Decadent Mafia Romance

Troy Brennan is a professional fixer–you have a problem, and he’ll take care of it. Needless today, he’s got quite a few murders under his belt. Sparrow Raynes is a culinary student who shares an apartment with her father, who happens to be one of Troy’s employees. 

While Troy is known for his bad-boy ways, he arranges to marry Sparrow, despite neither wanting any part of the union. From there, their relationship slowly develops into passion and heat that leaves readers breathless. Sparrow is also packed with mystery and intrigue, keeping the reader on their toes.

When Heroes Fall by Giana Darling

When Heroes Fall: An Enemies-to-Lovers Mafia Romance (Anti-Heroes in Love Duet Book 1)

Elena is a high-class lawyer who believes wholeheartedly in the law, primarily due to her traumatic past. She’s been jilted by her fiance, and her family treats her like a disappointment. Dante is known as the most infamous mafioso of the times and is everything Elena can’t stand, but as fate would have it, she’s representing him in a huge criminal trial.

Unfortunately for Elena, Dante is a very passionate man who unknowingly melts her icy heart after all the time they spend together. She’s prepared to risk everything in her life to protect him When Heroes Fall, a book perfect for those who love a good enemies-to-lovers trope. 

Brutal Prince by Sophie Lark

Brutal Prince: An Enemies To Lovers Mafia Romance (Brutal Birthright Book 1)

In Brutal Prince, the story really kicks off when Aida and her brothers crash the party at the rival Griffin family’s home. In the process, she almost burns down their home while snooping where she doesn’t belong. In response, Callum retaliates, and everything descends into chaos. 

To keep the peace between the families, Aida’s father arranges a marriage between her and Callum. The pair begin their relationship with an intense hatred for the circumstances and one another. Readers will eat up this enemies-to-lovers mafia romance.

Reaper by A. Zavarelli

REAPER (Boston Underworld Book 2)

Ronan is the Reaper, an Irish mobster with a sordid past. He has few social skills but feels a deep attraction for Sasha. However, he maintains his distance for fear of ruining her life. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t watching from the shadows.

Sasha has spent her life protecting those she cares about. Her attraction for Ronan has only grown over the years, but she’s becoming increasingly frustrated with his aloofness. One night the two share a secret, and Sasha knows that if it ever comes out, he won’t hesitate to kill her. 

Sempre by J.M. Darhower


Sempre is the story of Haven Antonelli and Carmine DeMarco. Haven is a second-generation slave, while Carmine is the son of a wealthy mafia family who is used to living a life of excess. While the two are from entirely different worlds, they collide, learning they have more in common than one would think.

The two desperately want to escape their circumstances and build a life together. Events that began long before either were born threaten to destroy their chances. With challenges from all sides, how much will they need to sacrifice? 

The Bandit by B.B. Reid

The Bandit (Stolen Duet Book 1)

Mian Ross is caught sneaking around trying to steal from Angel Knight. He quickly decides he will not let her get away with her transgressions without learning a powerful lesson. A lesson he plans on teaching her. 

The Bandit follows Mian and Angel as their tense relationship escalates into something much more. From hatred to sheer sexual tension, this book encompasses everything you expect from a dark romance. Once you reach the last page, you’ll scramble for a copy of the sequel. 

Cole by Tijan


This story starts with Addison a year after her husband’s untimely and horrific death. She’s still in mourning and having a hard time letting go. When a floor opens up in the building she’s admired for years, she can’t pass up the chance to move in, hoping to leave behind the pain and sorrow in the home she shared with her husband.

She sees Cole for the first time at a restaurant near her new home and is instantly intrigued. The second time she sees him is in the elevator in her apartment building. For the first time since her husband’s passing, she finally feels something and decides to pursue it. What follows is a tale full of twists, turns, action, and passion that readers will gobble up.

Black Skies Riviera by Catherine Wiltcher

Black Skies Riviera: An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance (Cristo Sinners World)

Aiden Knight is on a mission to find the names of those who killed his father 14 years ago. To do this, he made a deal with the head of the Italian mafia–work in exchange for the names. He’s known for his cocky nature and attitude that bows to no one.

His final task to receive the names is an arranged marriage to Issa Dubova, a Bratva princess. The mafia wants her secrets and will have them at whatever cost. But what happens when their arranged marriage becomes more passionate than either of them expected? 

Black Skies Riviera is much more than your traditional arranged marriage romance. Readers can expect mystery, intrigue, and shocking revelations around every corner.

Condemned to Love by Siobhan Davis

Condemned to Love: A Stand-alone Dark Mafia Romance (Mazzone Mafia Book 1)

Bennett Mazzone was Sierra Lawson’s secret crush throughout high school, but her sister was dating him. Circumstances have changed, and Ben has learned he’s the heir to the most powerful mafia boss in New York. One night when he’s working on building his ties with the influential men in the business changes everything.

It’s Sierra’s birthday, and all the men want her. Ben steps in to protect her, and they spend a passionate night together. In Condemned to Love, the two must decide if they can fight for their love in a world where women serve one purpose, and choosing the right alliance can mean the difference between living and dying. 

Love the Way You Lie by Skye Warren

Love the Way You Lie (Stripped Book 1)

Honor (Honey) Moretti was born to a wealthy family with deep ties to the mafia. She was raised with everything money could buy but was never given freedom. Her father gave her to the highest bidder when it came time for her to be engaged. This resulted in a highly abusive relationship that she eventually fled from.

Which is how she ends up at the club where she meets Kip. They instantly have powerful sexual tension that ignites the room. While Honor is trying to escape a brutal past, Kip is a man of many secrets, including a violent side. Will they be able to overcome their past and secrets to find happiness in Love the Way You Lie

The Professional by Kresley Cole

The Professional (The Game Maker Book 1)

Mafiya enforcer Aleksandr “The Siberian” Sevastyan is The Professional. He is dedicated to his boss and will do everything to protect his interests. So, when tasked with protecting his long-lost daughter, he’s all in. However, he’s also profoundly interested in possessing her.

Natalie Porter is a grad student who is immediately bespelled by The Siberian before he whisks her away to Russia. She enters a world of luxury and wanton pleasures. Each day she spends with Aleksandr, she falls further under his captivating spell. 

He must keep her safe, no matter the costs. From a luxurious palace in Russia to stunning playgrounds of the rich and famous in Paris, the two tempt each other, testing boundaries to find the deepest, darkest fantasies.

Collateral by Natasha Knight

Collateral: an Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance (Collateral Damage Series Book 1)

On Gabriela’s 16th birthday, Stefan unexpectedly arrived in her bedroom. While she feared he was there to kill her, he simply placed a blood-crusted necklace around her neck and gave her a message for her father–he would be back to take something precious from him. She never delivered that message, but maybe she should have.

Years later, Stefan kept his promise, and now he’s back for that precious item–Gabriela. She’s just Collateral in his quest to get revenge against her father. While he starts with a direct plan to destroy his enemy, he can’t help but feel possession and a burning passion for Gabriela. Anyone who comes near her will pay heavily.

Asher Black by Parker S. Huntington

Asher Black: A Fake Fiancée Mafia Romance Novel (The Five Syndicates)

Lucy is caught in an uncomfortable situation at a local club. She witnesses a shady deal go down in the hallway by the restroom. On instinct, she calls the cops and kicks off the story’s main events.

Asher Black is the club’s owner and is more than interested in knowing who the girl was that made the call. He shows up on her college campus to find her. When he does, he offers her a proposition she can’t refuse–be his fake fiance, and he’ll pay her tuition and set her up with a cushy job after she graduates. 

Ruthless King by Meghan March

Ruthless King (Mount Trilogy Book 1)

Lachlan Mount is the Ruthless King of New Orleans. It pleases him to have people in his debt, especially those he wants to own. With his powerful reach, he controls everything you see and all that you don’t. 

So when the distillery needs help, it amuses him to loan them the money. The truth is Keira Kilgore has caught his attention, and he wants to own her. It’s time to collect his debt, and he’s got her in his sights.

Ruthless Creatures by J.T. Geissinger

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Natalie’s fiance disappeared five years earlier, leaving her with a wedding dress she’d never get to wear. She was left with emotional scars that would never heal, as the man she’d built her future around simply vanished without a trace or a single answer as to why.

Then, one day Kage arrives in town. He’s mysterious with an edge of danger. The sparks immediately fly between the two of them. Natalie can’t help but instantly fall for him. Until she learns the truth–he’s there to collect on a debt owed by her missing fiance. That debt is nothing less than her. Ruthless Creatures delivers on all the steam and danger mafia romance lovers are looking for.

Ruthless People by J.J. McAvoy

Ruthless People

Ruthless People follows the story of Melody Giovanni and Liam Callahan. They were married in an attempt to end the conflict between the Italian and Irish mob families in Chicago. However, that conflict followed them behind closed doors.

Liam thought he was getting a docile wife he could control. However, Melody is anything but a pushover. Despite their differences, they’ll have to learn to work together to save both their families from the rival bosses who are out to get them.

Innocence by Stasia Black and Lee Savino

Innocence (a Dark Mafia Romance Book 1)

Cora has been raised off the grid for her entire life and is the epitome of Innocence as she finally embarks on a new life in the world at 19. Bad luck seems to follow her, but just when she needs a knight in shining armor, she comes across Marcus.

Believing him to be a kindhearted millionaire, she doesn’t know the truth about his dark and dangerous life as the mafia boss of New Olympus. The two begin a passionate relationship and exploration into one another. This book leaves off at a great point to open readers to the second installment in the series.

Ravaged Crown by Nicole Fox

Ravaged Crown (Solovev Bratva Book 1)

Willow gave up everything for her husband only to find him cheating on her in their marital bed. She decides to take back her life and takes a job at a restaurant, where she meets Leo. During this time, her husband continues to control her and reminds her she will always be nothing.

A short time later, a job opens up, and she’s surprised to find the boss is Leo. It’s an incredible offer that she’s shocked by–leave her husband, marry Leo, and have his baby. It turns out Leo is the don of the Bratva and always gets what he wants. Will Willow ever have her freedom in Ravaged Crown?

Salvatore by Natasha Knight

Salvatore: a Dark Mafia Romance (Benedetti Brothers Book 1)

Lucia was promised to Salvatore in an arranged marriage that demonstrated the Benedetti family’s power. Despite her years of preparation for dealing with a monster, she was unprepared for who she actually found following their wedding.

Salvatore plans to destroy Lucia as a mark of his family’s prowess. However, once he finally has her in his grasp, he’s surprised by how his feelings are compromised. Will this arranged marriage turn into one of the true feelings?

Twisted Pride by Cora Reilly

Twisted Pride: A Dark Mafia Romance (The Camorra Chronicles Book 3)

Remo is the capo of the Camorra, and the Chicago outfit has breached his territory. He retaliates by kidnapping the don’s niece, Serafina, on her wedding day. She’s been promised to her groom for years, and this action is not only a statement of war but a sacrilegious act. 

While Remo plans to break Serafina, he learns quickly that she’s a tough cookie and may not be an easy target. Despite being on opposite sides of a war, things quickly heat up between this pair, making Twisted Pride an absolute page-turner.

Final Thoughts

With this list, your TBR pile might just grow exponentially. All the books we’ve covered are top-rated and offer amazing stories, covering all the right mafia romance tropes. Choose one or choose them all. There’s definitely something on this list for everyone who loves mafia romance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best mafia romance author?

Some of the most highly-rated mafia romance authors include the following:

1. Kresley Cole
2. J.J. McAvoy
3. Natasha Knight
4. Cora Reilly
5. Danielle Lori

Why is mafia romance popular?

Mafia romance novels are a great way to see into the dark-seeded underbelly of the organized crime world. They offer a glimpse of powerful alpha males and their equally powerful, devoted partners. These books provide a way to visualize a world that most will never see but are fascinated by.

What are the common mafia romance tropes?

Mafia romance features several common tropes, including the following:

1. Virgin brides
2. Arranged marriages
3. Enemies to lovers
4. Alpha males
5. Retribution to romance
6. Falling for the enemy
7. Opposites attract

What are the tropes for dark romance?

Dark romance tropes include mafia romance, kidnapping, and stalking. Mafia romance is one of the most popular dark romance tropes.

Why do so many people like dark romance?

Dark romance offers a fun, thrilling, and slightly taboo experience for the reader. It offers an intense roller coaster of emotions and doesn’t always provide that happily ever after that’s so common to romance novels.

What are the bestselling mafia romance books of all time?

Bound by Honor (2014) by Cora Reilly
Monster in His Eyes (2014) by J.M. Darhower
Nero (2014) by Sarah Brianne
Ruthless People (2014) by J.J. McAvoy
Sparrow (2016) by L.J. Shen
Menace (2016) by J.M. Darhower
Ghost (2016) by A. Zavarelli
Sweet Temptation (2016) by Cora Reilly
Crow (2015) by A. Zavarelli
Dark Mafia Prince (2016) by Annika Martin
The Mafia and His Angel (2017) by Lylah James
Collateral (2018) by Natasha Knight
Secrets (2018) by Aleatha Romig
The Kiss Thief (2019) by L.J. Shen
Kill Switch (2019) by Penelope Douglas
Torn (2019) by Natasha Knight
By Sin I Rise (2021) by Cora Reilly
Beautifully Cruel (2020) by J.T. Geissinger
Bound by Duty (2015) by Cora Reilly
The Sweetest Oblivion (2018) by Danielle Lori

What are popular mafia romance novel tropes?

The most common and popular tropes for mafia romance books are:

Forced or arranged marriages
Kidnapping and captivity
Alpha male/possessive hero
Power struggles and politics
Redemption and forgiveness
Secret or double lives
Strong heroine
Loyalty and betrayal
Dark pasts and trauma
Sexual tension and steamy encounters
Danger and violence
Slow burn romance
Family dynamics and obligations
Redemption arcs

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