Mystery Romance: 14 Best Mystery Romance Books You Should Read

If you are an avid reader there is a good chance that you enjoy reading mystery romance books. The intrigue of the mystery keeps you hooked on the story as you try and figure out what happened.

Mystery Romance: 14 Best Mystery Romance Books You Should Read

The tension and intensity of the romance ensure that you are emotionally invested in the characters and that you are fully immersed in the story. There are lots of mystery romance novels that you could read.

Here are 15 top recommendations with pros and cons for each book so you can decide whether it will be right for you.

14 Best Mystery Romance Books You Should Read

These mystery romance books have been highly rated by readers and are perfect for satisfying your need for secrets, thrills, and love stories.

Confess – Colleen Hoover

Confess: A Novel

Auburn Reed moved to Dallas for a fresh start. The last thing she needed was to fall in love, but she can’t help being drawn towards Owen, an enigmatic art gallery owner.

She decides to take a chance at finding happiness, but Owen is keeping a secret that could leave her brokenhearted.


  • Gripping – This book is a real page-turner
  • Characters – The characters are well-developed and interesting
  • Intriguing – The secret between Owen and Auburn keeps you guessing


  • Chemistry – The chemistry between Auburn and Owen takes a while to develop

Blood Orange – Harriet Tyce

Blood Orange

Alison seems to have a perfect life – a husband, a daughter, and a great career. But all is not as it seems – she is drinking too much, neglecting her family, and hiding a secret affair.

When Alison takes her first murder defense case, she is determined to help her client. But it seems there is someone out there who knows Alison’s secrets.


  • Unpredictable – You can’t guess what is going to happen next
  • Genre – This book covers multiple genres
  • Well-written – The plotlines are woven together carefully


  • Characters – The characters aren’t particularly likable which might put some readers off

Rebecca – Daphne Du Maurier


Rebecca is the late wife of Maxim de Winter. A year after her death he takes a new bride, but she struggles to fill Rebecca’s shoes. Everyone loved her, and her influence can still be felt in Maxim’s home – Manderley. But Maxim’s new wife soon learns that Rebecca was not all she seemed.


  • Chilling – This book has a creepy undertone
  • Suspense – It will keep you on edge as you read
  • Surprising – You won’t know what is coming next


  • Characters – Some of the characters and their interactions are quite frustrating at times

The Witness – Nora Roberts

The Witness

This is Nora’s 200th novel. Abigail lives alone on the outskirts of town in a house that is protected by the most advanced security systems.

She keeps to herself and doesn’t want any trouble, but her strange behavior attracts attention from the locals- including the local police chief. He is drawn to Abigail and has a feeling that she needs protecting.

But his personal feelings for her make it hard for him to use his professional judgment.


  • Sweet – The romantic elements of the story are very sweet
  • Tense – The book builds tension very well
  • Mystery – There are lots of secrets and unanswered questions that get revealed at just the right time


  • Motivation – Some of the reasoning behind the characters’ actions don’t always make sense

Spellbound In His Arms – Angel Sefer

Spellbound in His Arms (The Greek Isles Series Book 1)

A reporter and a detective work together to investigate a series of mysterious deaths on a Greek Island. They face lots of obstacles and difficulties in their investigation, including their intense chemistry. Will their passion for each other prevent them from uncovering the truth?


  • Series – This book is part of a series so you will have plenty to read
  • Passionate – The romance is intense and fiery
  • Intriguing – The plot is well written


  • Complicated – There are a lot of characters to keep track of and it can get confusing

Heartbreaker – Julie Garwood

Heartbreaker (Buchanan / Renard / MacKenna Book 1)

Nick is an FBI agent who is investigating a serial killer, but things get complicated when the next intended victim is his friend’s sister. He must crack the case in time to save her life, but his personal feelings for her might get in the way.


  • Dark – This book has a dark theme which is entertaining
  • Characters – The characters are very well written
  • Exciting – The story will get your heart pounding


  • Detail – There is a lot of detail which might be too much for some readers

Open Season – Linda Howard

Open Season

34 year old Daisy is fed up with her boring life as a librarian. She decides to change her clothes and her good-girl image in search of a new lease on life. She dances at nightclubs and flirts with strangers.

Her free-spirited adventure takes a turn for the worst witnesses a crime and her life is put in danger. But there is one man who might be able to help her.


  • Fun – This is an enjoyable book to read
  • Sweet – The two main characters have a great chemistry
  • Suspense – The story builds tension


  • Dialogue – Some of the dialogue feels a little wooden in places

Fatal Affair – Marie Force

Fatal Affair (Fatal Series Book 1)

After a mishap with an investigation at work, police detective Sam needs a big win to save her career. When a Senator is murdered, Sam is assigned to the case, but this means she has to work with Nick.

He was chief of staff for the senator and is also the man Sam had a fling with a while ago. The chemistry between them threatens to get in the way of them solving the murder.


  • Steamy – The lead characters have great chemistry
  • Tense – The murder investigation adds suspense
  • Crime – The crime theme is interesting


  • Pace – The pace gets a bit slow in the middle of the book

Mean Streak – Sandra Brown

Mean Streak

When Emory goes for a run after a fight with her husband and doesn’t come back, he becomes the main suspect in her disappearance, and then her murder.

Meanwhile, Emory wakes up from a head injury to discover she is being held captive by a mysterious man. But an unexpected turn of events has them working together to help an innocent woman, as the FBI uncovers Emory’s husband’s deception.


  • Unexpected – The story takes some unexpected twists and turns
  • Clever – The plot is clever and original
  • Characters – The characters are well written


  • Stereotypes – The book has some stereotypical views of ‘city people’ and ‘country people’

Immortal In Death – J.D. Robb

Immortal in Death (In Death, Book 3)

Eve Dallas is investigating the murder of a high-profile model, and the main suspect is her best friend. This book is part of a mystery romance series that is very popular.

This installment delves into the world of high fashion and scandal. This is book 3 in a series- you might want to start with book 1.


  • Characters – The characters are great, including the side characters
  • Romance – There is plenty of chemistry between the characters
  • Mystery – The murder investigation adds some intrigue


  •  Tension – The main characters are already together so there isn’t as much romantic tension

Where The Crawdads Sing – Delia Owens

Where the Crawdads Sing

When a local man is found dead, everyone suspects the ‘marsh girl’. Kaya has never been accepted by the townspeople and has lived an isolated life in the wild marshes.

But are they wrong to suspect her? There is one man who has always believed in her – will he believe her now?


  • Romantic – The love story is wonderful
  • Unexpected – It keeps you guessing right to the end
  • Poetic – This book is poignant and poetic


River Road – Jayne Ann-Krentz

River Road

Lucy and Mason have known each other for years. When Lucy’s life is in danger they must work together to find the answers, and their friendship begins to turn into something more.


  • Characters – The characters are well written
  • Interesting – The story is clever and interesting


  • Predictable – Some of the twists are turns are quite predictable

Safe Haven – Nicholas Sparks

Safe Haven

A mysterious woman arrives in a small coastal town in North Carolina. The locals are intrigued, but she won’t let them get to know her. Alex, a widowed store owner and father of 2, is the only one who can get close. But will their connection last when Katie’s past catches up with her?


  • Sweet – The romance is sweet and charming
  • Suspense – You won’t want to put the book down


  • Characters – Some of the side characters are quite two dimensional

Don’t Tell – Karen Rose

Don't Tell (Romantic suspense Book 1)

Mary had to stage her own death to save her and her child from her abusive husband. She takes on a new identity and moves to a place – she even finds a new love. But when her husband finds her, Mary’s life could all fall apart.


  • Tense – There is great suspense in this book
  • Romantic – Mary’s new love is very sweet


  • Predictable  – The storyline is well written but a bit predictable in places

Final Thoughts

Mystery romance novels are the perfect way to escape into a book. They are gripping, exciting, and will be difficult to put down. If you want to get lost in a novel, any of these would be a great choice.

How To Choose The Right Mystery Romance Book For You?

If you aren’t sure which book will be best for you, check out this advice to help you find the right one for you.


When you are reading the blurb of a book, you should look out for any characters that you feel drawn to. If you like the characters, you will be more invested in the story.


There might be some plot points that interest you when you are looking at the book – perhaps an intriguing way that the characters meet, or an exciting drama that they become involved in. If the plot interests you then you are more likely to enjoy reading the book.


If you really like getting stuck into a series of books, then you might want to look out for one that has sequels. If you like it, then you know you will have plenty of other books to read that you will also enjoy.


Some people prefer reading long books, while others prefer something shorter and quicker to get through. Make sure you take this into consideration when choosing which mystery romance book you want to read.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Mystery Romance Books Thrillers?

Some mystery romance books fall into the thriller category, such as psychological thrillers. But they also cover different genres too, like crime, historical fiction, drama, and supernatural books.

Why Do People Read Mystery Romance Books?

People are drawn to romance mystery books because they tend to have more excitement and suspense than standard romance novels, but they are more romantic than classic mystery novels.

Have Any Of These Books Been Turned Into Films?

Some of the books on this list have been adapted into movies, such as Safe Haven, Rebecca, and Where The Crawdads Sing.

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