Emily Giffin Books In Order: Discover The Best Way To Read Them!

Heard about Emily Giffin and want to delve deep into her collection of books? You’re in the right place.

Emily Giffin Books In Order: Discover The Best Way To Read Them!

In this article, I’m going to be providing you with a breakdown of the best reading order for Emily Giffin’s books – including her standalone books and the popular Darcy & Rachel series. Read on.

About Emily Giffin Books

At the time of writing, Emily Giffin has released a few series of books. Check out the following list that I have curated below to discover them:

  1. Standalone Books
  2. Darcy & Rachel

In the following sections, I’m going to be providing you with lists of each category in the correct reading order. Just keep on scrolling down.

Emily Giffin Standalone Books Reading Order

Baby Proof (2006)

Baby Proof: A Novel

This is the first novel written by Emily Giffin. Baby Proof is a novel that centers itself around one important question: When it comes to true love, is there anything that can put a stop to it?

Heartfelt and witty, Baby Proof is a story that explores what happens to a seemingly perfect couple when they find themselves wanting different things.


  • Complex female characters
  • Real-world issues
  • Well-written


  • Some readers feel that it could be paced better

Love The One You’re With (2008)

Love the One You're With: A Novel

A story that situates itself around the phrase “the heart wants what it wants’ ‘ Love the One You’re With’ ‘ is a tale about the reasons why people choose to love one person over another, and what happens when the one that got away jumps back into the picture.


  • Engaging and gripping from the very beginning
  • Well-thought-out storyline


  • Some readers feel the plot slows in the middle

Heart Of The Matter (2010)

Heart of the Matter: A Novel

In Heart of the Matter, Tessa Russo is the wife of a renowned pediatric surgeon and the mother of two children who has given up her career to tend to her family, while Valeria Anderson is an attorney and single mother who has given up on love.

In this novel that weaves the two stories together through individual points of view, Emily Giffin creates a story that explores difficult circumstances, overcoming obstacles, and discovering what matters most.


  • Great storyline
  • Compelling characters


  • Some readers wish that certain characters were given more of a focus

Where We Belong (2012)

Where We Belong: A Novel

Heartfelt and thought-provoking, Where We Belong explores the story of two women, the families that have influenced them in so many ways, as well as the love, loyalty, and quiet longing that connects the two together.


  • Relatable and explores real issues many of us go through
  • Compelling characters and plot


  • Some readers wish that this novel was longer!

The One & Only (2014)

The One & Only: A Novel

In The One & Only, Emily Giffin tells the incredible story of loyalty and love, and her unconventional heroine’s struggle to be able to find both.

Heartfelt and touching, this novel is all about finding your passion, believing in yourself, and having the faith to pursue the one thing that makes life worth living – love.


  • A compelling storyline will keep you turning the page for more!
  • Great characters and a structured pace.


  • Some readers felt that the ending left unanswered questions

First Comes Love (2016)

First Comes Love: A Novel

A story about love, friendship, and sisterhood – First Comes Love is a novel that centers itself around a pair of sisters who both find themselves at a crossroads in their lives.

Can they overcome their self-doubt, follow their hearts and leap into the unknown?


  • Point of view perspectives.
  • Great plot and is well-paced.
  • Clear dialogue from all characters drives the plot forward.


  • Some readers found the start hard to get into.

All We Ever Wanted (2018)

All We Ever Wanted: A Novel

In All We Ever Wanted, Emily Giffin weaves the lives of three people into one big story to explore what happens when we are forced to choose between family ties and personal values.


  • Changing perspectives throughout.
  • Paced well and is easy to read.
  • Entertaining and page-turning!


  • Some readers feel that not all characters are necessary.

The Lies That Bind (2020)

The Lies That Bind: A Novel

A New York Times Bestseller, The Lies That Bind is a tale about a young woman who falls hard and fast for the perfect man for her. Then, in just the blink of an eye, he disappears without a trace.


  • Thrilling and fast-paced
  • Well-written and structured


  • Some readers feel that this novel could be paced better.

Emily Giffin’s Darcy & Rachel Books In Order

Something Borrowed (2005)

Something Borrowed: A Novel

The first in the two-part series, Something Borrowed is a story about Rachel, a hard-working girl that works at a Manhattan Law firm and her best friend Darcy’s maid of honor.

Rachel has always been in the shadow of Darcy, that is until she confesses her feelings for her fiance the night before the wedding. This is the book to read if you’ve ever experienced a love-hate relationship!


  • Clear dialogue helps to drive the plot forward.
  • Purposeful characters elevate the story.


  • Some readers find the first half of the novel to be slow.

Something Blue

Something Blue

Reeling from Rachel’s confession, Darcy escapes to London in order to recreate her life in a brand new place.

Once there, Darcy is forced to start her life over from scratch – leading her down a healing journey of forgiveness, redemption, and, perhaps, true love?


  • Well-paced and has great writing.
  • Cathartic
  • Relatable characters


  • Some readers do not like the ending of the series.

Final Thoughts

You’ve reached the end! Now that you’ve read through this guide, I hope that you now have a much clearer idea of which order to read Emily Giffin’s books in, as well as a better idea of what you can expect from Emily Giffin’s body of work so far.

The only question I have left to ask is, which book are you going to read first? Thank you for reading, and bye for now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Books Does Emily Giffin Write?

Emily Giffin is an American author that often writes books that commonly fall within the chick lit genre.

How Many Books Are In Something Borrowed?

Something Borrowed is the first installment in the Rachel & Darcy series which consists of two books.

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