All Odd Thomas Books In Order: The Ultimate Guide to The Odd Thomas Series

The Odd Thomas books by Dean Koontz tell the story of a fry cook in his twenties who works at the Pico Mundo grill.

As his name would suggest Odd (or ‘Oddie’) is unique, and unlike everybody else due to his ability to see dead people.

All Odd Thomas Books In Order The Ultimate Guide to The Odd Thomas Series

He uses his power to bring peace to the ghosts and help them move on to the afterlife.

There are two ways you can enjoy the Odd Thomas series in order.

The first way is to just read the novels, while the second way involves also reading the Odd Thomas short stories and graphic novels, which can be considered companion pieces to the wider story you can read in between the main novels.

You can either read these short stories and graphic novels in between reading the main novels, or enjoy them after you’ve finished the series and are not ready to part with it!

About Odd Thomas

Published in 2003 and concluding in 2015, Odd Thomas’ journeys take him to places that are both wonderfully strange, and terrifyingly mysterious with spirits and mortals alike by his side.

During his adventures, Odd experiences all that is amazing and terrible about humanity.

Odd Thomas Novels

Odd Thomas

Odd Thomas: An Odd Thomas Novel

In the first Odd Thomas novel, a stranger comes to Pico Mundo with an army of hyena-like shades who herald disaster.

Accompanied by his soulmate, Stormy Llewellyn, and a rag-tag gang of ghosts including Elvis Presley, they must race against time to put a stop to the evil surrounding them.


  • Engaging, likable protagonist.
  • Humorous as well as dark.
  • Each chapter is better than the last.


  • Some readers found the book predictable.

Forever Odd

Forever Odd: An Odd Thomas Novel

Odd Thomas never asked for his gift, he’s just a normal guy trying to live a quiet life in Pico Mundo, but he still feels compelled to be there for his otherworldly confidants, and this is why he is admired by those in this earthly plane and a more heavenly one.

But when a childhood friend goes missing, Odd discovers something worse than a corpse and embarks on a thrilling battle of wits and wills with an exceptionally cunning enemy.

In the coming hours, there can be no innocent bystanders, and hope and despair are hanging in the balance.


  • Vivid and well-drawn characterizations.
  • Fast-paced and well-crafted plot.
  • Sprinkled with quirky humor and wit.


  • Some readers found Odd Thomas less likable in this book.

Brother Odd

Brother Odd: An Odd Thomas Novel

Odd Thomas heads to St Bartholomew’s Abbey to learn how to live a good life, and among the eccentric monks, their guests, and the nuns and students of the neighboring convent school, Odd thinks he has finally found his way.

But trouble is never too far from Odd, and it appears to him this time in the form of devious bodachs, the black shades who herald disaster and death.


  • Full of intriguing characters you don’t know if you can trust.
  • Gives us more insight into the protagonist.
  • Action-packed.


  • Some readers found this to be one of the slower installments of the Odd Thomas series.

Odd Hours

Odd Hours: An Odd Thomas Novel

Plagued by dreams of a huge red tide, Odd is helplessly drawn to the sea and a small California coastal town where something just isn’t right.

Now the forces against him have more power over him than ever before, and dawn will only come when earth-shattering revelations are made.


  • Odd Thomas continues to evolve as a character.
  • Action-packed from beginning to end.
  • Odd has to make some very challenging moral decisions that are intriguing to read.


  • Some loose ends.

Odd Apocalypse

Odd Apocalypse: An Odd Thomas Novel

The extravagant West Coast property Roseland is home to a hermit billionaire financier and his loyal servants, as well as being a temporary safe place for Odd Thomas and his traveling companion, the charming Annamaria, also known as the Lady of the Bell.

In the aftermath of Odd’s most recent clash with deadly adversaries, the lavish mansion should be a welcome comfort.

But Roseland is hiding something from Odd, and he soon suspects it may not be a total sanctuary after all.


  • Wildly imaginative plot.
  • Engaging, beautiful writing.
  • Introduces a new spirit.


  • Some readers found the book too dark.

Deeply Odd

Deeply Odd: An Odd Thomas Novel

Three innocent people will be brutally murdered unless Odd can stop the killings in time, however, who these people are and where they are is a mystery.

Odd only knows who the killer will be – the murderous stranger who attempted to kill him in a parking lot.


  • Continues to masterfully explore the theme of redemption.
  • The culmination of the previous books in the series.
  • A plot that leaves you on the edge of your seat.


  • Some readers felt the author’s own political views inserted into the novel were distracting.

Saint Odd

Saint Odd: An Odd Thomas Novel

Whatever destiny guides Odd has finally sent him home, where his loved ones surround him, the memory of his true love lost too soon haunts him, and one last terrifying, massive challenge is waiting for him.

Odd Thomas’ wandering has come to an end, and all that is left is the reckoning.


  • Readers agree this is a fitting send-off for Odd Thomas.
  • Beautifully written, and full of thoughtful passages.


  • Some readers did find there were questions unanswered.

Odd Thomas Short Stories And Graphic Novels

Odd Thomas: You Are Destined To Be Together Forever

Odd Thomas: You Are Destined to Be Together Forever (Short Story) (Kindle Single)

A short story that is a prequel to the first Odd Thomas novel, Dean Koontz takes us all the way back to the beginning of Odd Thomas and Stormy Llewellyn’s love story, two soulmates who are destined to be together forever.


  • Nice to see the beginning of Odd and Stormy’s relationship.
  • A lovely companion to Saint Odd.
  • A delightful, quick read.


  • Some readers feel this is an unnecessary addition to the Odd Thomas canon.

In Odd We Trust

In Odd We Trust (Graphic Novel) (Odd Thomas Graphic Novels)

In a graphic novel that also takes place before the events of the first novel, Odd is confronted by the sad spirit of a seriously scared young boy, and he is determined to destroy the evil plaguing Pico Mundo.

But even with his powers, his local police, and Stormy by his side, Odd wonders if he is any match for the anonymous stalker who is always one step ahead, and is determined to murder again.


  • Excellent graphics.
  • Unique structure.
  • Riveting story.


  • Some readers missed the detail you would get in the main novels.

Odd Is On Our Side

Odd Is on Our Side (Graphic Novel)

In yet another novel that takes place before the events of the main novel, it’s Halloween in Pico Mundo, and there is something devious in the air.

While the town prepares to celebrate the spooky holiday, Odd can’t shake the feeling that people dressed up in scary costumes are not the only things roaming the streets.

With Stormy by his side, Odd is determined to discover the horrible truth. Is something sinister going on in the remote barn guarded by men in demonic masks?


  • It is a great, compact way to introduce you to the world of Odd Thomas before you sink your teeth into the main novels.
  • The graphics bring Odd Thomas to life.


  • Some readers found the formatting awkward.

House Of Odd

House of Odd (Graphic Novel) (Odd Thomas Graphic Novels)

In another graphic novel taking place before the events of the main novel, Nedra Nolan is an ex-Hollywood producer transforming a derelict mansion in Pico Mundo into her dream home… only to find out the whole process is a nightmare.

A series of freaked-out contractors have quit the renovation job, claiming the house is haunted.

Her friend advises her to contact Odd Thomas, the gentle young man who has a gift for communicating with the dead.


  • Fun and engaging story.
  • Will appeal to younger readers too.


  • Some readers found this installment a bit juvenile.

Odd Interlude: A Special Odd Thomas Adventure

Odd Interlude: A Special Odd Thomas Adventure

A short story set between the events of Odd Hours and Odd Apocalypse, Odd Interlude focuses on the quaint roadside haven of Harmony Corner, located on an isolated stretch of the Pacific Coast that offers a weary travelers everything they need – a hearty meal, a convenient service station, and cottages presided over by the Harmony family homestead.

But when Odd Thomas and his gang spend the night, they find out there is more to this secluded haven than meets the eye.


  • Has a refreshing sci-fi element.
  • Great, daunting antagonist.


  • Some readers felt there was too little of a focus on Annamaria.


The Odd Thomas books are a delightfully unique read, and the short stories and graphic novels are great supplements to Odd’s main arc, whether you read them in between the Odd Thomas novels, or you save them for the end of Odd’s journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have To Read The Odd Thomas Series In Order?

If you would like to read the Odd Thomas series, I recommend reading them in the order in which they were published.

Are There Any Odd Thomas Movies?

Yes, a movie adaptation was made of Odd Thomas in 2013 that starred the late Anton Yelchin as Odd Thomas, Addison Timlin as Stormy Llewellyn, and Willem Dafoe as Wyatt Porter.

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