The Ultimate Guide To Reading Robin Cook Books In Order

Not everyone has the academic chops, the cool-under-pressure calmness, and the literary know-how to be a physician and an author.

And yet, somehow, Robin Cook has managed to do both!

Robin Cook’s Works, All Books In Order

It’s that wealth of medical experience that has allowed Cook to write not just a truly massive collection of books, but some of the most compelling and informative thriller books in the past 50 years as well!

Don’t believe me? Well, you’ll just have to take a look at the entire body of Robin Cook’s work that I have collected here, and see for yourself!

Who Is Robin Cook?

Robin Cook gained his trademark massive amount of medical knowledge from his Columbia University of Physicians and Surgeons and even worked as an aquanaut aboard the USS Kamehameha.

This groundwork would allow him to publish his first novel in 1972, while also coming to understand what it took to become a bestselling author.

Since then, Cook has gone on to release hit novels and hit novels!

Jack Stapleton & Laurie Montgomery Series In Order

If we’re talking about Cook’s best-known work, then we’d probably be talking about the Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery series.

Not only does it span literal decades of work, but it has also been adapted into many different formats, from television to web series!

Blindsight 1991

Blindsight (Jack Stapleton & Laurie Montgomery series Book 1)

Where better to start this series, than at the beginning?

In this first outing of pathologists Laurie Montgomery and Jack Stapleton, we see this pair of crack forensic investigators look into the connections between a string of ‘overdose’ victims.

What they uncover is a web of deceit and death that they could never have anticipated!


  • Engaging and intelligently written. Cook’s medical expertise is a running theme that you’ll see in this book and many others on this list!


  • The audiobook version has some quality control issues. It might not be the best way to experience it.

Contagion 1995

Contagion (Jack Stapleton & Laurie Montgomery series Book 2)

Cook was onto something with this series if this follow-up story is a good indicator!

When 9 (and counting) different patients come to 3 very rare diseases, or in the same hospital, Jack Stapleton starts to suspect that these tragedies might not be a coincidence.


  • A viral infection thriller that punches just as hard (if not harder) now more than ever.


  • While the threat feels real, the fact that we are limited to effectively just one hospital makes the scale feel less drastic.

Chromosome 6 1997

Chromosome 6 (Jack Stapleton & Laurie Montgomery series Book 3)

Genetic manipulation and cloning are the latest biological tools on the scene in this next book, and they’re the cause of plenty of headaches For Stapleton and Montgomery.

After all, when a wealthy patient dies and the autopsy reveals a history of previous donations, how can they have received them from… themself?


  • A fascinating tale about the worst-case abuse of bioengineering and genetic science. It’s Jurassic Park, meets a detective thriller tale!


  • The premise and early chapters have plenty of promise, but the end feels rushed by comparison.

Vector 1999

Vector (Jack Stapleton & Laurie Montgomery series Book 4)

What starts as a few strange deaths from rapid-onset illnesses that the patients should have been safe from quickly turns into a race against time for Montgomery and Stapleton to stop a bioweapon being unleashed on the whole of New York City!


  • A story of disgruntled scientists and a strange string of murders is the main draw of this book!


  • It feels like the story is rushing to be finished and never has the chance to fully explore its ideas.

Marker 2005

Marker (A Medical Thriller)

The tension between Laurie Montgomery and Jack Stapleton might be the least of their worries, as a case that Montgomery is working on threatens to put her in the line of fire too!


  • The focus on the two main character’s relationship helps ground an otherwise high-octane thriller mystery.


  • The focus on the Health Management Organization might not be to every medical thriller reader’s taste.

Crisis 2006

Crisis (Jack Stapleton & Laurie Montgomery series Book 6)

What seems at first like a case of medical malpractice quickly turns into a tale of corporate cover-ups and espionage, as Stapleton and Montgomery witness the slow, but horrific, transformation of the medical profession.


  • The business/political thriller angle injects a fresh new idea into this long-running medical thriller series, building off of the ideas of the previous novel.


  • The lead-up to the final act does seem to drag out a little too much, just to increase tension. When badly done, it just doesn’t feel natural.

Critical 2007

Critical (Jack Stapleton & Laurie Montgomery series Book 7)

Montgomery’s suspicions about Jack Stapleton being treated in a particular specialty hospital lead her on a trail of corporate sabotage that is costing people their lives.


  • Once again, Cook’s medical knowledge and terminology are on full display in this book!


  • If intricate details about medical conditions and their treatments bore you, this one will feel like a drag. Then again, this is Cook’s forte, so that shouldn’t be a surprise at this point!

Foreign Body 2008

Foreign Body (Jack Stapleton & Laurie Montgomery series Book 8)

When 4th-year medical student Jennifer Hernandez discovers that her Grandmother and guardian have passed, and the details are being withheld from her, she calls on the only reliable figure that she can: Her mentor: Laurie Montgomery.


  • The fresh perspective and new character are a welcome change, while still having plenty of our original two favorites.


  • The opening section is a little slow. You might feel that you have to push through the first chapter.

Intervention 2009

Intervention (Jack Stapleton & Laurie Montgomery series Book 9)

Jack is visited by ghosts of his past, as his investigations into why patients are seeking alternative medicines lead him to two figures that he is well acquainted with, for better and for worse.


  • Not only a compelling mystery but also a fascinating discussion of why people reject modern medicine in favor of alternatives.


  • There is less of Jack and Laurie in this book, so long-time readers might be left wanting more of them here.

Cure 2010

Cure (Jack Stapleton & Laurie Montgomery series Book 10)

Montgomery’s first case after her son’s neuroblastoma goes into full remission turns out to be a real head-scratcher.

After all, why would two biotech companies start up, in a field where there is almost nothing to gain?


  • Another gripping tale of corporate espionage and sabotage, during a rough time in Montgomery’s life. Perfect for character drama!


  • The ending, while heartfelt and poignant, might feel like a departure from the high-energy thriller plot that just unfolded.

Pandemic 2018


A completely healthy woman collapsing and dying in the New York subway has Jack Stapleton concerned.

Especially when she had symptoms eerily similar to the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic.


  • It’s a race against time for Jack Stapleton as the bodies start to pile up in this conspiracy!


  • While engaging, Cook’s need to explain most medical terms does slow the pace down from time to time.

Genesis 2019


What starts as another routine drug overdose of a pregnant victim in NYC quickly unfolds into something much more terrifying.

Laurie Montgomery turns to incredible new genealogy to get her answers to this strange case.


  • The use of modern technology shows that Cook hasn’t been slacking on staying up-to-date on medical advancements.


  • The dialogue feels weirdly stilted in this particular book.

Night Shift 2022

Night Shift

We’ve come up with the latest entry in this series now. And boy, Cook still hasn’t let off the brakes yet!

When a longtime friend of Montgomery’s dies in a hospital parking garage, the tragedy sparks the search for the truth within Laurie.

And the strange autopsy results garnered Stapleton’s interest too…


  • A personal tragedy is an excellent fuel for the fire of our main characters.


  • The editing isn’t quite up to scratch with this book, especially earlier in the book.

Marissa Blumenthal Series In Order

Cook might seem like he’s staying in his wheelhouse with the medical-focused Dr. Marissa Blumenthal series.

But trust me when I say that this short series of 2 novels has a completely different feel to them!

Outbreak 1987

Outbreak (Dr. Marissa Blumenthal Book 1)

As a virulent plague seems to spread uncontrollably across the United States, the titular Dr. Marissa Blumenthal must uncover one of the medical world’s biggest secrets.

No matter how high the body count gets.


  • The CDC setting of these books makes for a completely different feel from the Stapleton and Montgomery series, as well as having a fresh new protagonist to follow.


  • The ending may have some readers scratching their heads, and not in a fun, thought-provoking way.

Vital Signs 1990

Vital Signs (Dr. Marissa Blumenthal Book 2)

Marissa Blumenthal is trying desperately to have a baby.

But she may have gotten more than what she bargained for in this urban clinic that she has chosen…


  • The completely different setup of this story makes this book immediately stand out from its predecessor.


  • The setup is great, but it takes Cook a long time to get to the big reveal of the book.

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

However, despite his long-running series, Robin Cook’s biggest body of work comes in the form of the many standalone novels that he has written.

Since there’s no overarching series with these books, I’ve simply just listed them here in their order of publication

The Year Of The Intern 1972 (Debut Novel)

Outbreak (Dr. Marissa Blumenthal Book 1)

Starting this section in Cook’s debut book, you might be worried that a book written over 50 years ago might feel a little dated, especially considering its then-contemporary setting.

However, a relatable main character, combined with tasks and life-and-death decisions that medical professionals make every day, means that this story has aged like a fine wine!


  • A story that feels just as relevant now as it did back in 1972, and an excellent look into life as a hospital medical intern.


  • Fans of Cook’s thriller work might be left a little wanting by the end of this book.

Coma 1977


With nightmare-inducing worst-case scenarios turning a minor surgery into something worse, it’s no wonder that this was one of Cook’s first books to be adapted into both a film and a television miniseries!


  • A compelling hook and interesting, grounded characters make this book an easy read.


  • Unlike his debut novel, this book has ironically aged less well than Cook’s first book in terms of the medical practices used.

Sphinx 1979

Sphinx (A Medical Thriller)

Breaking away from Cook’s more traditional medical thriller wheelhouse, this one takes us on a globe-trotting hunt for Ancient Egyptian artifacts, and a race to stop an old evil from awakening.


  • A strong, over-the-top main character that is a treat to watch act out on the page!


Brain 1981

Brain (A Medical Thriller)

I mean, the title says it all, right?

Two young medical professionals start asking questions about the research going on in their medical center, especially after the death of a young woman, and her brain being inconspicuously removed.

Questions that could get both of them killed…


  • A fascinating combination of the medical thriller, and a dash of horror thrown in for good measure!


  • The ending doesn’t feel all that satisfying, despite the amazing setup.

Fever 1982

Fever (A Medical Thriller)

When esteemed cancer researcher Charles Martel discovers that his daughter has leukemia, nothing will stop him from uncovering the truth of its causes.

Especially when all signs point to a chemical conspiracy in the making.


  • This book is a phenomenal book with plenty of the themes that Cook’s work would become known for Medical races-against time and underhanded corporate tactics galore here!


  • The plot is pretty predictable, especially if you have read Cook’s work before this book.

Godplayer 1983

Godplayer (A Medical Thriller)

Dr. Cassandra Kingsley has it all. She has a charming husband and a fantastic job.

But this perfect life seems to fade as she soon learns more details about the nature of both. Details that threaten to unravel this illusion that she seems to have fallen into.


  • A fascinating main character and a slow burn of a story, playing to Cook’s strengths as a medical practitioner.


  • Like with his other works, the book does kind of end abruptly, which might be unsatisfying for some readers.

Mindbend 1985

Mindbend (A Medical Thriller)

Adam Schonberg has signed up to work for the giant medical drug firm Arolen, so it seems like his and his wife’s future health is assured.

However, as they both find out, the Julian clinic they are based at might have a few secrets that its owners, Arolen, are trying to keep buried…


  • Another great setup, and a hint at the underhand corporate antagonists that Cook would use in later works.


  • The ending can be seen from a mile away if you know what you’re looking for in a Cook book.

Mortal Fear 1988

Mortal Fear (A Medical Thriller)

As a Boston-based biologist stumbles on a breakthrough medical discovery, healthy men start to die of old age.

An intriguing plot, especially when you realize that these men are only middle-aged!


  • The murder details that Cook accounts for are described in all their clinical, yet somehow unsettling detail.


  • The plot beats of this story are nothing new to long-time Robin Cook fans.

Harmful Intent 1989

Harmful Intent (A Medical Thriller)

What should’ve been a routine birth that results in a dead mother, and a severely injured baby in critical condition?

Now, the anesthesiologist in charge of the delivery, one Jeffrey Rhodes, is on the run and must clear his name somehow.

Even if that means uncovering a conspiracy at the heart of the medical profession.


  • I mean, with a setup like that, how could anyone not be intrigued to learn more?


  • There is a lot of time spent on the fugitive chase. It’s exciting at first but starts to drag its feet by the middle and latter half.

Mutation 1989

Mutation (A Medical Thriller)

With artificial surrogates and genetic manipulation in the foreground of medical advancements, Dr. Cook tries to create the perfect son through this groundbreaking science.

But will he be prepared for what he has made instead?


  • Robin Cook never misses his imaginative setups and medical science concepts!


  • Fascinating hook aside, this is an old tale of science going too far. Nothing new to Robin’s wheelhouse, so to speak.

Terminal 1982

Terminal (A Medical Thriller)

A cancer treatment center in Florida claims to have a 100% success rate at curing its patients.

It’s almost too good to be true, and it certainly sounds that way to aspiring medical student Sean Murphy. What will he find at the heart of this conundrum?


  • The premise is ripe for an amazing speculative thriller book, and Cook provides it!


  • While largely grounded, some of the shortsighted actions of ‘smart’ characters might have some readers rolling their eyes.

Fatal Cure 1993

Fatal Cure

Look, we’ve all wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

So of course medical practitioners Angela and David Wilson would want to set up shop away from all of that!

However, once they have set up shop in rural Bartlet, and the fall approaches, the true nature of this town starts to reveal itself.


  • An idyllic country paradise turns sour in this slow-burn thriller story.


  • The early focus on administrative meetings might have some readers yawning before they get to the part where the story picks up.

Acceptable Risk 1994

Acceptable Risk (A Medical Thriller)

Cook’s finger stays on the pulse of medical advances with this next story.

When renowned neuroscientist Edward Armstrong manages to isolate a psychoactive substance that may be the answer to treating depression.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Just what is Armstrong hiding?


  • A fascinating look into the R&D side of medication development, and the push for profit that sometimes backs it.


  • This book takes a while to get the ball rolling and can leave readers wondering when the good parts start for the first quarter.

Invasion 1997

Invasion (A Medical Thriller)

Cook delves deep into the world of science-fiction for this book, as a groundbreaking revelation about the way our world, the universe even, is revealed to us!


  • A modern-day ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’!


  • It’s a science fiction invasion story that some people might be able to guess pretty quickly. After that, the book kind of becomes a waiting game.

Toxin 1997

Toxin (A Medical Thriller)

Accomplished surgeon Dr. Kim Regis is determined to remain a good father to his only son, Selden, even after he has just recently divorced.

But when his son is poisoned at his favorite fast-food restaurant and dies from E. coli. contamination, Regis suspects something bigger is at play.

Was it just a regular case of malpractice restaurant kitchen etiquette? Or is there something deeper here?


  • A tragedy that quickly plunges headfirst into a conspiratorial thriller.


  • There are a lot of open plotlines towards the end of the book. Perhaps Cook thought or had plans for sequels?

Abduction 1999

Abduction (A Medical Thriller)

We’re taking a break from the usual medical thriller books to bring you one of Cook’s most high–concept stories yet.

A transmission from the bottom of the ocean leaves world leaders and experts both puzzled and disturbed.

Feelings that are only further justified as the explorers make a discovery that could shake our understanding of the world itself.



  • The characters here feel pretty stereotypical.

Shock 2000

Shock (A Medical Thriller)

Strapped for cash, and trying to help make ends meet, two medical graduates become egg donors for an exclusive fertility clinic.

However, second thoughts and doubts leave them asking questions about what their eggs are being used for. With haunting results!


  • A great contemplation on medical ethics, as well as a classic Cook thriller/horror story!


  • Once again, the pile-up of medical terms at the beginning makes the early pacing pretty slow.

Seizure 2002

Seizure (A Medical Thriller)

In this gripping medical and political thriller, a pair of doctors, using stem cells and cloning technology, have seemingly found the cure to degenerative diseases.

A US senator blocks their pending method patent out of fear for American values.

But when Parkinson’s starts to creep into his life, he has no choice but to make a deal with the very people he had blocked and try their experimental treatment.

What could go wrong?


  • This a novel (quite literally) way of examining the push-pull relationship between the medical industry and politics.


  • Despite his wealth of medical knowledge, Cook’s descriptions of seizures and their causes are lacking, and paint a very old-fashioned, negative stereotype of the condition.

Death Benefit 2011

Death Benefit (A Medical Thriller)

A break-in at a cutting-edge biosafety lab results in much of the cutting-edge work that goes on there, from molecular biological research to organ replacement treatments, has been compromised.

It’s up to promising medical students Pia Grazdani and George Wilson to get to the bottom of this breaking!


  • A mystery story that unravels in ways that you could not anticipate!


  • This story feels like it’s too long. A smaller word count or better edits would have helped the pacing of this story, an issue that we’ve seen a few times with Cook’s work.

Nano 2013

Nano (A Medical Thriller)

Taking time away from her studies, our favorite medical student Pia Grazdani finds a job at a lavish new nanotechnology company, Nano, in Colorado.

What she discovers there could revolutionize the treatment of viruses and bacterial infections.


  • This sequel builds on the foundation and characters that Cook established in Death Benefit, and introduces nanotechnology into Cook’s work.


  • The ending serves as a cliffhanger to more stories, which might either frustrate readers or immediately make them buy the next book!

Cell 2014


Serving as something like a parallel to Nano, Cell follows the further career of the other main character of Death Benefit, George Wilson.

A new AI app, iDoc, promises to revolutionize medical diagnoses, making the process simpler and safer for both doctors and patients.

However, when Wilson’s fiancée turns up dead in bed after participating in an iDoc beta test, there’s little the world can do to stop him from getting to the bottom of this tragic mystery!


  • A main character that we are familiar with, and a personal tragedy motivating the story? Sounds like a great 2-part combo to get you hooked!


  • The way that Wilson’s love interest is treated is subpar for a writer of Cook’s experience. She only serves to drive the plot forward, and nothing else.

Host 2015

Host (A Medical Thriller)

Lynn Pierce has everything, it seems. From her promising degree at Mason-Dixon University to a loving boyfriend, she seems to have her life figured out.

But when her boyfriend unexpectedly dies in a routine minor surgery, Pierce starts digging for signs of malpractice.

But nothing could prepare her for the wider web of lies and mistreatment that she uncovers along the way…


  • This story hearkens back to some of Cook’s most iconic standalone books, like Coma, in the best way possible.


  • Cook’s tirades against big pharma, while understandable, just take time away from developing the plot and characters better.

Charlatans 2017


One part whodunit, and one part medical thriller, this book of Cook’s follows the investigations of newly appointed Chief resident Noah Rothauser’s attempts to figure out


  • Bitter feuds and intrigue lay at the heart of this story. Tons of human drama to keep everyone guessing!


  • While the emphasis on human drama is a welcome addition, nothing else is that different from Cook’s other works in this subgenre.

Viral 2021


Topical doesn’t even begin to cover this 2021 thriller story!

When his wife starts to suffer from flu-like symptoms and rapidly deteriorates on the ride over to the hospital, Brian Murphy is hit with an astronomically large bill for the costs of her care.

What will Murphy do to both care for his family, and take the trillion-dollar medical insurance industry on at the same time?


  • A topical subject and Cook’s long-time beef with corporate interests come to a boiling head in this heated, indelibly relevant virulent thriller!


  • Despite the setting being relevant and topic-biting, readers looking for more of a plot based around a ‘virus’ might want to look elsewhere.

Closing Thoughts

So, as you can see, if you’re looking for tales of doctors and medical professionals tussling with other doctors, scientists, the law itself, and even big pharma, you know which writer you should be looking up on your next Amazon Kindle wishlist!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Books Has Robin Cook Written?

So, as you can see, Cook is no slouch when it comes to sheer creative output. I mean, just look at the size of this list!

Combining both his series and his standalone novels, Robin Cook has written an incredible total of 39 books in total.

What Was Robin Cook’s First Published Book?

Robin Cook’s first published work as an author was The Year of the Intern in 1972, over 50 years ago.

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