All Sunny Randall Books in Order (Reading Guide)

The Sunny Randall book series, written by Robert B. Parker and a team of authors, is a thrilling detective novel. Known for crafting engaging characters and gripping narratives, Parker authored the first six books before he died in 2010.

All Sunny Randall Books in Order (Reading Guide)

After Parker’s death, the series was continued by other authors, including best-selling author and sports journalist Mike Lupica. Lupica has written several successful sports-themed books and brings a unique perspective to the Sunny Randall series.

The series was also continued by critically acclaimed suspense writer Alison Gaylin, who has written several award-winning novels. Her writing style adds a fresh perspective to the series while maintaining the gritty and thrilling tone of Robert B. Parker’s original books.

If you want to embark on an exciting and enriching reading experience, the Sunny Randall series is a must-read. Follow our reading guide to the Sunny Randall book series to stay on top of the reading order and immerse yourself in the dazzling world of Sunny Randall.

Family Honor (Sunny Randall Book 1)

Family Honor (Sunny Randall Book 1)

The “Family Honor” introduces Sunny Randall, a former cop turned Boston P.I. who is hired by a wealthy family to locate their teenage daughter, Millicent, who has run away and turned to prostitution. However, this case presents challenges for Sunny as her clients have preconceived notions of what a typical detective should be.

Sunny manages to locate Millicent and agrees to bring her back to her family, but the teenager refuses to return, leaving Sunny as her reluctant custodian. This is only the beginning of Sunny’s troubles, as she discovers that there are more significant crimes involved. This leads to a shooting war with mobsters, with Sunny relying on her ex-husband and friend for help.

Perish Twice (Sunny Randall Book 2)

Perish Twice (Sunny Randall Book 2)

In “Perish Twice,” author Robert B. Parker takes us on a thrilling ride, following the investigative journey of Boston private eye Sunny Randall. The plot features a web of dangerous and complex situations involving women. One of them is a client Sunny is tasked with protecting, another is a close friend she’s determined to help, and the last is a family member she’ll do anything to save. 

Each woman’s plight is unique, making Sunny’s task all the more challenging. With the stakes high and the danger imminent, Parker’s writing keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Will Sunny be able to use her wit, grit, and determination to solve the mysteries and overcome the challenges that come her way, or will she risk everything in the pursuit of truth? Find out in the captivating, heart-pounding page-turner: “Perish Twice.”

Shrink Rap (Sunny Randall Book 3) 

Shrink Rap (Sunny Randall Book 3)

Join Boston P.I. Sunny Randall in “Shrink Rap,” the third installment in the series. This time, Sunny takes on the challenging task of protecting a bestselling author from her stalking ex-husband – who also happens to be a psychiatrist. However, things get complicated when Sunny becomes one of his patients, forcing her to confront her psychological issues.

Robert B. Parker, the mastermind behind the iconic Spenser series, delivers yet another suspenseful novel with a unique twist on the classic crime genre. Through the story’s thrilling twists and turns, “Shrink Rap” presents a complex picture of human behavior, delving into the psyche of its characters.

Melancholy Baby (Sunny Randall Book 4) 

Melancholy Baby (Sunny Randall Book 4)

As a former cop and martial artist, Sunny Randall is a force to be reckoned with in the criminal underworld of Boston. In “Melancholy Baby,” she takes on a case that hits close to home, involving a young woman’s search for her birth parents. But as she digs deeper into the investigation, she uncovers secrets that could shake her past.

Robert B. Parker weaves a gripping narrative filled with perilous twists and unexpected turns. The search for identity takes front and center in this thrilling mystery as Sunny races to uncover the truth before it’s too late. From the complex characters to the intricate plot, “Melancholy Baby” showcases Parker’s unmatched ability to craft a crime fiction novel that will make you want more. 

Blue Screen (Sunny Randall Book 5) 

Blue Screen (Sunny Randall Book 5)

Sunny is hired as a bodyguard for a rising starlet by a C-list movie mogul, only to uncover the dark underbelly of their glamorous lifestyles. When the starlet’s sister is found dead, Sunny’s investigation leads to seedy complications that reveal Buddy Bollen’s corrupt entertainment empire.

Robert B. Parker, the renowned author of countless critically acclaimed books, spins a tale with gripping twists and turns, leaving readers guessing until the last page. Follow Sunny as she risks everything to uncover the truth and achieve justice, potentially at a high personal cost. Discover the dark side of fame and fortune in “Blue Screen,” the perfect book for crime fiction fans and strong female characters. 

Spare Change (Sunny Randall Book 6) 

Spare Change (Sunny Randall Book 6)

Prepare for a gripping tale of a father-daughter duo teaming up to solve a thirty-year-old cold case in “Spare Change,” the sixth book in the Sunny Randall series. 

Retired cop Phil Randall joins forces with Boston P.I. Sunny Randall to track down “The Spare Change Killer,” a notorious serial murderer. As Sunny narrows her search, she suspects they’ve finally zeroed in on their man. However, she must convince her father and the rest of the task force before it’s too late.

Written by Robert B. Parker, a master of the crime-fiction genre, this thrilling novel keeps readers on the edge of their seats until the very end. When the killer starts targeting victims who resemble Sunny, she must use all her skills to draw him out before she becomes his next victim. 

Robert B. Parker’s Blood Feud (Sunny Randall Book 7) 

Robert B. Parker's Blood Feud (Sunny Randall Book 7)

The iconic Boston P.I. Sunny Randall makes a thrilling comeback in “Blood Feud” the seventh book in the series. Sunny’s ex-husband, Richie, and his Mafia family become the target of a mysterious rival, and it’s up to Sunny to protect him. 

Despite her discomfort with Richie’s illegal connections, Sunny cannot resist helping him, and she’s soon drawn into the dangerous world of the Mafia. As she searches for answers and tries to avert a full-blown mob war, she becomes the target of the mastermind behind the plot against the Burke family.

Mike Lupica’s exceptional writing effortlessly transports readers into the seedy underbelly of Boston’s criminal underworld in this thrilling and fast-paced novel. “Blood Feud” delivers everything readers expect from Parker’s writing— gripping suspense, complex characters, and a compelling plot. Sunny Randall is at her best, playing the hero and risking everything for the ones she loves, making this book a must-read for mystery fans.

Robert B. Parker’s Grudge Match (Sunny Randall Book 8) 

Robert B. Parker's Grudge Match (Sunny Randall Book 8)

Sunny is back on a new case that blurs the lines between friend and foe. She’s tasked with finding the missing girlfriend of a long-time gangster associate, despite their shady history. However, when a witness is murdered, it becomes apparent that someone is willing to do anything to keep the woman from being found.

Mike Lupica delivers another gripping mystery that explores the themes of loyalty and power and dives into the consequences of crossing dangerous individuals. With a gripping plot, fully fleshed-out characters, and unexpected twists, “Grudge Match” is a must-read for fans of mystery novels. 

Robert B. Parker’s Payback (Sunny Randall Book 9)

Robert B. Parker's Payback (Sunny Randall Book 9)

Sunny Randall is back in action in the ninth book of the series, “Payback.” When a predatory loan agreement takes over her best friend Spike’s restaurant, Sunny sees this as an opportunity to help out a friend in need. 

She starts investigating the hedge fund manager who screwed Spike over, hoping to find dirt on him. But things take an unexpected turn when she discovers that her new enemy has the backing of even bigger criminals.

In the meantime, a cop named Lee Farrell approaches Sunny for help with his niece. The college student has reported being a victim of a crime, but she seems to know more than she’s telling the police. Sunny decides to intervene, but the uncooperative young woman becomes hostile, making Sunny even more determined to get to the truth.

As Sunny delves deeper into the investigations, two separate cases intertwine, leading Sunny to a maze of mystery and danger. Her poking and prodding have stirred up a hornet’s nest, and all hell is about to break loose.

Robert B. Parker’s Revenge Tour (Sunny Randall Book 10)

Robert B. Parker's Revenge Tour (Sunny Randall Book 10)

In “Revenge Tour,” Sunny faces a challenging case as her famous novelist landlord and former client, Melanie Joan Hall, is being threatened and blackmailed. Sunny, along with her trusty friend Spike, must step in and protect her, but things aren’t as they seem. Sunny discovers that much of Melanie Joan’s past is a work of fiction, and her loyalty to her old friend is tested as she searches for the truth.

Adding to the situation’s complexity, Sunny’s ex-cop father, Phil, is threatened by a shady lawyer seeking vengeance. With two cases on her hands and the stakes higher than ever, Sunny must use all of her savvy and enlist the help of her friends to protect her loved ones.

Mike Lupica’s exceptional writing skills and creation of the spunky and fierce Sunny Randall make “Shoot Me” a must-read. Prepare for a page-turning adventure filled with suspense, loyalty, and action. 

Robert B. Parker’s Bad Influence (Sunny Randall Book 11)

Robert B. Parker's Bad Influence (Sunny Randall Book 11)

Join the fearless Boston P.I. Sunny Randall in “Bad Influence,” Book 11 in the series, written by Alison Gaylin. Sunny’s newest client, Blake, is an Instagram influencer living a seemingly perfect life – wealth, a beautiful girlfriend, and adoring fans. But when a fan turns dangerous, Sunny is hired by Blake’s manager, Bethany, to protect him and uncover the identity of his potential killer.

As Sunny delves into the case, she peels back the glamorous facade of Blake’s world, revealing a web of lies and ties to dangerous criminals. When Bethany goes missing and the threats against Blake escalate, Sunny must uncover the truth about who Blake and Bethany are behind their filtered social media feeds.

Gaylin skillfully weaves past and present together as Sunny confronts old friends and ex-husbands while using traditional crime-solving skills and modern internet savvy to catch the killer.

Final Thoughts 

The Sunny Randall series is a must-read for fans of Robert B. Parker’s masterful crime fiction. From “Family Honor” to “Grudge Match,” readers are taken on a thrilling ride through Boston’s criminal underworld. Randall is a formidable and fearless protagonist, using her wit and cunning to navigate complex cases. 

Each book in the series is expertly crafted, delivering gripping suspense, unexpected twists, and plenty of action. Robert B. Parker’s writing style is gritty, fast-paced, and captivating, drawing readers in from the first page. 

With the addition of new authors to the series, such as Mike Lupica and Alison Gaylin, readers are treated to a fresh perspective on Sunny Randall’s world while still maintaining the authenticity and quality that makes the series so beloved.


In what order should I read the Sunny Randall book series?

The Sunny Randall book series should be read in the following order:
1. Family Honor 
2. Perish Twice 
3. Shrink Rap 
4. Melancholy Baby 
5. Blue Screen 
6. Spare Change 
7. Robert B. Parker’s Blood Feud 
8. Robert B. Parker’s Grudge Match 
9. Robert B. Parker’s Payback 
10. Robert B. Parker’s Revenge Tour 
11. Robert B. Parker’s Bad Influence 

Are there any Sunny Randall movies?

At present, there have been no movies made based solely on the Sunny Randall character and her adventures.

Who writes the Sunny Randall book series?

The Sunny Randall book series was initially written by Robert B. Parker. After Parker died in 2010, the series was continued by other authors, including Mike Lupica and Alison Gaylin.

What is the first book in the Sunny Randall Series?

The first book in the Sunny Randall Series is “Family Honor”.

How many books are in the Sunny Randall Series?

There are 11 books in the Sunny Randall Series.

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