Reading Order: The Thomas Perry Books In Order

American novelist Thomas Perry has written a large number of books, often venturing into the mystery and thriller genres.

Perry has crafted a plethora of engaging series, as well as some sensational stand-alone novels.

Reading Order The Thomas Perry Books In Order

If you want to read these beloved books in chronological order, this guide will allow you to follow Perry’s books in the perfect order.

About The Thomas Perry Books

Thomas Perry is a bestselling mystery and thriller novelist, who is responsible for numerous book series.

This includes the Butcher’s Boy, Jane Whitefield, and Jack Till series.

However, he has also created some stand-alone books, which are perfect for people who don’t want to commit to an entire series.

The Butcher’s Boy series begins with a book of the same name. It focuses on a professional hitman.

Meanwhile, the Jane Whitefile series focuses on this titular character, a woman who aids people who wish to disappear.

Finally, the Jack Till series explores the mysteries of a retired homicide detective.

The Thomas Perry Books In Order

Butcher’s Boy Series

The Butcher’s Boy (1982)

The Butcher's Boy

This incredible debut novel tells the story of Butcher’s Boy, a professional hitman.


  • It’s the winner of the 1983 Edgar Award for Best First Mystery Novel.


  • The protagonist is not a well-developed character.

Sleeping Dogs (1992)

Sleeping Dogs

The Butcher’s Boy finds himself hunted by everyone from the mafia to the FBI.


  • Perry creates sympathy for an immoral protagonist.


  • The pacing is somewhat slow at times.

The Informant (2011)

The Informant (Butcher's Boy Book 3)

In this third novel, the Butcher’s Boy teams up with an unlikely ally to face the mafia.


  • The dynamic between the Butcher’s Boy and Elizabeth Warren is compelling.


  • The writing is a little repetitive.

Eddie’s Boy (2020)

Eddie's Boy: A Novel (The Butcher's Boy Novels)

Eddie’s Boy explores the past and present of Butcher’s Boy.


  • It’s filled with dynamic action.


  • This is perhaps the most far-fetched entry in the series.

Jane Whitefield Series

Vanishing Act (1995)

Vanishing Act (Jane Whitefield Book 1)

Native American guide Jane Whitefield helps people to disappear.


  • Whitefield is an interesting and unique protagonist.


  • The story shifts halfway through.

Dance For The Dead (1996)

Dance for the Dead (Jane Whitefield Book 2)

Whitefield is put in danger when she helps a young boy escape a killer.


  • The book has a distinctive style.


  • It feels a little too long at times.

Shadow Woman (1997)

Shadow Woman (Jane Whitefield Book 3)

After helping a gambling executive to escape, Whitefield becomes the next target.


  • Perry’s writing provides plenty of narrative details.


  • The action is underwhelming.

The Face-Changers (1998)

The Face-Changers (Jane Whitefield Book 4)

Up next, Whitefield helps a plastic surgeon but is pursued by a doppelganger.


  • The story is overflowing with phenomenal plot twists.


  • This book is not as well-liked as the previous entries.

Blood Money (1999)

Blood Money (Jane Whitefield Book 5)

Whitefield gets caught up in a plot to steal billions of dollars from the mafia.


  • The narrative gives Whitefield lots of challenges to overcome.


  • The book is far-fetched.

Runner (2009)

Runner (Jane Whitefield Book 6)

In the sixth book in the series, Whitefield is forced to leave retirement.


  • The book has a super strong opening that will keep you hooked.


  • Villains are poorly written.

Poison Flower (2012)

Poison Flower (Jane Whitefield Book 7)

After saving an innocent man, Whitefield is kidnapped and a bid is placed on her life.


  • Perry creates a narrative that’s different from the rest of the series.


  • The descriptions are too graphic.

A String Of Beads (2014)

A String of Beads (Jane Whitefield Book 8)

Whitefield has to help a childhood friend in this thrilling adventure.


  • This is an incredibly satisfying read.


  • The plot is somewhat predictable.

The Left-Handed Twin (2021)

The Left-Handed Twin: A Jane Whitefield Novel

In the ninth book in the series, Whitefield must use all of her skills to help a woman escape her violent boyfriend.


  • The book is filled with emotions.


  • The narrative is a little too familiar.

Jack Till series

Silence (2007)


Jack Till must find Wendy Harper when her ex-boyfriend is accused of her murder.


  • Perry delivers extraordinary character development.


  • There are a few plot holes.

The Boyfriend (2013)

The Boyfriend: A Novel

Private Investigator Jack Till searches for a dangerous murderer.


  • The narrative is well-crafted.


  • The characters lack emotion.

Stand-Alone Books

Metzger’s Dog (1983)

Metzger's Dog: A Novel

This comic thriller is about a set of destructive plans created by a professor.


  • This is an inventive read.


  • A little too silly.

Big Fish (1985)

Big Fish

This funny tale focuses on a married couple who uncover a wordle-ending plot.


  • There are tons of twists and turns.


Island (1987)


A husband-and-wife duo attempt to run from the mob.


  • A super entertaining plot.


  • The second half is too long.

Death Benefits (2001)

Death Benefits: A Novel of Suspense

This is a sharp suspense story that mystery fans will adore.


  • The characters are engaging.


  • The narrative is extremely implausible.

Pursuit (2001)

Pursuit: A Novel

When thirteen bodies are found, Daniel Millikan is called to action.


  • A page-turning plot.


  • The pacing slows down at points.

Dead Aim (2002)

Dead Aim: A Novel

In this thriller, Robert Mallon tries to find out more about a mysterious woman.


  • The book centers around important moral dilemmas.


  • The start is a little weak.

Nightlife (2006)

Nightlife: A Novel

This thriller tells the struggle between two women, namely, a detective and a killer.


  • The character development is immaculate.


  • The plot can be somewhat sloppy.

Fidelity (2008)


Emily is in danger when her husband, an LA detective, is killed.



  • The ending is underwhelming.

Strip (2010)


This crime novel focuses on a club owner who is robbed at gunpoint.


  • The dialogue is electric.


  • The characters are underdeveloped.

Forty Thieves (2016)

Forty Thieves

A married detective team confronts a married couple of assassins.


  • It’s a fast-paced narrative.


  • The plot is somewhat convoluted.

The Old Man (2017)

The Old Man

A retired officer is thrust into an amazing adventure.


  • The narrative is extremely enjoyable.


  • The protagonist is poorly written.

The Bomb Maker (2018)

The Bomb Maker

The LAPD Bomb Squad faces a villain who is targeting the squad itself.


  • It’s a gripping read.


  • It’s a long novel.

The Burglar (2019)

The Burglar: A Novel

Elle Stowell is a skilled thief on the run from the law.


  • Elle Stowell is a unique protagonist.


  • The narrative can be hard to believe.

A Small Town (2020)

A Small Town: A Novel of Crime

Lastly, A Small Town centers around a cop who pursues escaped criminals.


  • The plot keeps readers guessing.


  • It’s a little predictable.

Final Thoughts

Thomas Perry is a skilled writer, whose books are perfect for fans of thrillers and mysteries.

If you love books that focus on intrigue, you will adore the works of this author. So why not give these books a try?

Thomas Perry could become your new favorite author!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have To Read The Jane Whitefield Books In Order?

You don’t have to read them in order, but it is best to do so. While the books act as standalone narratives, the characters will grow throughout the series.

What Authors Are Like Thomas Perry?

If you want to read the works of authors that are similar to Perry, it’s worth checking out John Sandford, Michael Conelly, David Baldacci, and Lia Matera.

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