Discover The 30 Best Reverse Harem Romance Books

Reverse harem books are simply about a lady with love interests for several men, filled with sexual fantasy and tons of sweet romance. After all, “the more, the merrier.”

Discover The 30 Best Reverse Harem Romance Books

Reverse harem Romance books have gained rising popularity in the last few years. Why? Maybe reading about a lady with more than two men is a little more exciting than reading other books.

If you are new to reverse harem novels or wish to expand your options, you are at the right place, as we have compiled a list of the 30 best Reverse Harem Romance books just for you.

Four Psychos by Kristy Cunning

Four Psychos (The Dark Side Book 1)

This story is about a ghost, Keyla, with no memory of her life before she died. All she remembers is her five years living with four supernatural men, although they can’t see and feel her.

Initially, she sees and talks to people as she breaks through her powers during an attack on one of her men. The men were skeptical as Keyla knew everything about them. However, they were determined to get to the end of this mystery.

Four psychos is a highly recommended book filled with twists, suspense, fantasy,  mystery, ghost, love, and supernatural powers.

Trickery by Jaymin Eve

Trickery (Curse of the Gods)

Trickery is a fun and entertaining book with action, adventure, suspense, and magic.

Willa is the most accident-prone human in the village; if it is unfortunate or unlikely, then it will happen to her. By chance, Willa and her best friend, Emma, were sent to Blesswood Academy to serve people with god-like power- the Sol.

Willa’s life got chaotic as she attracted the attention of the 5 Abcurse brothers. By luck, she made it to the land of the gods and took a curse meant for the brothers. It transformed her from a regular dweller to the 6th member of the Abcurse family.

The Hostage Bargain by Annika Martin

The Hostage Bargain (The Bank Robbers Book 1)

“The Hostage Bargain” is a reverse harem romance novel by Annika Martin. The story follows Emily, a con artist who kidnapped and held a wealthy businessman named Stone for ransom. However, things don’t go as planned when she discovers that Stone is a notorious “Banking Cartel member.” More worrying is that his criminal colleagues are willing to do whatever it takes to get him back. 

As Emily and Stone are forced to flee from danger and stay on the run, they develop feelings for each other. But when Stone’s three closest friends and fellow cartel members, Grayson, Quinn, and Jasper, join the chase, Emily must navigate the complicated dynamics of having multiple men.

As the group works together to outwit their pursuers, they grow closer, and Emily finds herself drawn to all three men. But in a world where trust is scarce and betrayal is all too common, can Emily genuinely rely on her new allies and trust them with her heart?

The Hostage Bargain” is a fast-paced, steamy romance novel that explores themes of love, trust, and loyalty in the face of danger.

Groupie by C.M. Stunich

Groupie (Rock-Hard Beautiful Trilogy)

Another on our list is Groupie. This novel talks about Lilith Goode, who lost everything she had and found herself going to the concert of her ex-favorite band. The band consists of 5 members who came to her aid when life threw her another blow.

Lilith had sex with every band member, more like an orgy, to gain more support. But how long will This rollercoaster last before her life is derailed again?

Groupie is a novel about young love, concerts, group sex, broken past, heartaches, and the beauty of sex. It is a must-read!

The Madison Kate’s Series by Tate James

KATE (Madison Kate)

This series is a brilliant story that is addictive and captivating as it explores torture, sex, revenge, and hate.

Madison Kate was reported dead at the riot night, but that was a false alarm because three unknown men rescued her. She starts living with them in her house and is accused and framed for a crime she never committed.

Kate was tormented, hunted, lied to, and stalked by these unknown men. Filled with anger and hate, she returns for revenge but finds herself entangled with these three men. 

Amidst all the torture from these men, Kate still wants them all to herself, even if it takes war.

The Veil Diaries by B.L. Brunnemer

The Veil Diaries

“The Veil Diaries” is a young adult urban fantasy book series by B.L. Brunnemer. The series follows the story of 18-year-old Alexis “Lexi” Murphy, who discovers she is a supernatural being known as a “Veilwalker” after a traumatic incident.

Veilwalkers can cross between the mortal world and a parallel supernatural world—the Veil. Lexi is also known as the “Chosen One,” with unique abilities and powers. This makes her a target for those who want to control or use her for their purposes.

Throughout the series, Lexi navigates the complexities of the Veil and its politics while also dealing with everyday teenage problems such as school, relationships, and family drama. She forms a close group of friends and allies, including other Veilwalkers and supernatural creatures, and they work together to protect themselves and others from dangerous threats. 

As the series progresses, Lexi learns more about her powers and uncovers secrets about her family and the Veil that shake her world to its core. The series is full of action, romance, and mystery and explores themes of identity, power, loyalty, and self-discovery.

The Kit Davenport series by Tate James

Kit Davenport: The Complete Series

It is a 6-book series about a 19-year-old heroine, Kit, with a terrible past. She was forced to live in a foster home where kids were sold to sadists and pedophiles.

An alpha team caught Kit from a secret agency, where she met her guys. There she discovers she is not fully human and starts to learn about herself with the guys’ help.

The Kit Davenport Series is a five-flame book that contains violence, foul language, group sex, anal, voyeurism, and contents that may trigger readers.

Power Of Five by Alex Lidell

Power of Five: Reverse Harem Fantasy, Book 1

This novel shows the magical and irresistible bond between four fae warriors and one mortal female.

Lera is an enslaved person living on the edge of a forest that separates the fae world from the mortals. She was chosen to be their fifth quint member, but it was impossible as she was a mere mortal.

All five embarked on a journey to the Citadel to have the bond severed; they realized Lera had more power over them.

Power Of Five is a tale of suspense, thrill, romance, magic, attraction, and fantasy.

Lilac by B.B Reid

Lilac: An Enemies-to-Lovers Romance

The story talks about Braxton, a 22-year-old aspiring musician. She got a call one night from her friend that the world’s most famous band needed a fourth member after the death of their guitarist.

Braxton rushed to the meeting where she met Houston, Loren, and Jericho- handsome band members already existing. Slowly she falls into a complicated relationship with them- a reverse harem relationship.

Lilac is an exciting and thrilling story rated 18, filled with hot sex and romance.

Find Me by Ashley N. Rostek

Find Me (WITSEC)

Shiloh is a 16-year girl that has been through a life-threatening experience that made her an orphan. Her uncle has taken her in to start a new life in WITSEC. She’s got four handsome brothers who live just next door.

She establishes a relationship with them differently, leading to the feeling she develops for them. Her friendship with them comes in handy as they help her cope with challenges at school and also help with nightmares. 

With a stalker on the loose, she must be careful and watchful but never back down on her hot, steaming sexual encounters. 

Find Me is an interesting reverse harem novel that will keep you occupied and wanting more!

The Ghost Bird Series by C.L. Stone

Drop of Doubt (The Ghost Bird Series)

“The Ghost Bird Series” is a young adult book by C.L. Stone. The series follows the story of Sang Sorenson, a 16-year-old girl constantly moving with her neglectful and abusive parents. After a chance encounter with a group of boys, Sang is offered a place to stay, and she attends the Academy of St. Augustine, a prestigious private school.

As Sang begins to settle into her new life, she discovers that the boys who offered her a place to stay are part of an exclusive group called the Academy’s Blackbourne team, which comprises seven attractive and talented boys. Sang is drawn to the boys, and they are drawn to her, but she soon realizes that there is more going on than meets the eye. The boys seem to have secrets and troubles, and Sang becomes caught up in their world of danger and intrigue.

As the series progresses, Sang learns more about the boys and their pasts, and she becomes an integral part of their team. They work together to solve mysteries, fight dangerous enemies, and protect each other from harm. Along the way, Sang develops close relationships with each boy and romance blossoms.

The series contains action, romance, and mystery, exploring friendship, loyalty, and self-discovery. It is a captivating read that will leave readers wanting more.

Broken Bonds by J Bree

Broken Bonds (The Bonds that Tie)

This is the first book in the “bonds that tie series.” It is centered around a nineteen-year-old girl, Oleander, who has the fate of her people in her hands. 

After the death of her parents, she figured she was better off alone without her fate mates and decided to run away. She was caught and dragged back to the men she had run away from for five years. Will they ever forgive me? She thought.

Read the subsequent series of Broken Bonds to find out!

The Queen’s Wing by Jessica Thorne

The Queen's Wing: A completely gripping fantasy romance (The Queen's Wing Series)

The Queen’s Wing” by Jessica Thorne is a fantasy novel about a young woman named Bel who is taken from her mundane life as a kitchen maid and thrust into the world of politics and intrigue as the new Queen’s Falcon. In the kingdom of Antaeus, the ruling Queen is chosen by a sacred bird called the Falcon, and Bel is selected as the Falcon’s new keeper.

Bel must learn quickly how to navigate the court and the dangerous plots of those who would do the Queen harm. With the help of her fellow Falcons and a mysterious stranger named Captain Tan, Bel uncovers a sinister conspiracy that threatens the Queen’s life and the entire kingdom.

As Bel gains more confidence in her abilities and unravels the mystery, she also discovers a connection to a long-lost magical power that could change everything. But with enemies on all sides, Bel must choose who to trust and whether to risk everything for the kingdom’s good.

Seduction by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington

Seduction (Curse of the Gods)

Seduction” is a paranormal romance novel by authors Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington. The book follows the story of a young woman named Willa Knight, who lives in a world where supernatural beings called Abcurse brothers exist.

Willa is chosen to attend a prestigious academy where she is paired with the youngest Abcurse brother, Rome. Rome is known for his seductive powers, and Willa finds herself drawn to him despite knowing he is dangerous.

As Willa navigates through the academy and learns more about the Abcurse brothers and their powers, she becomes entangled in a web of political intrigue and power struggles. With Rome’s help, she uncovers secrets threatening to tear apart the fragile peace between the supernatural factions.

As their feelings for each other deepen, Willa and Rome must decide whether they are willing to risk everything to be together, even if it means defying their families and the powerful forces that seek to keep them apart.

The book is filled with supernatural elements, steamy romance, and fast-paced action, making it a captivating read for paranormal romance fans.

The Royal Trials: Imposter by Tate James

The Royal Trials: Imposter

The Royal Trials: Imposter” by Tate James is a young adult fantasy novel about a girl named Rybet Waise who is forced to take on the identity of a princess and compete in a deadly royal competition.

Rybet comes from a family of thieves and has always had to fight for survival. When a group of rebels recruits her to impersonate Princess Lyanna, who has been missing for years, Rybet is given a chance to escape her life of poverty and danger.

However, competing in the Royal Trials is a challenging task. Rybet must learn to navigate the treacherous waters of court politics, make allies, and outsmart her opponents. As she spends more time in the palace, Rybet begins to uncover dark secrets about the royal family and the true reason for the Trials.

With the help of her fellow competitors, Rybet must survive the Trials and uncover the truth before it’s too late. But as she gets closer to the truth, she realizes that her life and the lives of those she loves are in grave danger.

The Royal Trials: Imposter” is a thrilling tale of intrigue, deception, and betrayal, perfect for fans of young adult fantasy and action-packed adventures.

Lola and the Millionaires by Kathryn Moon

Lola & the Millionaires: Part One (Sweetverse)

Lola and the Millionaires is a beautiful, uplifting, sexy, funny, and inspiring book about a beta girl’s story.

Lola is a beta trying to start her life afresh after being sexually and psychologically abused by a pair of alphas. She got her dream job and got closer to a pack of six men. Lola always wanted a pack. But does she stand a chance when there is already a beta and an omega?

Her past was returning to her, and the only comfort she could get was from the new pack she met. The question is, is she strong enough to handle it?

Pain by Jane Washington and Jaymin Eve

Pain (Curse of the Gods)

History is sometimes misinterpreted and deceptive, just like the history of Minastol and Topia. Topia is the residence of the Gods, while Minastol is the residence of Sol and the dwellers.

Willa is a female dweller who is terrible at everything, but things change when the dwellers try to make their path in the world. She was trying to understand the two worlds, and any wrong step might have dire consequences.

Pain is exciting and filled with tension, adventure, action, and magic.

When The Dead Have It All Easy by B.L. Brunnemer

When The Dead Have It Easy (The Veil Diaries)

The story talks about Alexis, a witch going on a camping trip. Lexis needs to establish relationships with the living to give her a break from the dead.

The camp’s purpose was to be thrilled and have some revealing secret experiences, but whether she will end up with anyone keeps popping into her head.

One fascinating thing about When the Dead Have it All Easy is that there is an even blend between fantasy, teenage romance, mystery, and supernatural powers.

The Secret Girl by C.M. Stunich

The Secret Girl: A High School Bully Romance (Adamson All-Boys Academy)

This high school bully romance book contains suspense, twists, sexual scenes, and foul language.

The Secret Girl takes us to a prominent Baltimore family guarded with a secret they were too ashamed to admit (the younger child of the family was diagnosed with hydrocephalus- water in the brain). She is forced to attend an all-boys school where she takes on the name ‒ Chuks.

Battling with her new life, she fears being discovered and murdered by an unknown killer who murdered the last girl that attended the school.

This is not a contemporary reverse harem novel because it was more of fear than romance.

Variant Lost by Keydence Snow

Variant Lost (The Evelyn Maynard Trilogy)

Variant Lost is a story about a protagonist whose mother had put her on the run her entire life. She is also not allowed to have anything other than a surface relationship with people she meets. 

Evelyn got a scholarship at Bradford hills institute for a fresh start. The institute is known for educating and training people with supernatural abilities- variants. She soon got attracted to the variant ability of four guys, which could drag Evelyn into their dangerous but exciting world and get them all killed.

Kaydence Snow’s book, Variant Lost, is filled with magic, fantasy, and supernatural powers alongside romance.

Trying to Live With the Dead by B.L. Brunnemer

Trying To Live With The Dead (The Veil Diaries)

The story is about Alexis, a 17-year-old girl who finds it hard to do normal teenage stuff as she can see, talk, and relate with the dead. But all these will end as she moves in with her uncle and cousin.

She got into a new school and was adopted on her first day by five good-looking guys. Alexis hopes to give it a shot, but first, she has to keep her life with the dead from meddling with her everyday life.

Trying to Live With The Dead features ghosts, magic, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance.

Filthy Rich Boys by C. M. Stunich

Filthy Rich Boys: A Reverse Harem High School Bully Romance (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep)

Marnye Reed is a poor girl who won a scholarship at Burberry Prep- a school for the rich. She was constantly reminded (bullied) by the Idols and their followers that Burberry Prep was no place for her. 

As naïve as she could be, it took long for her to notice that the rich boys were attracted to her, and they bullied her into gaining her attention. She got to bring them to their knees and forgave them afterward.

Filthy Rich Boys is a brilliant book that puts you through all kinds of emotions with too many twists, making you want to read more.

Torn Apart by K Webster, Nikki Ash

Torn Apart: a New Adult Why Choose Romance (Torn and Bound Duet)

Torn Apart is a psychologically captivating story that covers steaming romance, hot sex, obsession, and emotions.

The series talks about Ashton, a gay gamer and the dean’s son who swore to terrorize his father with his new fantasies entangled with three different characters; his best friend, the new hockey coach, and his enemy.

He was caught up in an entanglement that might tear him apart. Will this destroy them? Or be the thing that makes them break the walls they’ve created around themselves? Read the book to find out!

Allison’s Adventure in Underland by C.M Stunich

Allison's Adventures in Underland: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance (Harem of Hearts)

This is a fairytale recreating Alice in Wonderland but this time with a less innocent Alice, lots of hot guys, and more sex. Unlike in wonderland, where everything is peaceful and easy, Underland is dark, evil, and twisted.

Alice in Underland is no children’s tale, containing drugs, sex, violation, and love in the darkest places.

Idol Thoughts by J. S Lee and Jim Soo Lee

Idol Thoughts (A K-Pop Romance) (H3RO)

A girl discovered that she is the heir to one of the biggest entertainment companies in the k-pop industry. At first, she was uninterested, but seeing how jerky her brother could be, she decided to take it up.

To prove herself worthy, she was signed to bring back to life a boyband, “H3RO”. It seemed easy until she was tempted by unconventional desires- falling for all six. Will she have to choose?

Idol Thoughts is an interesting K-pop-themed book that features musicals, tensions, romance, and comedy to give you a sense of relaxation.

Taunt by Eve Dangerfield


Taunt is a fascinating, genre-challenging book filled with suspense, action, sex, manipulation, and romance.

Daniel Schwartz is a free-willed, independent woman who lives however she likes, not until she accidentally discovers that the world is about to end. 

She is imprisoned and is forced to talk. While in prison, she saw how sexy the security guards watching after her looked. How is she supposed to choose between the three guards? And does she want to escape?

The Reverse Play by Julia Clarke 

The Reverse Play (The Rebels Series)

This book talks about a lady who loves football and dreams of coaching in the NFL. Her critics were her gender, sideline distractions, and a few others, although she argued otherwise, claiming to be a professional.

She finally got her dream job as a coach of the Boston Rebels; she realized how difficult it is to maintain a hands-off approach to the team. Can a professional be distracted? Of course, she was deeply attracted to offensive players who always broke through her defenses.

The Reverse Play is a fantastic story about sports, romance, and lust.

Queen Takes Knights by Joely Sue Burkhart

Queen Takes Knights (Their Vampire Queen)

This story follows a lost virgin vampire queen – Shara Isadora, who lost her mother five years ago and has been on the run. She cornered Eureka springs with the hope of ending it all when two men came to her rescue. 

They claimed she was a lost queen and a descendant from Isis- their blood. They swore to protect her, though she felt it was a crazy nightmare until the alpha offered his blood. She didn’t realize she wanted nothing more than their bodies.

Queen Takes Knights has received many positive reviews from readers as it incorporates vampires, urban fantasy, romance, royalty, dark romance, etc.

Colters’ Woman by Maya Banks

Colters' Woman

One of the best reverse Harem novels by Maya Banks is Colters’ Women, which shows the bond between three brothers and one woman.

Ethan, Adam, and Ryan were searching for just one woman to complete them, the woman who would share their lives and bed. They lost hope until Adam found a lady- Holly, lying in the snow near her cabin.

Holly was a lady trying to overcome her tragic past, and the three brothers taught her new dreams to share, life to live, and ways to love.

Academy of Assassins by Stacey Brutger

Academy of Assassins (An Academy of Assassins Novel)

Academy of Assassins” is an urban fantasy book by Stacey Brutger. The story follows the life of Morgan Asher, a girl who has trained as an assassin since she was five. After her father is killed, Morgan attends the Academy of Assassins to improve her skills and avenge her father’s killer.

At the academy, Morgan is placed in a class with other students who have unique abilities, and she must learn to work with them to complete missions and survive the challenges of the academy. Morgan is also faced with the challenges of making new friends, navigating relationships, and dealing with the secrets and intrigues of the academy.

As Morgan trains, she uncovers a sinister plot involving the academy’s leadership and a dangerous organization that threatens her life and the lives of everyone she cares about. With the help of her friends and allies, Morgan must work to uncover the truth and stop the organization before it’s too late.

Academy of Assassins contains action, adventure, and romance, exploring loyalty, betrayal, and self-discovery themes.


Reverse harem romance books have gained popularity in recent years, with readers falling in love with stories that feature a female protagonist surrounded by multiple male love interests. These books often have romance, drama, and humor elements, with a touch of fantasy or paranormal elements. We have mentioned 30 of the best reverse harem romance books that will make you swoon, laugh, and cry. Pick any novel of your choice and enjoy the fiction.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What Are The Best Reverse Harem Novels To Read?

The following are some of the best novels under this category in no particular order:
Torn Apart by K Webster, Nikki Ash
Pain by Jane Washington and Jaymin Eve
Four Psychos by Kristy Cunning 
7th circles by Tate James
Groupie by C.M. Stunich…and lots more

What is Reverse Harem In Romance Novels?

Just like a harem is made with one man and multiple women, a reverse harem comprises a female protagonist and three or more male love interests. Here she does not choose any lover in the end.

What is Reverse Harem Also Known As?

Another word for a reverse harem situation is polyamory. A case where a woman is married to multiple men is called polyandry.

Are Harems Legal?

Harems are not illegal, although polygamy might be considered illegal because women in harems are not wives but concubines, so no marriage is involved.

Who Are The Best Reverse Harem Romance Authors To Look Out For?

There are loads of reverse harem authors to look out for, including Kristy Cunning, Jaymin Eve, C. M. Stunich, Tate James, Raven Kennedy, Alex Lidell, and a few others.

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