3 Books Like To Catch A Killer (By Kimberly Van Meter)

Born in Mariposa, CA, Kimberely Van Meter started her literary career when she was the spring age of 16.

3 Books Like To Catch A Killer (By Kimberly Van Meter)

While her work was not to publication standard, she slowly improved her technique and style to become an incredibly successful fiction author.

In 2010, Van Meter published her contemporary romance novel, To Catch A Killer — When an FBI agent is forced to return to her hometown, memories she worked hard to bury are brought to the surface.

This special agent is focused on getting her daughter back to safety, but everyone already knows of her arrival. It may be too late. 

With romance, lust, and preservation at the forefront of this novel, you may find yourself struggling to decipher where this story will end up. Perfect if you are looking to ignore the outside world.

Below are 3 books like To Catch A Killer. With a focus on love, secrets, and protection, you may find yourself hoping that you end up in a romance book!

Themes In To Catch A Killer

Do you love the romance, lust and mystery of To Catch A Killer by Kimberly Van Meter? Then you are sure to obsess over 3 similar books, Danger in Numbers, Tempted By His Target, and Keep Me Safe. Can you handle the suspense?

Themes In To Catch A Killer

To Catch a Killer (Silhouette Romantic Suspense)

Above all else, To Catch A Killer is a romance novel. With secret looks, forbidden touches, and longing.

FBI special agent, Kara Thistle, left her small town home a decade ago, leaving behind a life of love, happiness, and simplicity. Now, she must return to help solve a deadly crime.

Working with her ex-lover, chief of police Matthew Beauchamp, she is forced to deal with the rush of emotions and memories of that one perfect night that she buried deep, deep down. 

Chief Beauchamp never thought he would see the woman of his dreams again. And never did he think that he would have a daughter.

As he and Kara work together, he still wants her and he is less than ready to let her go again. 

From the very first page, you can understand that romance is the main theme of To Catch A Killer. As Kara and Matthew spend more time together, they can’t ignore the heat between them.

Matthew does everything he can to show Kara he wants her and Kara does everything to stay away — They are simply destined for each other. 

Another theme present throughout To Catch A Killer is, murder and suspense. With their daughter now in danger, both professionals must do everything they can to catch the culprit and keep their daughter safe.

To Catch A Killer faces themes of family, betrayal, and love. As this small family finds their way to each other, they all must do everything they can to ensure they are safe.

Van Meter has perfectly balanced the art of life and death with romance… with a few explicit scenes added in. 

Books Like To Catch A Killer

If you love the combination of murder mystery and romance then you are in for a treat. Below are 3 books like To Catch A Killer.

With moments of longing, desperation, and lust, these books are sure to have you on an emotional rollercoaster. 

Tempted By His Target By Jill Sorenson

Tempted by His Target

Published in 2021, Tempted By His Target is an exceptional tale. As Isabel goes on the run after being wanted for murdering a drug lord’s son, she is quickly indebted to Brandon Knox.

An undercover U.S. special agent on the hunt to bring Isabel to justice. 

Sensual tension heats up as the threat grows. Brandon thinks about endangering his mission to protect his target for the first time in his career. Isabel can avoid the police, but she is powerless against her emotions.

While Tempted By His Target may have scenes of, shall we say… a romantic nature, there are other foundational themes that bring the story together:

  • Suspense: As the two spend more time together, they are faced with rather tricky situations and the suspense of if Brandon will turn Isabel in is causing some high emotions.
  • Seduction: Both parties are attracted to each other but who will give in first?
  • Morality: Brandon struggles with the decision of doing his job or following his heart as he and Isabel go on a wild adventure.

Sorenson brings suspense, anticipation, lust, and romance together as her steamy world of cartels and murder come to life on the page.


  • Tempted By His Target is a simple yet invigorating read for those looking to relax and enjoy a book with no real meaning.


  • However, if you are looking for something a little more implicit, then you may want to look elsewhere.

Themes: morals, passion, romance, suspense, will they-won’t they situation

Keep Me Safe By Maya Banks

Keep Me Safe: Slow Burn, Book 1

Written by New York Times Bestselling author, Maya Banks. Keep Me Safe is tantalizing and thrilling.

Ramie is known for her ability to locate and connect with victims through their pain, a useful gift in her line of work, and it comes with a rather high price.

Caleb Devereaux discovers that his sister has been kidnapped, there is only one person he knows will give him the answers he seeks, Ramie. 

As tensions run high, Ramie is determined to do her job and get out of there, Deveraux has other ideas. This tale deals with themes of pain, fantasy, and intense, sizzling romance.

As Ramie completes her job she finds herself breaking and Deveraux’s incessant need to be around her is slowly driving her insane. It quickly becomes his turn to help the independent Ramie.

As you are on the journey with Ramie and Caleb, you are exposed to a lot more than lust and need:

  • Fantasy: With Ramie’s incredible ability to connect and locate victims through their pain, it is only right that she uses it for good.
  • Pain: With Calebs inability to stay away, he hurts the one person he never thought he would. Ramie. Can he make it right?
  • Romance: As the two continue working together to find his sister, sensual tension heightens and romance blossoms.

Keep Me Safe is exactly what you need if you are looking for a dark romance.


  • While attraction is there from the beginning, this slow burner is sure to keep you turning page after page.


  • Written with the intensity and detail of a crime show, some readers may find the scenes rather uncomfortable and should be warned.

Themes: tension, suspense, kidnapping, family ties, romance

Danger In Numbers By Heather Graham

Danger in Numbers

Heather Graham is an American Novelist with over two hundred novels and novellas.

After being honored with numerous awards including New York Times Bestseller and USA Today, Graham is known for releasing gripping novels that are set with intricate plot lines. 

Danger in Numbers is set on the edge of the Everglades. A crime has been committed, and two agents fall down a deep rabbit hole of greed, secrets, and murder.

Amy Larson and Hunter Forest are sent to solve this ritualistic murder and bring the town back to peace. However, can they focus on their case while being involved with each other? 

Danger in Numbers is a gripping crime novel that deals with some rather explicit themes that are not present in other books:

  • Cults: In this small town, ritualistic killing is not something of the norm. As the two agents try to get some answers, the townspeople band together to protect their own.
  • Romantic Suspense: With desperate touches and stolen moments this novel is a question of will they? Won’t they? And it is a real page turner.
  • Secrets: With so many people involved, it can be hard to tell who is telling the truth.


  • Heather Graham is an award winning novelist with a flare for romance and mystery.
  • Bringing these two main themes together with underlying tones of deceit and lusty tensions, she has you hooked from the first page.


  • However, this slow-burning book may not be enticing enough for some readers.

Themes: suspense, romance, mystery, cults, ritual, community

Final Thoughts

To Catch A Killer is an intense romance novel filled with twists and turns that will have you on the edge of your seat.

As you become entranced with the tale of Kara and Matthew, you will be taken to a world of sensual tension and drama. 

However, with one book only goes so far, and you may find yourself finished and ready for more. We have selected 3 books that are like To Catch A Killer for you to fall head over heels with.

Whether it’s the tale of an accused murder and a special agent on the run, or two special agents finding comfort in each other as they work a rather puzzling case. There is something for everyone. 

Check them out and get reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kimberly Van Meter Book Should I Read First?

While To Catch A Killer is a stand alone book, Van Meter has various series to be read.

We highly recommend the Home in Emmett’s Mill, starting with Kids On The Doorstep. This trilogy is light hearted and romantic. 

Is There A Sequel For To Catch A Killer?

No, To Catch A Killer is a stand alone book. 

Anna Davis