Authors Like Kate Quinn (And 10+ Book Recommendations)

Kate Quinn is well-known as a historical fiction author who hails from Southern California and is based in the city of San Diego.

Authors Like Kate Quinn (and 10+ Book Recommendations)

She has a Master’s Degree in classical voice obtained from Boston University and whilst she has two series of novels- The Borgia Chronicles and The Empress of Rome series-, she is best known for her standalone novel The Alice Network

The Alice Network was critically acclaimed upon its release in 2017, topping the New York Times bestsellers list as well as the USA Today bestsellers list.

Not only that, but the book earned a spot on the Best Books of the Year list from NPR, or the National Public Radio non-profit media organization.

BookPage- an online source for author interviews, book reviews, and book recommendations- named Quinn as “one of the best artists” of historical fiction thanks to her work on The Alice Network

As well as those aforementioned series of novels, Quinn is also known for her standalone novels such as The Huntress, The Rose Code, and The Diamond Eye

If you are a fan of the historical fiction work that Kate Quinn so expertly writes and are looking for something similar to add to your reading list, then you are sure to love the work from authors such as Beatriz Williams, Phillipa Gregory, and Michelle Moran. Keep reading to see what books to try out. 

Books By Kate Quinn

Books By Kate Quinn

As mentioned above, Quinn’s 2017 novel The Alice Network is her most popular work, telling the story of two women connected by the Alice Network, a secretive network of female spies established during World War I. 

Another of Quinn’s popular novels is the 2019 book The Huntress, which focuses on Ian Graham, a British war correspondent dedicated to finding a notorious female war criminal known simply as “The Huntress”. 

Mistress of Rome: Empress of Rome, Book 1

Quinn’s series of novels have also been well received and includes The Empress of Rome series with five books to its name- Mistress of Rome, Daughters of Rome, Empress of the Seven Hills, The Three Fates, and Lady of the Eternal City-, and The Borgia Chronicles, which has two books called The Serpent and the Pearl and The Lion and the Rose

Kate Quinn’s books are historical fiction novels that often focus on women’s stories and the struggles and triumphs they face. 

Other themes that are commonly explored include loss, love, strength, identity, and resilience of women.

Due to being historical fiction, her novels also touch on historical events and the ways in which they have shaped our world. 

Empress of the Seven Hills: Empress of Rome, Book 3

Additional themes in Quinn’s work include war and how it impacts both people as individuals and our society, the role of women in history and the struggles they had to go through to be heard, socio-political strife in times of turmoil, bonds of friendships, and the complexities of human relationships. 

Authors Like Kate Quinn 

Beatriz Williams

The Secret Life of Violet Grant

Beatriz Williams is another historical fiction author who writes stories that are similar in theme and style to Kate Quinn’s books.

Like Quinn, Williams often focuses on women in her books and their struggles in different periods of history.

Her books also often explore themes such as female bonding, political turmoil, and familial secrets to name a few, whilst also incorporating real historical events and figures into her books.

Fans of Kate Quinn will want to give The Secret Life of Violet Grant by Williams a try as it explores similar themes whilst covering various historical events, such as the beginning of World War I.

Set in the early 20th century, the book follows Vivian Schuyler who is looking into the strange disappearance of her great aunt Violet back in 1914. 

Another story from Williams with a similar style to Quinn’s historical fiction is A Hundred Summers, which is set in the 1930s and tells the tale of Lily Dane, who reconnects with her former friend Budgie, now married to a German scientist.

The pair are drawn into a web of lies and secrets amongst their families and friends, whilst being set against the backdrop of the rise of fascism in Europe.  


  • Strong female characters
  • Engaging and multilayered storylines


  • Williams’ work can be a bit slow-paced at times

Themes: The role of women in history, the dangers of intolerance, self-discovery, friendship, socio-political struggles, and the consequences of secrets. 

Philippa Gregory 

The Other Boleyn Girl: The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels

Philippa Gregory is a historical fiction author who is best known for her novels set in the Tudor period, including The Other Boleyn Girl and The Queen’s Fool.

She has also written books set in other periods, including the Plantagenet era and the 18th century. 

Gregory is known for her well-researched and compelling fiction novels that explore the lives of women in history and the struggles and triumphs they faced, much like Quinn. 

One of Gregory’s most famous novels is the aforementioned The Other Boleyn Girl, which is a good starting point for fans of Quinn’s work, revolving around the story of the Boleyn sisters but told from the perspective of Mary Boleyn.

The book has similar themes to those found in Quinn’s work, such as loss, love, and complex relationships, though it is set against the backdrop of the reign of King Henry VIII.

The White Queen is also a Philippa Gregory book that is sure to engage fans of Kate Quinn, focused on Elizabeth Woodville who was the queen consort of King Edward IV.

Told from Elizabeth’s perspective, the story follows her as she fights to protect her family and the throne during the tumultuous time of the Wars of the Roses.

Elizabeth also has to deal with many of her own demons of the past, facing the secrets that have plagued her and changed her life. 


  • Incredible attention to historical detail 
  • Complex and well-developed female characters


  • Might be a little bit too historical for those more interested in the characters than the setting

Themes: historical, romance, female perspectives, the roles of women in history, court politics, power struggles, family, war

Michelle Moran

Cleopatra's Daughter: A Novel

Much like Kate Quinn, Michelle Moran is a historical fiction author who has written a number of novels set in a variety of time periods, including Ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, and the Napoleonic era.

Moran worked as a volunteer archaeologist whilst she spent a summer in Israel, which led her to choose to write historical fiction.

Some of Moran’s most popular books include Nefertiti, Cleopatra’s Daughter, and The Second Empress.

Madame Tussaud: A Novel of the French Revolution is a good choice of Moran’s work for those looking for a book similar to that from Kate Quinn, telling the story of the future “Madame Tussaud” Marie Grosholtz and how she was able to use her skills to rise to prominence as an artist working with wax during the French Revolution whilst also struggling to survive amidst the violence. 

Another story depicting the bravery and strength of women in history set against an infamous historical backdrop, this is a must-read for fans of Quinn’s daring historical heroines. 


  • An interesting range of historical eras are explored in Moran’s work.
  • Like Kate Quinn’s work, the female characters in Moran’s novels are well-written and feel real.


  • Some readers don’t find Moran’s work as well-researched as the work of other historical fiction writers (see also “Authors Like Alice Hoffman“).

Themes: Strong women, historical drama, female-led stories, political unrest, religious conflict, betrayal 

Final Thoughts 

Kate Quinn is truly an expert when it comes to weaving lively fiction into historical backdrops to create engaging historical fiction.

She is also well-versed when it comes to writing realistic female heroines and making them feel like believable characters in the historical settings within her novels. 

There is a lot to enjoy about Kate Quinn’s historical fiction works, so it is no surprise that her fans are looking for similar authors to enjoy.

Fans of Kate Quinn are sure to enjoy the works of Michelle Moran, Phillipa Gregory, and Beatriz Williams, as each author brings their take to the historical fiction genre.

To diversify your historical fiction collection with works that are sure to remind you of Kate Quinn’s novels, give these authors a try. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Novel Is The Most Recent Kate Quinn Book?

Kate Quinn’s most recent novel was The Diamond Eye, which was released in 2022. She also released a novella in 2022 called Signal Moon

What Was Kate Quinn’s Debut Novel?

Kate Quinn made her debut as a novelist in 2010 with Mistress of Rome, which was the first book in her Empress of Rome series.

This series of novels set in ancient Rome would continue until 2015. 

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