Authors Like Lisa Kleypas (10+ Romance Book Recommendations)

When it comes to romance novelists, Lisa Kleypas is truly the queen of the genre. A RITA award-winning author of over 21 books, she’s renowned for creating steamy romance novels with dashing heroes, and daring damsels.

Authors Like Lisa Kleypas (10+ Romance Book Recommendations)

Kleypas grew up in Texas and was known for being a gawky teenager, often outcast from social situations, which provided much of the basis for her lovable future hapless heroines.

Eventually, however, after entering pageants, she won the title of Miss Massachusetts, and her crowned image often appeared at the back of her first romance novels.

Her very first novel became a global bestseller and threw her into the world of publishing, where she has continued to create a successful career for herself spanning over four decades.

She continues to publish to this day and is heralded as one of the best romance authors of all time. Kleypas draws inspiration from some of her predecessors, including the prolific Jude Deveraux and Johanna Lindsey.

If you love Lisa Kleypas, then chances are you’ll also adore Julia Quinn, famed for her Bridgerton series. Another author that might be of interest to you is Beverley Jenkins, historical romance author extraordinaire.

Books By Lisa Kleypas

Books By Lisa Kleypas

So, if you’re new to Lisa Kleypas, and are wondering what books you should check out first. We’ve got a few suggestions for you. If you’re looking for Kleypas’ most popular works of fiction, then we’d direct you toward the Wallflower series.

It’s known as one of the most beloved series within historical romance and follows four young women, regarded as ‘wallflowers’ by their aristocratic peers, as they make a bid to find each other a husband before the season is out.

The most popular book within this series is most definitely Devil In Winter, which follows young, stuttering heroine Evie, as she makes a bid to marry Sebastian St. Vincent to escape her abusive family.

In exchange, she will grant him access to her vast fortune. They travel by carriage to Greta Green, where these sworn enemies gradually begin to thaw in their affection for one another on the way.

If you’re looking for a stand-alone Lisa Kleypas novel to dip your toes into, then we’d most definitely recommend Dreaming of You.

Dreaming of you was published in the early 1990s, and follows innocent novelist Sara, who is conducting research for an upcoming book set within the backdrop of a gambling house.

She encounters the infamous Derek Craven, of the Craven’s gambling club during her travels, and there is an instant enemies-to-lovers relationship that follows.

Derrick Craven has been raised in the gutter and has managed to make himself a millionaire by running his club. He has truly lived a difficult life, and as a result, believes himself incapable of love.

Sara, who gradually falls in love with the club owner has to combat these vulnerabilities, and this is where our story truly begins. The most recent novels published by Lisa Kleypas include the Ravenel’s series.

This series follows an oddball family, as they encounter love in a myriad of quirky ways.

One of the most popular books in this series includes Marrying Winterborne, which shows the budding relationship between a luxury London store owner, and a shy, retiring girl intent on losing her virginity.

All of the books written by Kleypas feature a romance that takes place against the odds, as well as a disaster scenario at the climax of the novel. They’re true page-turners, and Kleypas’ character-building is completely unmatched.

In recent years, Kleypas has begun to write contemporary romance novels, with titles such as ‘Stranger In My Arms‘.

Authors Like Lisa Kleypas

Now that we’ve covered some key themes explored by Lisa Kleypas, as well as some of her most successful novels, we can move on to discuss some other authors who may prove interesting.

Julia Quinn

Bridgerton Boxed Set 1-4: The Duke and I/The Viscount Who Loved Me/An Offer from a Gentleman/Romancing Mister Bridgerton (Bridgertons)

We couldn’t mention Lisa Kleypas without also mentioning Julia Quinn, who is likewise heralded as one of the best romance authors of all time.

For those of you who don’t already know, Julia Quinn is the author of the highly acclaimed Bridgerton series.

Picked up in the last few years by Shondaland entertainment as an award-winning Netflix series, Bridgerton initially began as a humble book series.

Julia Quinn was catapulted into superstardom and inducted into the romance author’s hall of fame. Julia Quinn began writing her first novel when she was just 12 years of age and had an insatiable urge to write throughout her early years.

She studied medicine in college, but found the heavy scientific writing tedious, and penned romance novels as a form of escapism. Her passion eventually paid off, and Julia Quinn became well renowned for her first book Splendid in 1995.

Eventually, in the early 2000s, she began writing the Bridgerton series that we all know and adore. It begins with the Duke and I, on which the first series on Netflix is based upon.

She published the last installment in the series in 2013, The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After. Just like the books of Lisa Kleypas, Quinn’s novels feature a hapless romance that manages to prevail against all odds.

Each of the Bridgerton series specifically features a different sibling from the same family, who find love with each progressive novel.


  • Immersive – There are a total of 9 books in Quinn’s famous Bridgerton series, which allows the reader to fully immerse themselves in the world.
  • Page Turners – The books are known for their ‘high stakes’ scenarios, as we become invested in the relationships of the characters featured.
  • Easy To Read – The books are known to be easy reading, and are great for when you want to switch off and enjoy a good novel.


  • Similar To The Series – For those who have already watched the first two series of Bridgerton on Netflix, might find the books to be too similar.

Themes: romance, regency era, family relationships, scandal, sensuality

Beverley Jenkins


Beverly Jenkins is a renowned author of African American historical romance. She is highly regarded for her thorough research into 19th-century African-American life, giving detailed depictions of the Civil War, and life working on the railroad.

Jenkins first began her writing career when she worked as a librarian at a University. She often read about African American history and longed to fill the gap in romance novels for this particular genre.

One of her most famous works is Indigo, which is a novel that follows outlaw Galen Vachon, who is being hunted for aiding escapees from the underground railroad.

He is hidden by Hester Wyatt, who connects with his plea, and the two gradually begin to fall in love amidst the backdrop of impossible odds and terrible danger.

If you’d like to immerse yourself in the works of Beverly Jenkins, she has released several series, including the Destiny series, which focuses on a young woman and her adventures in the Old West.


  • Historical Accuracy – Each of Beverly Jenkins’ books have been thoroughly researched, and are full of real-life historical figures.
  • Steamy – The love scenes in Jenkin’s books are unmatched, and oozing with sensuality.
  • Fast-Paced Narrative – Jenkin’s books are real page-turners, and you’ll find yourself resting at the edge of your seat for much of the action.


  • Heavy Themes – Jenkin’s work often includes descriptions of heavy topics, such as slavery, so if you’re looking for something lighter and more ‘fluffy’, perhaps her books aren’t for you.

Themes: historical, sensuality, passion, romance, adventure

Final Thoughts

To sum up, if you’re a lover of Lisa Kleypas, chances are that you’ll absolutely adore the writings of Julia Quinn and Beverly Jenkins. Each of these authors paints a romance story amidst the backdrop of different time periods.

Their characters overcome all manner of difficulties in order to win their love and bask in their passion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lisa Kleypas Still Writing?

For those of you who are wondering if Lisa Kleypas is still currently writing, there is no indication that this prolific writer intends to stop anytime soon.

Although, there have been no indications of a new book since her latest publication in 2021, Devil In Disguise, which is the final installment in the Ravenels series.

Where To Start With Lisa Kleypas?

If you’re just getting started out reading the works of Lisa Kleypas, or historical romance novels in general, then we’d definitely recommend beginning with the Wallflower series.

This is heralded as her best work and is a great introduction to her writing career.

Who Is Lisa Kleypas’ Best Hero? 

When it comes to the best hero written by Lisa Kleypas, fans will typically either point to Sebastian St. Vincent, a roguish Lord, Or Derek Craven, a wonderful rags-to-riches club owner.

Who Else Should I Read?

We’d recommend that fans of Lisa Kleypas also read the books of Kat Martin, Eloisa James, Mary Balogh, Elizabeth Hoyt, Stacy Reid, Gaelen Foley, and Lorraine Heath as well as some of the others mentioned here.

They are all writers of historical romance novels, as well as paranormal romance, and contemporary romance novels.

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