Authors Like Jennifer Ashley (8 Book Recommendations)

If you love romance and diving into a completely new world that is only known by you, the writer, and other readers then you have definitely heard of Jennifer Ashley.

Ashley is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, most known for her works Shifters Unbound and the Mackenzies series.

Authors Like Jennifer Ashley (8 Book Recommendations)

She has taken pride in traveling all over the world to unlock new ideas and stories for you to enjoy before settling down in the Southwest.

And with other 100 published books, it can be said that she has every right to be proud! 

Born in 1974, the American writer has had a successful career since the early 2000s.

Achieving her childhood dream of being a published writer, Ashley has since gone on to win numerous awards, including the Golden Quill. RT Reviewers choice, and the RWA’s RITA award. 

If you have managed to read all of Ashley’s works, including her early works of the Regency Pirates series, then you may be looking for something similar but new to explore. 

Below are authors that explore similar themes to Jennifer Ashley but will allow you to discover new characters, plot lines, and worlds!

If you love all things fantasy like Jennifer Ashley Shifters Unbound series, then you’ll love the works by Tracy Hickman and Deborah Harkness.

Keep reading to discover which books you need to read and keep on your shelf by these similar authors.   

Books By Jennifer Ashley

Books By Jennifer Ashley

Jennifer Ashley has a strong audience full of lovers of the unknown.

Whether it is fighting and falling in love with angry pirates or discovering the world of overpowering shifters, Ashley has a way of writing about love that really captures you. 

Ashley is most famous for her Shifters Unbound series which features an incredible 26 books! 

Each book follows a different couple of outcasts that are set to find each other and be mated for all eternity, with a few adventures along the way.

Pride Mates A Shifters Unbound Novel 1

Set in Austin, Ashley explores the themes of the paranormal, fantasy, romance, and tragedy. Because no romance is complete without an epic turning point. 

Ashley works on multiple series at once, however, her most recent release is the latest addition to the A Below Stairs Mystery series, The Secret of Bow Lane.

Follow Kat Holloway on her journey in Victorian London, as she works as a young cook by day and is solving murder cases with the Scotland Yard recruit, Daniel McAdam by night. 

In the latest installment, The Secret of Bow Lane, Holloway is tasked with solving the murder of her late husband with the help of her attractive associate, Daniel McAdams.

The Secret of Bow Lane (A Below Stairs Mystery Book 6)

Holloway and McAdams find their relationship tested like never before as this novel explores themes of mystery, historical romance, suspense, and investigation. 

Other books that Ashley invites you to enjoy are from the Mackenzies series or, if you love a story with a little more humor, then you have to check out The McLaughlin Brothers series.

With 4 installments and more to come, become entranced as you discover more about the life of each McLaughlin brother and what their future may entail. 

Authors Like Jennifer Ashley 

Jennifer Ashley is an icon in the fantasy and paranormal romance genres, especially with her award-winning series, Shifters Unbound (If you like paranormal romance genres, check out Books Like Nightfall).

Although, you may be looking to branch out to new authors. 

Below are authors that indulge in the worlds of the unknown and take you on intense, heart pumping romance adventures.

Keep reading to find out what authors are worthy of space on your fantasy romance shelf! 

Deborah Harkness 

All Souls Trilogy Collection Deborah Harkness 3 Books Set (The Book of Life, Shadow of Night, A discovery of witches )

Deborah Harkness is a successful American scholar and novelist.

Born in 1965, Harkness is most known as a historian and professor of European History and the History of Science. 

In 2011, Harkness took a leap of faith and released her first novel, the fantasy fiction book, A Discovery of Witches.

This has since become a 3 part series titled All Souls Trilogy.

In the historical fiction book A Discovery of Witches, a modern-day witch unintentionally summons an ancient enchanted manuscript from Oxford University’s Bodleian Library, attracting the unwelcome attention of a variety of magical beings that coexist with humans, including other witches, daemons, and a 1,500-year-old French vampire.

Once you have read all 3 books in the All Souls Trilogy then you are more than ready to watch the A Discovery of Witches TV Series.

Watch your favorite characters come to life and relive the historical romance drama once more. 

Harkness focuses on themes such as historical romance,fantasy, and science which can be seen through her early work The Jewel House: Elizabethan London and the Scientific Revolution.

Pros And Cons Of Deborah Harkness 

When reading the works of Harkness, you are going to come across things that you love and things that you don’t love quite as much.

Harkness is an excellent writer that is skilled in ensuring you are fully invested not only within a relationship, but within the world she has created. 

The only issue is that Harkness has not released anything new since 2014.

Meaning her writing style may feel a little outdated and you will be dying for more with nothing more to read. 

Tracy Hickman 

The Mantle Of Kendis-Dai

Tracy Hickman is one of the most interesting authors on this list.

Having joined TSR Inc, the company which published Dungeons & Dragons, it was no secret that Hickman was a fantasy enthusiast. 

After a successful career in role-playing gaming adventures, Hickman transferred his creativity to the world of novels.

He is most known for his highly successful book Dragons of Summer Flame which was published in 1995. 

Since then, Hickman has released various book collections including Mantle of Kendis-Dai: A Starshield Novel and Nightsword.

All of which follow tales of dragons and battles that take place in worlds we can only dream about. 

As you dive into the world of Mantle of Kendis-Dai, you will discover a world of rebellion that is ready for a war that no one will win.

Will Merinda Neskat find the Mantle of Kendis-Dai and save her planet or will everything fall apart? You’ll need to read to find out. 

Hickman is a massive lover of sci-fi and all things fiction, meaning he explores a range of themes throughout his work.

With humanity, fantasy, and war being at the forefront of his themes, you can fully immerse yourself in his work and enjoy as the story unfolds in your mind. 

Pros And Cons Of Tracy Hickman 

One of the biggest pros of reading the works of Hickman is that his experience in creating fantasy games is fully translated into his novels.

With extreme detail, he takes the time to fully build the world you are going to be a part of to ensure you are involved in the reading experience. 

However, his books could stand to have just a little more romance. Although, this is partially made up for by the strong female lead.  

Read the Dragonlance Chronicles for more romance and young adult themes (If you liked this, also check out Books Like They Both Die At The End)!

Final Thoughts

Jennifer Ashley is an award-winning, successful author with so many great works for you to explore and enjoy.

Born in the United States, Ashley has traveled the world to gain different ideas, characters, and storylines for you to fall in love with. 

If you are in the market for reading someone new then you have to check out the authors above.

With the historical romance captured so perfectly by Deborah Harkness in her All Souls Trilogy. You can travel back in time, enter a new world, and fall in love. 

Or, if you are in the mood for something a little more serious, then the work of Tracy Hickman may be more your style.

His Mantle of Kendis-dai novel deals with themes of rebellion and war.

Or his work with wife Laura Hickman, to bring fantasy and romance together, the Dragonlance: Chronicles.

With works similar to Jennifer Ashley, you will never run out of books to read. Although, you may run out of space to store them. 

Continue your love for fantasy and romance with books from either of these authors and let your imagination run wild (see also “Authors Like Alice Clayton“)!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Jennifer Ashley’s Most Successful Work?

While Jennifer Ashley has many successful books and series, the most successful is Shifters Unbound.

With 26 books in the series and it is ongoing, many enjoy the range and romance involved in each book. 

How Many Books Has Jennifer Ashley Published?

Since the beginning of her career in 2002, Jennifer Ashley has published an incredible 94 books.

This includes the 9 series Ashley has created, single books, and collaborations with other authors. 

What Authors Are Similar To Jennifer Ashley? 

Jennifer Ashley is an extremely talented writer. Similar authors include Tracy Hickman, Deborah Harkness, and Alison Croggon.

All of which are excellent fantasy romance authors. 

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