The 20 Best Helen Hardt Books (Top Romance Novels)

Helen Hardt is a #1 New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling romance author. A prolific writer whose novels feature likable characters that span from girl-next-door types to billionaires, almost all of her novels are written into longer sets and series.  

The 20 Best Helen Hardt Books (Top Romance Novels)

If you are looking for some sizzle between the pages, but also love compelling characters and stories that will keep your TBR list growing for ages, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a list of the 3-5 best novels in each of Hardt’s most popular series.

The Best of Wolfes of Manhattan

Money. Sex. Murder. Each book in this five-book series follows one sibling of the Wolfe family as they navigate romance and cope with the death of their father, Derek Wolfe. 

The billionaire patriarch was murdered, and in its wake, dark family secrets and mysteries come to light in different ways for each of his children.

Recluse (Book 2) 

Recluse: Wolfes of Manhattan Two

Roy Wolfe has never gotten involved directly with the family business. He likes it that way. But his father has been murdered, and Roy has to go into the office and figure out what to do with his father’s secret–the one he’s been holding onto for years. 

And when he meets the beautiful assistant Charlie Waters–things get even more complicated. Find Recluse here.

Runaway (Book 3) 

Runaway: Wolfes of Manhattan Three

Riley Wolfe has always been a runner, so that’s exactly what she does when she learns about her father’s death. In a small town in Montana, Riley meets the quiet and charming Matteo Rossi and immediately lights up his life with energy and passion.

Riley bolts again when Matt discovers she’s been lying about her identity. This time, though, Matt is coming to find her. Find Runaway here.

Reckoning (Book 5)

Reckoning: Wolfes of Manhattan Five

Every thread of the Wolfe family mystery begins to come together. Lacey has been arrested for the murder of her father, but all the other siblings are still suspects. Rock and Reid must band together and leave New York to save the women they love.

One way or another, the Wolfe family children will solve the mystery of their father’s murder–once and for all. Find Reckoning here.

The Best of Gems of Wolfe Island

Survival. Love. Revenge. In this six-book series, six young women were held captive on a tropical Wolfe Island–forced to endure several years of enslavement and torture at the hands of the world’s richest men. 

Now rescued, each woman must learn to live and love as best they can–

even as their past looms darkly over them. Each book tells one woman’s story, and they all come together in the explosive finale. 

Garnet (Book 3) 

Garnet: Gems of Wolfe Island Three

Ex-Navy SEAL Buck Moreno is falling for Aspen Davis–Garnet. Protecting her has helped him keep his dark past at bay, even as Garnet struggles against her own horrific memories bubbling up to the surface.

When Aspen vows to avenge herself and the other girls from the island, Buck realizes that the one person he needs to protect Aspen from the most–is herself. Find Garnet here.

Buck (Book 4) 

Buck: Gems of Wolfe Island Four

Buck Moreno stays with Aspen Davis as she follows the clues to uncover her terrifying past. He’s there to protect her, but he knows all too well what comes of the never-satisfied need for revenge. 

As the mystery unravels and Aspen gets closer to the truth, Buck wonders whether he will be able to save the woman he loves. Find Buck here.

Opal (Book 5) 

Opal (Gems of Wolfe Island Book 5)

Kelly Taylor–Opal, as she was known on the island–has a past even darker than the time she spent on the island. Because of this, Leif Ramsey, the ex-Navy SEAL whose job is to protect her, can ignore her terrible attitude and focus instead on the intense chemistry between them.

As the romantic tension builds up and explodes alongside the ever-increasing threats to Kelly’s safety, Leif vows to keep her safe at any cost. Find Opal here.

The Best of Sex and the Season 

Love. Marriage. Drama. Perfect for fans of Bridgerton, this four-book historical drama series follows members of English high society as they figure out love, sex, and who they want to be during a time of strict societal norms.

Rose in Bloom (Book 2) 

Rose In Bloom (Sex and the Season Book 2)

Society expects Lady Rose Jameson to keep her head down and marry respectably, which is why she’s engaged to Lord Evan Xavier. Rose never questioned the rules–that is–until she met commoner Cameron Price and fell hard for him. 

As their lives become increasingly more complicated, can Rose and Cameron find a way to be together forever? Or does fate have other plans? Find Rose in Bloom here.

Lady Alexandra’s Lover (Book 3) 

Lady Alexandra's Lover (Sex and the Season Book 3)

Although Lord Evan Xavier cannot stand the beautiful and headstrong Lady Alexandra MacIntyre, convention requires that he travel with her to London as her guardian. 

When everything along the way goes wrong, however, Evan and Alexandra discover an undeniable chemistry between them. Their relationship heats up as they await rescue, but Alexandra is hiding a secret that may cause even more problems. Find Lady Alexandra’s Lover here.

Sophie’s Voice (Book 4) 

Sophie's Voice (Sex and the Season Book 4)

Quiet and shy, Lady Sophie MacIntyre would never have auditioned for the musical at the Regal Theatre if not for the bet she lost to her sister. 

And she certainly would never have been seen around town with a rake like Zachary Newland, the handsome actor who runs the theater. As the sparks fly between Sophie and Zach, Sophie is just as determined to keep up her walls as Zach is to knock them down. Find Sophie’s Voice here.

The Best of the Blood Bond Saga

Bloodlust. Mystery. Love. This fifteen-sook saga tells of the epic romance between Dante Gabriel, a vampire who has just escaped after ten years enslaved to his nemesis, and Erin Hamilton, a girl-next-door ER nurse.

The two are immediately, strangely attracted to each other, and as their blood bond grows heated, Dante’s past–and the strange transformation he is undergoing–haunt them throughout their journey. 

Part 10 

Blood Bond: 10 (Blood Bond Saga)

Dante is developing strange new powers, but he’s not sure why. He suspects it has something to do with the dark memories that are surfacing–memories of his time in captivity and what he may have done there. 

Erin is willing to do anything to help Dante, even put herself in harm’s way. Together, they vow to solve this mystery. Find Part 10 here

Part 12 

Blood Bond: 12 (Blood Bond Saga)

As Dante Gabriel and Erin follow clues to the mystery of both the missing patients and Dante’s descent into madness, they find themselves becoming desperate.  

Erin is willing to do whatever it takes to help the man she loves, but Dante must confront his past alone. Find Part 12 here.

Part 15 

Blood Bond: 15 (Blood Bond Saga)

Since going back to the underground compound where he was held captive for ten years, Dante has discovered the true plans of his captor. 

He must utilize all his strength–as well as his new abilities–to protect Erin and defeat his nemesis once and for all. Find Part 15 here.

The Best of theTemptation Saga

Family. Country. Sex. This seven-book saga follows several families as they struggle to keep their ranches afloat and fall in and out of love.

While the families’ stories do intertwine and connect, each book can stand alone as its own steamy chapter.

Taking Catie (Book 3) 

Taking Catie (Temptation Saga Book 3)

It’s been years since Chad McCray broke Catie Bay’s heart, and still, all these years later, he has no plans of settling down. 

Catie is back from Europe, grown up and sexier than ever. Chad is more than happy to take her to bed, but even as he realizes he wants more, will Catie be willing to give it to him? Find Taking Catie here.

Treasuring Amber (Book 5) 

Treasuring Amber (Temptation Saga Book 5)

The kiss between Amber Cross and Harper Bay was only supposed to be a cover–a way for Amber to hide from her past. The kiss, however, leaves her wanting much more.

Amber isn’t Harper’s type, but still–there was something about that kiss–and he knows he needs to pursue Amber. Sparks fly, but Amber has a dark past that may come to haunt them. Find Treasuring Amber here.

Trusting Sydney (Book 6) 

Trusting Sydney (Temptation Saga Book 6)

Sydney Buchanan is only back in Colorado to win some money and help keep her family’s struggling ranch afloat. 

What she doesn’t bet on is rekindling a fiery passion with Sam O’Donovan. A lot has changed after five years, though, and Sydney wonders if she and Sam will truly be able to find their way back to each other. Find Trusting Sydney here.

The Best of the Steel Brothers Saga

Family. Secrets. Lies. By far Helen Hardt’s most beloved and successful series, Steel Brothers Saga is a set of twenty-seven books that follows the Steels–a family of ranchers on the Colorado western slope.

The series opens with Talon Stee, struggling with past trauma, and Jade Roberts, a woman who fled to the ranch after being abandoned at the altar. What unfolds between Talon and Jade is not only the beginning of a passionate romance, but is also the beginning of a series of mysteries that involves each one of the Steel family members. 

Burn (Book 5) 

Burn (Steel Brothers Saga Book 5)

Even as he works to solve his brother’s abduction, Jonah Steel finds himself falling for therapist Dr. Melanie Carmichael–he’s captivated by her intelligence and beauty.

Melanie, too, is head over heels, but her feelings have to be kept secret. Her dark past haunts her every move and threatens everything she’s built. Find Burn here.

Shattered (Book 7) 

Shattered (Steel Brothers Saga Book 7)

Detective Ruby Lee is determined to get to the bottom of the mysteries surrounding the Steel family, especially since her own past is wrapped up in all of it. Plus, it allows her to spend time around the gorgeous Ryan Steel, the best of the Steel brothers–in her opinion.  

Can they work together to solve each of their family secrets? Or will the past be too much for their relationship to handle?

Find Shattered here.

Twisted (Book 8) 

Twisted (Steel Brothers Saga Book 8)

Ruby Lee will do anything to help Ryan Steel, the man she loves. Ryan is a man on an island–destroyed by an unearthed secret and doubting everything he thought was true about his family.

As Ruby Lee tries to help, she puts herself ever more in the path of danger. Can their love survive? Or will Ruby Lee’s secrets cause her to lose everything? Find Twisted here.

Ravenous (Book 11) 

Ravenous (Steel Brothers Saga Book 11)

Bryce Simpson and Marjorie Steel have tried to stay away from each other. Bryce rejected Marjorie to protect her, but it broke her heart. Marjorie has spent all her free time focusing on the hot personal trainer at the gym.

But fate has other plans for the two of them, and they are forced to face the ravenous hunger they still have for one another. Find Ravenous here.

Insatiable (Book 12) 

Insatiable (Steel Brothers Saga Book 12)

Marjorie Steel and Ryan Simpson will stop at nothing to heal their pasts and find their happily ever after

As their infatuation with one another deepens, so too do the mysteries surrounding both their pasts. Find Insatiable here.


Does Helen Hardt write anything other than romance?

Hardt’s books are all classified as contemporary romance, historical romance, or erotica. If you love love stories in all their forms, Helen Hardt is your gal.

In what order should I read Helen Hardt?

Well…it depends, really. I would recommend browsing through all of her series, and then starting with the one that appeals to you the most. Some of the series, like the Blood Bond Saga, won’t make as much sense if you read the books out of order, because they follow a chronological timeline. Others, like The Wulfes of Manhattan, don’t necessarily need to be read in order.

What is Helen Hardt’s most recent book?

Chance, which is book 25 of the Steele Brothers Saga.

Which books did Helen Hardt write?

Helen Hardt is a contemporary romance author who has written numerous books, including several series. Here’s a list of her romance books in order of publication.

Sex and the Season series:
Lily and the Duke (2015)
Rose in Bloom (2015)
Lady Alexandra’s Lover (2015)
Sophie’s Voice (2016)

The Temptation Saga series:
Tempting Dusty (2016)
Teasing Annie (2016)
Taking Catie (2016)
Taming Angelina (2016)
Treasuring Amber (2016)
Trusting Sydney (2016)
Tantalizing Maria (2016)

Steel Brothers Saga series:
Craving (2016)
Obsession (2016)
Possession (2016)
Melt (2016)
Burn (2017)
Surrender (2017)
Shattered (2017)
Twisted (2018)
Unraveled (2018)
Breathless (2019)
Ravenous (2019)
Insatiable (2019)
Awakened (2021)
Cherished (2021)
Freed (2021)

Cougar Chronicles series:
The Cowboy and the Cougar (2016)
Misadventures series (contributed one book):
Misadventures with a Rock Star (2018)

Follow Me series:
Follow Me Darkly (2020)
Follow Me Under (2021)
Follow Me Always (2021)

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