Karen Robards Books In Order – A Guide To This Mystery Series

Karen Robards is a very popular author. She is a bestselling author, and one of the first historical romance novelists who successfully started writing the contemporary romance series. She has won many different awards for her work.

Karen Robards Books In Order - A Guide To This Mystery Series

Karen lives in Louisville, Kentucky. She lives with her husband and children, and her family lives nearby. Robards has a very strong flair for characterization, and she excels by adding humor to the mix.

She has won the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award, and she has won many other fantastic awards for her work. She has made the New York Times bestseller list multiple times.

She is most well known for her Jessica Ford series and The Guardian series. She is also the author of the Dr. Charlotte Stone series. This article will look at the Karen Robards series in order.

About Karen Robards Mystery Sequels

Karen Robards’ first novels were within the historical romance genre. Her first published novel was named Island Flame and was written in 1981. She wrote a few novels in this genre before she started writing contemporary romance novels.

Karen started writing a novel when she was attending the University of Kentucky. She took a creative writing class, and she was encouraged to write 50 pages that would be published.

She chose to write a historical romance novel, as she had done some research into what was selling well!

Jessica Ford Series In Order

The Jessica Ford series consists of two books: Pursuit and Justice. Below you will find a summary of the two books in this series.



In this novel, the First Lady dies in a disastrous car crash. Jessica Ford – a young attorney – is the only person to come out of the crash alive. The nation is in mourning for the First Lady, but Ford doesn’t think that this was an accident.

This becomes more obvious as time goes on, and more people who are in the inner circle of the First Lady are dying or being killed. Jessica realizes that she needs to find out why before she is the next victim!

There are two books in this series and one follows on from the other. The next novel, Justice, is just as popular as the first and it contains a lot more romance than the first book.


    • Gets started quickly 

    • Draws you into the story


    • There is not much romance present in the book



The second and final novel in this series sees Jessica Ford, a criminal attorney, who has done her best to comply with the witness protection program after the death of the First Lady.

Ford has changed her name and changed her look, but as she wins a very high-profile case, her name is all over the news. Mark Ryan, a secret service agent, has a new job to keep her safe at all costs.

Jess then accepts a place on the legal defense team of the law firm Ellis Hayes. When the prosecution’s star witness, the son of a U.S. senator, shocks the courtroom with a revelation, Ford’s mind races.

Later in the story, Mark rescues Jess from an attack outside her home, and she wonders if she is a target. She has made a few enemies recently, so she is not even sure what she is being protected from.

As Jess gets closer to the truth, the sexual tension between Jess and Mark grows stronger. She needs to find her answers before both of them get killed!


    • Full of suspense

    • Leaves you wanting more


    • No traditional happy ending

Dr. Charlotte Stone Series In Order

There are four books in the Dr. Charlotte Stone series. This series follows Charlie Stone. She is a psychiatrist who explores the minds of serial killers.

She has a secret talent that gives her much more of a skill when it comes to this job – she can see the spirits of the dead. This is a very successful series that has won many different awards.

Some of the novels in this series have made the New York Times bestseller list. There are four novels in this series, and they are all very successful. Let’s have a look at the Dr. Charlotte Series in order, as well as a brief summary of each one.

The Last Victim

The Last Victim

This is the first book of the series, and it introduces Charlotte Stone. She sees what others don’t, making her very good at her job, which involves sitting face-to-face with madmen.

She has dedicated her career to figuring out what makes human monsters commit crimes. She became interested in this at the age of 16 when a man killed her best friend and her family.

Charlie started to see Holly and her mother, and this marked the first experience of her visits from the spiritual world. There is concern that the Boardwalk Killer is back, and she may be coming for Charlie this time!


    • Strong storyline


    • Slow at times

The Last Kiss Goodbye

The Last Kiss Goodbye: A Novel (Dr. Charlotte Stone Book 2)

In the second book in this series, murder is not far away from Charlie Stone’s door yet again. A young woman who is running away from a homicidal maniac comes knocking at her door, and Charlie lands herself right in the hands of ‘The Gingerbread Man’.

If Charlie wants to find out the truth, she will need to use all of her expert skills in order to do so. However, even with her skills, and her favorite Federal agent Toni Bartoli, she may not be able to escape the Gingerbread Man’s horrifying grin.


    • Very well-written


    • Can be repetitive at times

Her Last Whisper

Her Last Whisper: A Novel (Dr. Charlotte Stone Book 3)

Charlotte Stone is back for more in this novel. The last time she helped to capture a serial killer, it was nearly the last thing she ever did. Now, she is determined to stay safe, and not risk her life.

However, Charlie can’t resist when she is faced with the ‘Cinderella Killer’. He is a serial killer known for drawing in beautiful, single women.

A friend and FBI agent Lena Kaminsky is concerned that her sister has fallen prey to the Cinderella Killer, and needs Charlie’s help!

She heads to Vegas along with some other Special Agents, where she ends up putting her life at risk once again! In Vegas, she gambles with her life!


    • Takes you on an exciting journey


    • Repetitive storyline

The Last Time I Saw Her

The Last Time I Saw Her: A Novel (Dr. Charlotte Stone Book 4)

This novel sees Charlotte Stone’s ghostly lover face death again. Michael Garland is at risk of having his soul completely annihilated. Charlie needs to prove Michael’s innocence in order to stop him from experiencing this total oblivion.

Meanwhile, a strange man has appeared in Big Stone Gap, Virginia. He is potentially Michael’s identical twin, but the resemblance between the two is only in their looks.

The real ‘Southern Slasher’ lies underneath the skin, which is what ended up leaving Michael wrongly sent to death row. Charlie is hoping to find out the truth about this killer, no matter what she has to put on the line.

Michael is desperate to keep Charlie safe, and he is willing to make a deal with the devil if it will save her life, and allow him to feel her touch again.


    • An interesting and unusual story

    • Very enthralling


    • Repetitive at times

The Guardian Series In Order

The Guardian series is an international thriller series that follows a strong female protagonist. She is named Bianca St. Ives. This story is a combination of action, romance, and suspense. Let’s have a look at the books in the Guardian series in order!

The Ultimatum

The Ultimatum: A Novel (The Guardian Book 1)

This is a very fast-paced thriller by Karen Robards. Bianca St. Ives is a beautiful and talented young woman. She is a thief, a manipulator, and a master of disguise!

She is running a multinational firm with her father, and she makes her money by swindling men out of the money they have stolen and giving it back to those it belongs to. She keeps some of this money for herself, too.

Her father has managed to prepare her well to carry on the family business. Now, the student has become the master. In the latest plan, her father was supposedly killed, and millions of dollars went missing. However, lots of people do not believe his death.

They are on the search for Richard St. Ives, who is on wanted lists all over the world. Bianca is left to uncover the truth behind what happened in order to save her own life. She must put this right before it is too late!


    • An interesting and compelling story

    • Very well written


    • Quite a dark storyline

The Moscow Deception

The Moscow Deception: A Novel (The Guardian Book 2)

Bianca St. Ives is a very highly skilled con woman, but she has landed herself in trouble. Something has been revealed about her past, and it has left her reeling! It has also made her the target of a large network of trained assassins.

However, she will not give up. Instead, she attempts to outsmart those who are after her, and does whatever she can to save herself. Then, Bianca’s father assigns her to a new job that might save her.

She is set to the task of recovering some stolen artifacts taken during WWII. She will then be required to return them to Germany. If she succeeds, she will be given some information that will help her defeat those who are trying to defeat her!

She is faced with threats that get closer and closer with every move she makes, and she knows that she is in a lot of danger. If she wants to live to see tomorrow, she will have to succeed!


    • Runs on from book 1 very well


    • Quite slow at times

The Fifth Doctrine

The Fifth Doctrine: An International Spy Thriller (The Guardian Book 3)

This is the final novel in the series. For Bianca St. Ives, everything is on the line. She is either going to save the world, or she is going to come to her end trying to save the world.

Authorities took their time to jump on the fantastic manipulator Bianca St. Ives, but now that they have done so, it isn’t what Bianca expected. Instead of taking her in, she is presented with an offer.

If she can complete a one-shot deal, then they will let her walk away scot-free. The last mission that she has to run is a very dangerous one, and one that she may never return from. While it is very dangerous for Bianca, it is not like she has any choice in the matter.


    • Heartstopping storyline


    • Holes in the story at times

Final Thoughts

This article has listed all of Karen Robard’s Mystery Sequels in order. If you are a fan of Karen Robard, now you know where to start if you want to read this series!

Robard also has many standalone novels that are within the mystery genre, which are all worth a read, too! Hopefully, you now have all the information you need on the author.

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