The Ultimate Guide To All 271 Nora Roberts Books In Order

Nora Roberts is considered one of the most published authors of all time, with over 200 books to her name and rising.

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Every year, Roberts is known to come out with a new book, whether it is a standalone book or part of a bigger series.

The Ultimate Guide To All 271 Nora Roberts Books in Order

Her books mainly fit the romance genre, but she also dips her toe into elements of science fiction, fantasy, and mystery.

Robert’s most popular series is the In Death Series, which she wrote under the pen name J.D. Robb.

You will often find similar characters appearing in various series, which creates a great Easter egg and slightly connects all her work together.

Since Nora Roberts has created 271 books, it can be overwhelming knowing where to begin (did you know: Nora Roberts also writes under the pseudonym J.D. Robb? Find out more here). I have created this simple guide on the best way to read all 271 Nora Roberts books in order.

About Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts is well known for her many romance novels, yet she has also written under the pen name J.D. Robb’s.

Romance is Roberts’ primary genre. Although, she regularly incorporates science fiction, thriller, and fantasy into her stories.

There is a wide range of passionate and steamy relationships, beautiful, sensuous love stories, and all in between in Roberts’ classic romantic novels.

Thus, no matter what kind of romance story you enjoy, you can guarantee that Roberts will have written about it.

Roberts has written a staggering number of novels throughout the years, but she is all about quality.

Almost every book she has authored has claimed a top spot on the New York Times bestsellers list during the course of her long career.

She even became the first author to ever be inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame as a result of her popularity.

It is best to read this long list of books in publication order, especially, when you are following one of Robert’s series. In addition to that, unless you are reading a standalone novel, it is best to read one series at a time.

This way, you will have a clearer understanding of the characters and stories you are following.

Below, you will find the reading order for all 271 of Nora Roberts books, which you can follow.

In Death Books In Order

Naked In Death (1995)

Naked in Death (In Death, Book 1)

The world is totally ruled by technology in 2058. A lieutenant in the New York police force named Eve Dallas is looking for a brutal killer.

She has been in the force for more than ten years and has seen it all. Yet she defies every warning to avoid getting entangled with Roarke, an Irish billionaire who is a suspect in Eve’s murder investigation.


  • Simple narrative but a great introduction to Eve Dallas.


  • Lots of detailed, violent, and graphic scenes that may be uncomfortable for some readers.

Glory In Death (1995)

Glory in Death

One victim was discovered in the rain, laying on the sidewalk. The next victim was killed within her own apartment complex.

Lieutenant Eve Dallas has no trouble connecting the two crimes. Both victims were stunning, wealthy ladies.

However, Eve has a vast list of suspects thanks to their close relationships with powerful and wealthy men, including Roarke, her own lover.



  • The beginning of this book is quite slow.

Immortal In Death (1996)

Immortal in Death (In Death, Book 3)

A top model, who would do anything to achieve her goals, has been murdered.

When her best friend, the other woman in the deadly love triangle, comes under suspicion, Lieutenant Eve Dallas risks her life to accept the case.


  • Eve’s backstory is explored a lot more.


  • Sensitive subjects are explored.

Other Books In This Series

Rapture in Death

In Death Novellas Books In Order

Midnight In Death (1998)

Midnight in Death

Eve’s name appears on a Christmas list, but not for being good or bad. Instead, it is to help imprison a serial killer. Although, now that he has escaped, the insane man is after her.

Eve must stop the villain from taking his murderous vengeance, with the help of her husband, Roarke.


  • Fast-paced and interesting plot.


  • This book takes place after Holiday In Death, so it is important to read that book before starting this one.

Remember When In Death (2003)

Remember When (In Death)

Laine Tavish, an antique trader, was once known as Elaine O’Hara, a well-known con artist’s daughter.

When one of Big Jack’s colleagues shows up with a mysterious warning, Laine’s history catches up with her.

In order to learn who is pursuing her and why Laine links up with Max Gannon.

This results in a secret fortune that will alter not just Laine’s life, but also the lives of future generations, including Lieutenant Eve Dallas.


  • Diverse and interesting characters.


Other Books In This Series

Interlude In Death

Irish Hearts Books In Order

Irish Thoroughbred (1981)

Irish Thoroughbred (Irish Hearts, 1)

Adelia Cunnane has no more choices in Ireland, so she goes to America to be with her Uncle Paddy on a Maryland horse farm.

There she gets her dream of working in a horse stable. Although, the relationship she has with her boss is extremely confusing.

Adelia, who is spirited yet naive, is alarmed by how he treats her and how she reacts.


  • Adelia is an interesting and believable character.


  • Certain characters needed more development.

Sullivan’s Woman (1984)

Sullivan's Woman

Cassidy St. John’s modeling career has stalled. She is aware that she has a chance to become immortalized when renowned painter Colin Sullivan asks her to serve as the subject of his envisioned masterwork.

However, when Colin tries to depict Cassidy’s attractiveness, they both come to the realization that their developing connection is too strong to be captured only in paint.


  • Well-rounded characters, with plenty of humor.


  • Predictable plot.

Other Books In This Series

The Banning Books In Order

Reflections (1983)


Lindsay Dunne has dedicated her entire life to ballet, challenging both her students and herself.

She enjoys her job and has never considered the absence of a romantic partner to be a sacrifice.

Lindsay encounters Seth Bannion, an architect with his own views, and pushes Lindsay’s teaching to the limit.

Opening her eyes to the prospects of a future outside dance, and opening her heart to the prospects of love.


  • A glimpse into the world of dancing.


  • A lot of readers have found Seth to be underdeveloped.

Dance Of Dreams (1983)

Dance of Dreams

Ruth Bannion, a ballet dancer, has always looked up to her strict, charismatic coach Nickolai Davidov.

She had always adored him from afar, never letting her feelings get in the way. Ruth, however, is unable to resist the heat of their attraction when they are teamed together in a seductive new dance.


  • Engaging plot and good world-building.


  • Certain dialogue feels flat between the main characters.

The MacGregors Books In Order

Playing The Odds (1985)

Playing the Odds: The MacGregors

Serena MacGregor, who was raised in money and luxury, hides her status as an elite member of society while working as a blackjack dealer on a cruise liner.

Justin Blade, a gambler, then shows up and places a large bet on her table. He is mysterious and keeps his cards close to his vest. Yet, he finds himself wanting to show Serena that they have both hit the jackpot.


  • Strong exploration of family ties.


  • The beginning of the story is a bit slow.

Tempting Fate (1985)

Tempting Fate

Caine MacGregor, an attorney, is known for his success in court and with women.

His new sister-in-law, Diana Blade, is committed to keeping him at a distance. Caine quickly realizes that Diana is too collected for his charm to work.

Yet he’s able to detect sparks of tenderness and passion beyond the ice-queen façade. Can he entice Diana to let her defenses down now that fate has brought them together?


  • Vivid characterization and intriguing plot.


  • Ending slightly predictable.

Other Books In This Series


Great Chefs Books In Order

Summer Desserts (1985)

Summer Desserts

Summer Lyndon is known across the world as a creator of exquisite desserts.

She is fascinated when renowned hotel chain owner Blake Cochran asks her to spend the summer revamping the cuisine at his opulent Philadelphia hotel’s restaurant.

While taking a vacation from her travels will be difficult, Summer never imagined that working so intimately with Blake would result in her falling in love with him.


  • A simple romance story to enjoy.


  • Very little mystery, it is quite easy to guess what will happen next.

Lessons Learned (1986)

Lessons Learned

Master chef Carlo Franconi is well-known for his culinary inventions all around Italy. Juliet Trent, a celebrity publicist, has planned a global tour to introduce his delectable cuisine to the world.

Carlo is gifted and charming, thus Juliet finds herself growing fond of the chef as he strives to put together the perfect dish to win her heart.


  • Slow-burning romance, with lots of humor added in.


  • Some readers found the pace quite slow at times.

Cordina’s Royal Family Books In Order

Affaire Royale (1986)

Affaire Royale: The Royals of Cordina (Cordina's Royal Family Book 1)

Princess Gabriella managed to escape the kidnapping. Yet, now, she suffers from memory loss and is unable to recall who abducted her.

The princess’ family employs American ex-cop Reeve MacGee as a bodyguard, knowing the princess is still in danger. He has the skills necessary to protect her.

However, a blooming relationship between the pair, makes Reeve want to protect Gabriella and what they have even more.


  • Plenty of twists and turns.


  • Weak ending.

Command Performance (1987)

Command Performance (The Royals of Cordina)

Eve Hamilton once harbored a fleeting high school crush on Prince Alexander de Cordina. Yet her emotions quickly changed since Alexander made it apparent that he didn’t like this energetic young American girl.

With a prosperous career and little tolerance for the stubborn, serious-minded prince, Eve has now returned to Cordina. However, it is possible that Alexander is not who he seems to be.


  • The plot is full of romance, mystery, and drama.


  • Certain parts are a bit cheesy.

Other Books In This Series

Celebrity Magazine Books In Order

Second Nature (1986)

Second Nature

Hunter Brown is a renowned horror author that delights readers with his terrifying tales.

Reporter Lenore Radcliffe of Celebrity magazine is tasked with shedding light on well-known individuals, and she will do anything to get an interview with Hunter.

Hunter agrees to an interview, but only if Lee goes camping with him. Together, they will learn how nature unexpectedly awakens their basic needs and wants.


  • Great opposites attract romance.


  • For some readers, the beginning is slowly paced.

One Summer (1986)

One Summer

Bryan Mitchell, a photographer for Celebrity magazine, will travel for three months with famous photojournalist Shade Colby.

Their task is a cross-country photo project where they are to capture images of an American summer.

Bryan and Shade are unable to agree on whose photographs are best. Yet, they soon discover they are two people searching for the same vision of love.


  • A passionate story of love and friendship.


  • Tension at the beginning isn’t carried all the way through.

Sacred Sins Books In Order

Sacred Sins (1987)

Sacred Sins

In Washington, a serial killer is on the loose. The top psychiatrist, DR. Tess Court initially wanted no involvement until the police convinced her to work with renowned ladies’ man Detective Ben Paris.

Both will require each other’s skills if they will survive a murderer who believes that by killing, he may atone for crimes.


  • Unexpected ending and antagonist.


  • The writing is a bit dated due to being written in the late 80s.

Brazen Virtue (1988)

Brazen Virtue (Sacred Sins Book 2)

Superstar mystery writer Grace McCabe chooses to see her sister Kathleen, who is caught up in a contentious custody dispute following a difficult divorce.

Grace is convinced to assist in a murder investigation, and her life begins to resemble a scene from one of her novels. Yet, she could become the next victim.


  • Well-rounded characters and interesting dialogue.


  • The chemistry between the two leads is inconsistent.

The O’Hurleys Books In Order

The Last Honest Woman (1988)

The Last Honest Woman: The O'Hurleys

Abigail O’Hurley is heartbroken that her legendary racing car husband passed away.

She now just wants to raise her two sons in peace. However, journalist Dylan Crosby is writing a book about the life of her iconic husband in an effort to reveal the man’s secret background.

Abigail tries to keep Dylan at a distance, as their desires for each other intensifies.


  • Vivid characterization and emotional romance.


  • Suspense and mystery are lacking.

Dance To The Piper (1988)

Dance to the Piper: The O'Hurleys

Impulsive, big-hearted Maddy O’Hurley has become one of Broadway’s brightest performers.

Although, Maddy isn’t interested in the perks of fame. She only truly cares about dancing and music, up until she meets attractive, cunning record tycoon Reed Valentine.

These days, Reed’s only interests are money and power. He is therefore immediately skeptical when Maddy waltzes into his life.

Reed experiences an unexpected impact from her passion for dance and her thirst for life. Can he really change after all this time?


  • It’s easy to relate to Maddy.


  • Predictable plot.

Other Books In This Series

Loving Jack Books In Order

Lawless (1989)

Lawless (Jack's Stories Book 1)

The Arizona Territory was an uncharted, wild frontier in the late 1800s that people like Jacob Redman traveled through.

The gunslinger had little patience for Sarah Conway’s politeness because she used prejudice against him due to his partly Apache ancestry.

She brought more to Lone Bluff than just the polite manners of her east coast city society. She was as dangerous to Jake as anything he had ever faced with a six-gun.


  • Great world-building, as you feel as if you are part of that world.


  • Some readers found this book quite short, which meant certain chapters felt rushed.

Loving Jack (1989)

Loving Jack

Author Jackie “Jack” MacNamara admits to being a touch smitten with her own creation of a gun-obsessed Old West cowboy.

She finds it difficult to comprehend her attraction to the prim and proper real-life architect Nathan Powell.

When they are forced to live together, they promise to protect each other’s privacy, but destiny is writing the story and adding a lot of unexpected twists and turns for this pair.


  • Likable and relatable characters.


Best Laid Plans (1989)

Best Laid Plans

Cody Johnson, an architect, has never seen anything more attractive in a hard hat than structural engineer Abra Wilson. As a result of working together, Abra struggles to withstand Cody’s charms.

Yet as soon as they team up, both personally and professionally, the two find themselves entangled in a terrifying web of lies that has the power to ruin the whole enterprise. While also endangering their lives.


  • Plenty of unexpected twists to make the ending a real shock.


  • Not enough suspense for the growing romance.

Time And Again Books In Order

Time Was (1989)

Time Was

Liberty Stone discovers a jet crashed in the mountains. She finds the pilot, alive and unharmed.

Caleb Hornblower appreciates Liberty’s assistance, but he must go back to the twenty-third century. His future becomes hazier the longer he stays in the past.

However, as Caleb spends more time with Liberty, he comes to the conclusion that he has no future if he must leave the lady he is falling for behind.


  • Engaging plot that draws you in.


  • There isn’t much reference to time travel, which some readers assumed there would be.

Times Change (1989)

Times Change

In order to locate his brother, Jacob Hornblower journeyed back in time from the twenty-third century.

In spite of all evidence to the contrary, Jacob thinks his brother has fallen in love and decided to remain in the past.

When Jacob runs across Sunny Stone, his plan to send them both back in time fails.



  • You should read the previous book to have a better understanding of Jacob’s motives.

The Stanislaskis Books In Order

Taming Natasha (1990)

Taming Natasha: A Bestselling Romance Novel (Stanislaskis Book 1)

Spencer Kimball, a composer, and his young daughter are recent arrivals to a small town. He is astounded by the strength of his desire when he first sees Natasha Stanislaski.

Spencer is drawn to the fiery former ballet dancer who now owns a toy store. Spencer is unsure of Natasha’s interest in a single father and whether she can open her heart to love.


  • Fully developed characters with interesting backstories.


  • Slower pace compared to previous books written by Roberts.

Luring A Lady (1991)

Luring a Lady: A Bestselling Romance Novel (Stanislaskis Book 2)

Sydney Hayward’s wealthy and privileged upbringing had not equipped her in any way for taking over the management of her grandfather’s company.

Sydney has discovered the hard way that she couldn’t ever rely on anyone, but Mikhail is an intriguing tenant.

He is a simple man who is from a completely different world than hers. She doesn’t have time for romance, but Mikhail seems to know just how to woo her.


  • Easy-to-read romance with exciting characters.


  • Predictable ending.

Other Books In This Series

Falling for Rachel (Stanislaskis Book 3)

The Calhoun Women Books In Order

Courting Catherine (1991)

Courting Catherine: The Calhoun Women

The Towers, a once-grand home, is now in a terrible state of decay. Catherine “C. C.” Calhoun and her sisters try to restore their home.

Hotelier, Trenton St. James wanted to turn it into a five-star resort, but C. C.’s passionate nature captivates his heart instead.


  • Family dynamics are explored well.


  • A lot of characters to remember.

A Man For Amanda (1991)

A Man for Amanda: The Calhoun Women

To maintain their family house, the Calhoun’s have recruited local architect Sloan O’Riley to conduct long-needed renovations.

Sloan is attractive, but Amanda Calhoun, who is in charge of supervising Sloan’s work, finds her perfectionism to be at odds with his pride.

Yet, these two may be more suited for one another than they may first believe.


  • Enjoyable enemies-to-lovers trope.


  • The mystery of the missing emeralds is forgotten.

Other Books In This Series

Night Tales Books In Order

Night Shift (1991)

Night Shift: A Night Tales Novel

Cilla O’Roarke hosts her own radio show, and she is used to admiring callers. Yet, when one caller keeps threatening to kill her, Detective Boyd Fletcher is assigned to protect her.

Now that Cilla and Boyd are confined to a small space, their rising mutual desire is impossible to deny—even as a predator draws nearer


  • Great character development, and lots of suspense.


  • Cillia isn’t very likable as the protagonist.

Night Shadow (1991)

Night Shadow (Night Tales Collection)

Deborah O’Roarke, a young, idealistic prosecutor, has always taken delight in upholding the law strictly.

She experiences an unexpected and disturbing attraction to the mysterious crime fighter when Nemesis saves her from a frightening attack.


  • Intense and page-turning mystery.


  • Some readers felt that this story was too closely related to Batman stories, which is very different from Robert’s usual stories.

Other Books In This Series


The Donovan Legacy Books In Order

Captivated (1992)

Captivated: The Donovan Legacy

While investigating witchcraft for his newest script, Nash Kirkland becomes fascinated by Morgana Donovan, who professes to come from a line of magical practitioners.

Nash is cautious of trusting his impulses, yet he considers his developing passion for Morgana to be nothing short of miraculous.


  • Great chemistry between Nah and Morgana.


  • Nash could have been more developed.

Entranced (1992)


Mel Sutherland, a private detective, is running out of time, as a child has been abducted, and all the leads have vanished.

The child’s distraught mother turns to the psychic Sebastian Donovan for assistance, who Mel views as a simple con man.

Sebastian is aware that Mel must follow her heart and intuition to solve this case.


  • Opposites attract trope which is written well.


  • Certain chapters are quite graphic.

Other Books In This Series

Concannon Sisters Books In Order

Born In Fire (1994)

Born in Fire

The oldest Concannon sister, Margaret Mary, is a glass artist. One man, Rogan Sweeney, the owner of a gallery in Dublin, has seen the spirit in Maggie’s work and has vowed to support her career.

As he visits Maggie’s studio, their intense connection inflames her heart, and love begins to gradually heal her scarred past.


  • Great introduction to all three sisters, with bold personalities.


  • There isn’t much mystery in this book.

Born In Ice (1995)

Born in Ice

Behind her serene demeanor, Brianna Concannon has been hiding a broken heart for ten long years.

Bri devoted her attention to caring for her family after being abandoned just a few weeks before the wedding to her childhood sweetheart.

Then, one stormy night, the wind blows in a houseguest who has the power to change everything for Brianna.



  • Slow pace.

Born In Shame (1996)

Born in Shame

Hours before her mother’s death, Shannon Bodine learns the truth about her father’s identity.

Maggie and Brianna Concannon have been anxiously awaiting word about their half-sister across the seas.

After learning the truth about her origins, Shannon distances herself from the sisters as she seeks to compose herself.

She tries to get rid of the nagging suspicion that she has already met tall, young farmer Murphy before.


  • Interesting plot full of twists on who Shannon will end up with.


  • Romance and relationships aren’t as well-developed compared to the previous books in this series.

The MacKade Brothers Books In Order

The Return Of Rafe MacKade (1995)

The Return of Rafe MacKade (MacKade Brothers Book 1)

Rafe MacKade, who is successful, well-groomed, and attractive, intends to launch a bed and breakfast with the aid of Regan Bishop, who owns an antique store.

Regan finds it difficult to resist Rafe’s charms while working in such close quarters.


  • Interesting characters to follow.


  • The plot is quite predictable.

The Pride Of Jared MacKade (1995)

The Pride of Jared MacKade (MacKade Brothers Book 2)

Jared MacKade consistently stands up for what is right. He had a competitive attitude when he was younger, and it has carried over into his work as an attorney.

Savannah Morningstar, a strong single mother, presents a challenge, but Jared won’t be intimidated.

Although Savannah is ready to maintain her guard, Jared is intrigued by the powerful lady and knows what he wants.


  • Two very different characters, which surprisingly work well together.


  • The plot needed more development.

Other Books In This Series

Dream Trilogy Books In Order

Daring To Dream (1996)

Daring to Dream (Dream Trilogy Book 1)

Margo Sullivan couldn’t help but dream of greater things as she was growing up.

Margo, the stern Irish housekeeper’s daughter at the Templeton, had been regarded as a member of the family.

She knew in her heart that the thing she yearned for most—her mother’s approval—could not be purchased with money.

All Margo understood was to be he no matter what the repercussions were, she’d do things her own way.


  • Friendships are well explored and great chemistry between the protagonists.


  • Lots of swear words are used, which not every reader appreciates.

Holding The Dream (1996)

Holding the Dream (Dream Trilogy Book 2)

Kate Powell loved the Templeton House community and the family that had treated her like one of their own.

Although Kate lacked Margo’s beauty, she was aware that she possessed a skill for business that no one could match.

Motivated by ambition, Kate determined the success of her life by how high the promotions rose.

As Kate is forced to look within because of professional wrongdoing, she discovers that something is lacking in her life.


  • All the characters are fleshed out a lot more.


  • Certain chapters are quite cringy.

Finding The Dream (1996)

Finding the Dream (Dream Trilogy Book 3)

Laura Templeton learned the hard way that there are no guarantees in life.

Her picture-perfect marriage had already ended by the time she was thirty thanks to her husband’s adultery.

Laura’s divorce crushed her emotionally and financially, but she was determined to start over.

Now Laura must discover who she truly is.


  • Lots of emotion and relatable characters.


  • Some readers found the plot similar to the previous two books in the series.

Stars Of Mithra Books In Order

Hidden Star (1997)

Hidden Star (Stars of Mithra Book 1)

Bailey James has no memory of anything. She doesn’t even know who she is, much less why she has money, a rifle, and a sizable blue diamond in her luggage.

In need of assistance, she rushes to the first police station she can find in the hopes that PI Cade Parris is a reliable person.

When Bailey shuffles in, Cade is certain that the woman of his dreams has just entered the room.

However, he must first persuade Bailey that she is not a criminal before he can contemplate his love for her.


  • Plenty of action to keep you engaged.


  • Some readers felt like this book was written by someone else, as the characters didn’t have the same level of detail as they usually do.

Other Books In This Series

Chesapeake Bay Saga Books In Order

Sea Swept (1998)

Sea Swept (Chesapeake Bay Book 1)

Cameron Quinn, a champion boat racer, life abruptly changes when his dying father asks him to take care of Seth, a troubled young kid much like Cameron once was.

Cameron now has to re-learn how to live with his siblings while juggling his responsibilities as a caregiver.

Seth’s fate will ultimately be decided by a tough yet beautiful social worker.


  • Good relationship development.


  • There isn’t much romance in this book, as it sets up the following installments.

Rising Tides (1998)

Rising Tides: Chesapeake Bay Saga

Ethan Quinn is motivated to grow the family business of manufacturing boats after the death of his father.

Yet, there is a young kid who needs him, and a woman and child he loves but never thought he could have.

Ethan must confront his own troubled past and accept not only who he is but also what he aspires to be in order to build his life around them.


  • Ethan is a very likable and relatable character.


  • This book starts off quite slow.

Other Books In The Series

Gallaghers Of Ardmore Books In Order

Jewels Of The Sun (1999)

Jewels of the Sun (The Gallaghers of Ardmore, Book 1)

Jude Murray leaves America in search of safety in Faerie Hill Cottage, where she immerses herself in the study of Irish mythology.

After years of travel, Aidan Gallagher has finally returned to Ireland, to run the family tavern.

He recognizes Judge as a woman who can both calm his heart and ignite his blood.


  • Vivid descriptions and insight into Irish folklore.


  • Jude’s character development is lacking.

Other Books In This Series

Three Sisters Island Books In Order

Dance Upon The Air (2001)

Dance Upon the Air (Three Sisters Island Book 1)

Nell Channing feels as though she has at last found safety from her abusive husband when she sets foot on the picturesque Three Sisters Island.

She finds work as a cook at the neighborhood bookstore café, taking care to hide her true identity. She starts to think about her feelings for the island’s sheriff, Zack Todd.

Nell discovers that the island is under a horrible curse that can only be lifted by the lineages of the Three Sisters, the witches who first settled the island in 1692.

Just as she begins to question whether she will ever be able to overcome her fears.


  • Relatable characters and fantasy world-building.


  • Suspense is lacking.

Other Books In This Series

Key Trilogy Books In Order

Key Of Light (2003)

Key Of Light (Key Trilogy Book 1)

A problem has arisen in Malory Price’s life plan, as her position as manager of an art gallery in Pleasant Valley, Pennsylvania, may be lost.

An invitation to a cocktail reception at Warrior’s Peak offers a welcome diversion. However, there are only two other guests: single mother Zoe McCourt and librarian Dana Steele.

The women first appear to have nothing in common, until their eccentric hosts tell them a tale and present them with a challenge.

According to legend, a casket with three keys contains the souls of three demi goddesses. Malory and the others must now locate the keys to win a million dollars each.


  • Witty dialogue and full of Celtic myths.


  • At times, the plot is a bit confusing for some readers.

Other Books In This Series

In The Garden Books In Order

Blue Dahlia (2004)

Blue Dahlia (In The Garden Book 1)

Young widow Stella Rothchild has returned to her origins in southern Tennessee with her two young boys in an effort to get away from the ghosts of the past.

Roz Harper, who has a reputation for being tough, has been incredibly kind to Stella.

Roz has given her a lovely home to live in and a demanding new position as manager of the thriving In the Garden nursery.

Stella eases into her new life. She also develops a strong interest in Logan Kitridge, a ruggedly attractive landscaper.


  • In-depth characters to follow.


  • The information about plants often takes more importance over the actual story at times.

Other Books In This Series

Circle Trilogy Books In Order

Morrigan’s Cross (2006)

Morrigan's Cross (Circle Trilogy Book 1)

Lilith has been around for more than a thousand years, luring many men with her soul-stealing kiss to an eternal death. This siren is willing to do whatever she can to conquer the world.

Hoyt Mac Cionaoith wants to put an end to Lilith, thanks to his powers given to him by the goddess Morrigan.

He must assemble five other people at Morrigan’s command in order to create a power ring powerful enough to defeat Lilith.


  • Complex and interesting plot.


  • Characters feel quite flat at times.

Other Books In This Series

Sign Of Seven Books In Order

Blood Brothers (2007)

Blood Brothers (The Sign of Seven Book 1)

Caleb Hawkins, a descendant of the town’s founders, has witnessed and experienced the evil’s rumblings.

The warning signs have never been this clear before. Cal will need the assistance of his closest pals, Fox and Gage, and Quinn Black, a reporter, who traveled to Hawkins Hollow in an effort to write a new book on its paranormal activities.

Quinn shares some sort of bond with Cal, as she is able to perceive the evil that the locals are unable to.


  • You can view this story from multiple points of view.


  • Romance is almost non-existent and the ending is a little anticlimactic.

Other Books In This Series

Bride Quartet Books In Order

Vision In White (2009)

Vision In White (Bride Quartet Book 1)

Wedding photographer Mackensie “Mac” Elliot feels most at home behind the camera, but before a crucial rehearsal, she accidentally knocks into the bride-to-be’s brother. Carter Maguire, a reliable English teacher, is not Mac’s type.

Nonetheless, she might benefit from a casual relationship to help her forget about bridezillas. Of course, casual relationships have a way of evolving into something more unexpected.


  • Believable friendships with a sweet romance.


  • The ending feels like it comes from nowhere.

Bed Of Roses (2009)

Bed of Roses (Bride Quartet Book 2)

Emma Grant, a wedding florist, enjoys working with her three closest friends. She appears to have a successful love life, but she hasn’t yet met Mr. Right. Jack Cook could be the one for her.

Emma may see Jack as a friend, but could there be more to this friendship than they first released?


  • Fast paced, with lots of action/conflict.


  • Some readers found the last couple of chapters rushed.

Other Books In This Series

Inn BoonsBoro Books In Order

The Next Always (2011)

The Next Always (The Inn Boonsboro Trilogy Book 1)

The old hotel in Boonsboro, Maryland, has seen war and peace, ownership changes, and even some ghostly rumors.

Currently, the Montgomery brothers and their quirky mother are giving it a significant facelift.

Beckett doesn’t have much time for a social life because he is the family’s architect.

The girl, he has been yearning to kiss since he was sixteen, has recently just moved back home. Thus, she has become the focus of another project he has in mind.


  • Exciting plot with loveable characters.


  • Slow beginning due to Roberts being overly descriptive.

Other Books In This Series

Cousins O’Dwyer Books In Order

Dark Witch (2013)

Dark Witch (The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy, Book 1)

Iona Sheehan grew up yearning for love and approval. In Ireland, where her ancestors’ blood and magic have flowed through generations, she discovered where to find both.

Branna and Connor O’Dwyer, her cousins, are waiting for Iona when she gets to Ireland.

Iona meets Boyle McGrath, who is everything she’s ever wanted. Yet, Iona’s family tree has been encircled by an old evil that needs to be vanquished.


  • Friendships and family are well thought through.


  • This book has similarities to Robert’s other trilogy, The Three Sisters Island.

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The Guardians Trilogy Books In Order

Stars Of Fortune (2015)

Stars of Fortune (The Guardians Trilogy Book 1)

A solitary artist named Sasha Riggs is plagued by dreams and nightmares, which she transforms into remarkable paintings.

Her visions take her to Corfu, a Greek island, where five other people have been persuaded to search for the fabled fire star.

Brana, the magician, believes in Sasha as she grapples with her unique skill as a seer.


  • Good world building.


  • The beginning of this book is quite confusing on what is happening.

Other Books In This Series

Chronicles Of The One Books In Order

Year One (2017)

Year One: Chronicles of The One, Book 1

On New Year’s Eve, it started. The illness came out of nowhere and spread swiftly. Fear spread more quickly, and over half the population of the entire globe was wiped out.

This is a world of survivors where every stranger they meet may either be a savage or a hero.


  • Fantastic word building with a modern day world mixed with magic.


  • Too many characters to remember and follow.

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The Dragon Heart Legacy Books In Order

The Awakening (2020)

The Awakening: The Dragon Heart Legacy, Book 1

Breen Kelly makes the startling discovery that her mother has been hiding an account in her name. It contains around $4 million and was funded by her long-lost father.

Breen has no idea that when she travels to Ireland with some of the money, it will reveal mysteries to her life that she never could have anticipated.


  • Lots of twists and turns.


  • Pace is inconsistent.

Other Books In This Series

Nora Roberts Standalone Books In Order

Blithe Images (1982)

Blithe Images

Bret Bardoff, the owner of a magazine, catches the attention of Hilary Baxter, a fashion model from a tiny town. Yet, he had no idea how her pure heart would draw him in.


  • Easy read, as the whole book is just 224 pages long.


  • Simple story, so there isn’t a lot of action.

The Heart’s Victory (1982)

The Heart's Victory

Cynthia “Foxy” Fox moved past her heartbreak from racing driver Lance Matthews, and established herself as a successful photographer.

Nevertheless, when she is given the opportunity to cover the racing season. Lance seizes the chance to persuade the one lady he can’t forget that he deserves a second shot.


  • Great mix of love and racing.


  • Readers wished there were more family interactions.

Other Books In This Series

Island of Flowers

Nora Roberts Anthologies In Order

Mysterious (1985)


This Magic Moment, The Right Path, and Search for Love are three full-length novels. Each story is rife with desire, peril, and decadence.


  • Each story is captivating and interesting.


  • The stories aren’t related to one another.

Western Skies (1985)

Western Skies: An Anthology

Two stories that follow Samantha Evans as he battles over staying at home to be with Jake Turner or leaving to go after her dreams.

Meanwhile, a feud between two families is broken when the two youngest generations of each family become unlikely allies.


  • Wonderful and relatable characters in both stories.


  • The men in these stories are very unlikable.

Other Books In This Series

Historical Christmas Stories, 1990: In From the Cold/ Miracle of the Heart/ Christmas at Bitter Creek

Final Thoughts

Nora Roberts is a well known author when it comes to her romance books. Yet, since Roberts has written over 200 books, her work covers various themes and genres.

However, at the heart of all her books is relationships. Her later works delve into magic and myths alongside love.

Since there are 271 books, it is best to read her books in publication order. This way, you will gain a better understanding of the character’s development and how all the stories tie in with one another.

I hope this article has made it clear on the order to read Nora Roberts 271 books in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have To Read Nora Roberts Books In Order?

As there are so many books, it does make it easier to read her books in order.

Why Does Nora Roberts Have A Pseudonym?

Certain books of Roberts are under the name R.D. Robb, such as the In Death book series. This is because Roberts didn’t want too many books published under one name.

What Is Nora Roberts Best Trilogy?

The Three Sisters Island is considered Robert’s most successful trilogy.

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