Authors Like Elin Hilderbrand (16+ Fantastic Fiction Recommendations)

Elin Hilderbrand is an American author who lives on Nantucket Island. She has written mostly romance novels which are set in this area.

Hilderbrand was born and raised in Pennsylvania and graduated from John Hopkins University.

Authors Like Elin Hilderbrand (16+ Fantastic Fiction Recommendations)

She spent a lot of summers in Cape Cod where she had a great childhood. Her father died in a plane crash when she was 16 which shaped the rest of her life.

She loved her summers but when her father died, she had to work through the summer. She promised herself that she would always have a real summer.

She has been dubbed ‘the queen of beach reads’ by New York Magazine in 2019. Hilderbrand’s Paradise Trilogy is being turned into a TV series that stars Ellen Pompeo.

If you’ve enjoyed Elin Hilderbrand’s impressive collection of novels (see also “Authors Like Sarah Jio“), and are looking for similar compelling contemporary women’s literature novels to get stuck into, then authors like Colleen Hoover, Taylor Jenkins Reed, and Louise Erdrich. Read on for some fantastic recommendations by these authors.

Books By Elin Hilderbrand

Elin Hilderbrand published her novels with St. Martin’s Press. She wrote A Summer Affair in 2008 which was published by them.

A Summer Affair: A Novel

This is when she moved to a different publishing company and her first murder mystery novel named The Perfect Couple was published in 2018.

The Perfect Couple

The Hotel Nantucket is her most recent novel, published in 2022. The Beach Club, published in 2000, was her first novel.

The Hotel Nantucket

Hilderbrand has written mostly standalone novels, however, she has also published a few series of novels. These include her Nantucket novels, winter books, and paradise books.

The Beach Club

After she had worked for a short time in New York City as both a teacher and a publisher, she moved to Nantucket in 1994 which was the inspiration for many of her novels.

She is the proud mother of three children and she loves cooking and going to the beach.

Sadly, Hilderbrand plans to retire in the summer of 2024, so there will be no more books after this time!

Elin Hilderbrand Themes

Hilderbrand loves the summer, so this is a very common theme throughout her novels.

It’s no wonder that the New York Times has deemed her novels ultimate beach reads.

Themes of family, romance, and secrets run through her work, too. You will find a lot of other authors like her.

Authors Like Elin Hilderbrand

There are many authors that are fairly similar to Elin Hilderbrand. If you’re a Hilderbrand fan, you should give one of the following authors a read, too.

While they have lots of similarities to each other, these authors bring different perspectives to similar ideas and themes.

Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover was born in 1979. She is an American author who writes novels in the romance book genre .

She also writes young adult fiction (If you like the young adult fiction genre, you might also like books like The Alchemist and other books similar to it). She is best known for her romance novel of 2016 named It Ends With Us.

It Ends with Us

Many of Colleen’s works were self-published, but she later was picked up by a Publishing house.

She has sold over 20 million copies of her books so far! Colleen wrote her debut novel named Slammed in 2011.

Slammed: A Novel

She didn’t plan to publish this novel, but when it was done, she decided to self-publish it so that her mother could read the novel.

Colleen went on to write many different novels. A sequel to It Ends With Us was released in 2022 named It Starts With Us.

It Starts with Us

Hoover was born in Texas and she has lived there her whole life. She worked in social work and teaching before she became a full-time writer.

Hoover wrote a novella that was published in 2014. This was named Finding Cinderella.

Finding Cinderella

This novella contains a lot of the same characters as Losing Hope and Hopeless. She also released a few paperback books with some bonus features over the years.

Losing Hope: A Novel

Hopeless: A Novel

She also thinks a lot about the music that should accompany her novels as she finds this a very important link.

On one of her ebooks, she also placed a scannable QR code on the paperback which led to a site that contained the music to be listened to alongside the novel.


  • She has won many different awards and has been on the New York Times bestseller list multiple times.
  • She has written many novels, so you won’t run out of material to read!


  • The themes in her novels don’t match those of Hilderbrand exactly. The work has more thriller aspects to it than Hilderbrand’s work.

Themes: Romance, thriller, fast-paced

Taylor Jenkins Reid

Taylor Reid is American. She is a very successful writer with plenty of novels for you to get stuck into.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

If you want to start reading some of Reid’s work you should start with The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, Daisy Jones & The Six, and Malibu Rising.

Daisy Jones and the Six

She graduated from Emerson College in Boston and left to pursue a career in film. She worked in a few different places before securing her book deal at the age of 24.

Malibu Rising

Reid’s first novel was named Forever, Interrupted which was published in 2013.

Her novel The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (2017) gained commercial and critical acclaim.

She went on to win many different awards for some of her novels after this.

Her novel Daisy Jones & The Six was a finalist for the Book of the Year award in 2020 by Goldsboro Books.

She doesn’t only write books as she co-wrote the TV show Resident Advisors which was released in 2015.

At the moment, Reid is set to take an extended break before she writes any more novels. In the meantime, you can catch up with one of her many fantastic books!


  • She has won many awards and has been nominated for lots of awards over the years.
  • She writes TV shows as well as books. She co-wrote the TV show Resident Advisors.


  • She has lots of novels, but she only became successful later in her career.

Themes: Family, romance, secrets.

Louise Erdrich

Louise Erdrich is a successful American author of poetry, novels, and children’s books.

She has written 28 books, but not all of these are fiction novels. She has written poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books.

The Plague of Doves

Louise was married to an author named Michael Dorris, but the couple split up in 1995. Together, they collaborated on a number of different pieces of work.

In 2009 she wrote the Plague of Doves which won an Anisfield-Wolf Book Award and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

She has won many awards over the years and in 2021 she won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for the novel The Night Watchman.

The Night Watchman

Interestingly, Erdrich owns an independent bookstore in Minneapolis. The store is named Birchbark Books and it focuses on selling Native American literature.


  • She has won many awards for her novels over time including a Pulitzer Prize for fiction.
  • She has written many novels all of which have their own unique ideas


  • There are a few differences between the two authors, so if you want something that is very similar then this may not be for you.

Themes: Family, romance, and friendships.

Final Thoughts

There are many authors similar to Elin Hilderbrand. These include Taylor Jenkins Reid, Colleen Hoover, and Louise Erdrich.

Now that you have read this article, you will have a detailed understanding of Hilderbrand’s work. You will also have an understanding of some of the authors who are similar to her.

If you love the work of Elin Hilderbrand and you’re looking for something similar to read, you should give some of the novels by the writers mentioned in this article a read! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Authors Are Similar To Elin Hilderbrand?

If you love Elin Hilderbrand’s work then you will also love the work of some similar authors. There are many authors that write along the same lines as Elin Hilderbrand.

These include Louise Erdrich, Taylor Jenkins Reid, and Colleen Hoover. If you enjoy Hilderbrand, read some of the books that are recommended in this article by authors similar to this article!

What Genre Does Elin Hilderbrand Write?

Elin Hilderbrand is an American author who writes romance novels. She writes a lot of novels that are set in the summer and on vacation. This is why she is a very popular author for holiday reads.

Where Was Elin Hilderbrand Born?

Elin Hilderbrand is an American author. She was born in Pennsylvania. She relocated to Nantucket Island later in life which was the inspiration for her work.

Does Elin Hilderbrand Use Pseudonyms?

No. Elin Hilderbrand writes under her own name.

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