5 Authors Like Emma Chase (36 Book Recommendations!)

Emma Chase is a NY Times bestselling author, whose work within the world of romance has helped to redefine audience expectations, becoming a staple of the genre itself in the process.

5 Authors Like Emma Chase (36 Book Recommendations!)

In her short career, Chase has written twenty-one novels – each of them available in numerous formats and languages.

If you love Emma Chase’s work, then why not check out these suggestions for Vi Keeland, Devney Perry, Sandy James, J.S. Cooper, and Alice Clayton?

Books By Emma Chase

Throughout her relatively short career, Chase has published numerous novels, including:


Tangled (1) (The Tangled Series)

Perhaps her most famous book is the novel Tangled, which focuses on ‘Drew Evans’, a self-described ‘winner’, who lives a successful and affluent playboy lifestyle in New York City.

However, after becoming entangled with brilliant and beautiful investment banker ‘Katherine Brooks’ the former womanizer finds his old methods no longer effective – finding himself bereft of his usual tactics and schemes as love unexpectedly enters his life.


While producing an array of different books, there are themes that Chase frequently includes in her work.

These include themes of forbidden love, and unlikely romance, as well as plot devices like fish-out-of-water scenarios, and flawed/relatable protagonists – all of which have made her popular amongst fans.

5 Authors Similar To Emma Chase

For those who love the work of Emma Chase, we have put together a list of our top suggestions for other authors you might like.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Vi Keeland


First on our list, but in no particular order, we have Vi Keeland – an American romance novelist who has frequently worked with Montlake Romance publishing.

A NY Times and USA Today bestseller, Keeland is perhaps best known for her #1 novels Bossman and The Invitation, as well as her short stories such as Scrooged – all of which were turned into movies by Passionflix.


  • Relatable characters
  • Well written
  • Unconventional scenarios
  • Wholesome


  • Can often lack depth

Themes: love, unlikely romance, forbidden love

Devney Perry

The Edens

Next we have Devney Perry – a Montana native whose novels have been featured on the USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists and enjoyed by countless readers worldwide.

Usually writing novels set in her home in the ‘Big Sky’ State, Perry’s most famous work is perhaps her The Edens Series, the Calamity Montana Series, or the Clifton Forge series of novels.


  • Relatable characters
  • Realistic, interesting settings
  • Well written
  • True to life


  • Heavier subject matter
  • More peril

Themes: love, unlikely romance, forbidden love, rural Montana, unforeseen obstacles

Sandy James

Copycat: The Hunters Book 1

Arriving at writing a little later in her life than most, author Sandy James had always wanted to write a book, eventually attempting the feat once her children had flown the nest, and life had slowed down to a manageable pace.

Little did she know that her chosen endeavor would make her one of the most prominent and read writers within the romance genre – with her novel Copycat perhaps being her most well-known work.

Along with romance, James also tackles supernatural, fantasy, and suspense.


  • Atmospheric writing
  • Well written
  • Relatable characters
  • Good use of the supernatural
  • Good mix of romance and action


  • Non-traditional scenarios
  • Heavier subject matter
  • Darker themes

Themes: love, unconventional romance, forbidden love, supernatural elements, peril, unforeseen obstacles

J.S Cooper

Falling For My Best Friend's Brother (One Night Stand Series Book 2)

Real name ‘Jaime Suzi’, British author J.S. Cooper has developed a name for herself within the romance genre – with many of her works being featured on the NY Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.

A prolific writer in the field, Cooper is perhaps best known for her novels Falling For My Best Friend’s Brother and her Prince Charming series – all of which tackle ideas of forbidden love, unlikely pairings, and love and romance prevailing in the most unforeseen places.


  • Relatable characters
  • Engaging and well written
  • Exciting


  • Raunchier content

Themes: love, unlikely pairings, unconventional romance, forbidden love

Alice Clayton

The Redhead

Perhaps most famous for The Redhead Series, The Cocktail Series, and The Hudson Valley Series, Clayton has also published numerous standalone books to much acclaim by critics and readers alike.

Tongue in cheek, witty, and full of heat, Clayton’s work has made a name for itself within the romance genre for its distinct sense of humor that readers worldwide love engaging with.

While she has explored numerous facets of the romance genre during her relatively short tenure as a writer, her latest novel Screwdrivered sees her return to the cheeky, comedic romance for which she made her name.


  • Tongue in cheek
  • Comedic tones
  • Witty writing style
  • Well written and engaging


  • Raunchier tone
  • Less serious
  • Less wholesome

Themes: love, unconventional romance, raunchy encounters

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Emma Chase and our top five picks for similar authors you might like to dive into and read.

Finding new authors can indeed be tricky, but with these suggestions, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding your new favorite. So why not give them a try? Something tells me you certainly won’t be disappointed!

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Are These Novels Suitable For Younger Audiences?

Due to the adult nature of many of these romance novels, they are considered unsuitable for younger audiences.

Will Men Enjoy These Novels?

Despite having a prominent female following, there are also plenty of men who enjoy these books for their escapism, romance, and readability.

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