5 Authors Like Karina Halle – Discover Similar Authors

Known for her novels The Pact, The Royals Next Door, and Black Sunshine, author Karina Halle is a prolific author working in the romantic fiction genre. 

5 Authors Like Karina Halle

With over 70 books in her back catalog, Halle is a notable figure within the genre and has legions of fans who can’t get enough of her spicy, romantic content – which often combines a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, notions of forbidden fruit, and dark undertones that can be challenging to some. 

However, she remains a mainstay within the genre, and her latest book Blood Orange is once again pushing the boundaries of romantic fiction – delivering a steamy retelling of the classic Dracula story. 

If you love the romantic works of Karina Halle, then you will undoubtedly love the writing of Colleen Hoover, Becky Wade, Tina Marie Christensen, Heather B. Moore, and Emily Childs. Read here to find out which books you need to check out!

Books By Karina Halle

Books By Karina Halle

While known for being a romance author, Karina Halle also has a lot to do with the fantasy and supernatural genres – both of which usually incorporate elements of romance into the story. 

River of Shadows (Underworld Gods)

Some of her most notable and popular books include the fantasy novel River of Shadows, the vampiric Dark Eyes series, and the supernatural Dark House novel. 

Common themes within Halle’s work include forbidden love, doomed romance, tested and strained relationships, as well as persistent love that can survive all manner of hardships. 


This makes her work particularly popular amongst romance fans, who enjoy the original takes on classic scenarios, as well as her more fantastical work that incorporates real human relationships within them. 

Authors Like Karina Halle

For fans of Karina Halle’s work who are interested in finding similar authors, there is unsurprisingly a lot to explore.

However, there are some that just do it better than the rest, which is why we have compiled a list of 5 of our favorites. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Colleen Hoover

All Your Perfects: A Novel (4) (Hopeless)

In no particular order, the first author on our list is Colleen Hoover – a romance writer who has worked extensively within the genre.

While some of her work tends to be on the sweeter side, she has many novels that tackle the same subject material that Halle does – namely strained relationships, doomed romance, and forbidden love. 

One such example is her novel All Your Perfects, which shows a relationship hanging by a thread and a past full of unfulfilled promises. 


  • A wide repertoire of work
  • Good storyteller
  • Engaging writer
  • Relatable characters and subject matter


  • More for the general reader

Themes: love, doomed romance, strained relationships, flawed humans

Becky Wade

My Stubborn Heart

As with Hoover and Halle’s work, Becky Wade is also a major player in the romance genre, with numerous releases on a multitude of platforms. 

One of her most famous novels is My Stubborn Heart, which also tackles notions of strained relationships and doomed romance, and is centered around a woman who falls in love with her contractor – who as it turns out is still in love with his deceased wife. 


  • Wide back catalog
  • Relatable stories
  • Well crafted characters
  • Well-written and engaging work


  • Somewhat more formulaic

Themes: strained relationships, doomed love, romance, happiness

Tina Marie Christensen

Crescent Moon Falls: A Magical Romance Novella

Tina Marie Christensen is another author who works extensively with romance, and like Halle’s work, her books tend to feature references to the fantasy genre, magical realism, and elements of the supernatural. 

One of her most famous publications is the novella Crescent Moon Falls, which features a magical world of fairies, transfiguration, and plenty of forbidden romance and doomed love to appeal to fans of both genres. 


  • Interesting concepts
  • Relatable characters
  • Well-written and unique work
  • Wide back catalog


  • Somewhat childish

Themes: magical realism, fantasy, forbidden love, doomed romance

Barbara Longley

The MacCarthy Sisters

Another author who works both in the realms of romance and fantasy is Barbara Longley. 

Perhaps one of her most famous works is the MacCarthy Sisters series, which features forbidden love, time travel, and ghosts from the past – the latter of which can communicate with Regan McCarthy, herself imbued with supernatural abilities. 


  • Wide back catalog
  • Relatable characters
  • Interesting concepts
  • Unique storytelling


  • Occasionally slow burning

Themes: time travel, forbidden love, ghosts, supernatural 

Emily Childs

The Vegas Kings

Last on our list, but by no means least, we have Emily Childs, whose work within the romance genre has made her popular with fans all over the world. 

With a specialty in forbidden romance, Child’s most famous publications are the Vegas Kings and For Love and Rock series’ – pitting roguish characters like rock stars and high rollers against their deadliest foes ever, the prospect of love and romance. 


  • Intriguing scenarios
  • Wild and crazy characters
  • Will they/won’t they storytelling


  • Somewhat simplistic 

Themes: forbidden love, will they/won’t they, romance

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Karina Halle and our top 5 suggestions for authors who write like she does. 

It’s true that Karina Halle has contributed much to the world of romance fiction, offering steamy original works that remain popular with fans all around the world.

And what’s more, with these new authors you can continue on your literary journey, experiencing some of the other best writers in the genre. 

So if you are looking for more romance authors, then why not give these 5 a try? Something tells me you won’t be disappointed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are They Suited For Younger Readers? 

No. As romance books, these novels deal with adult situations that are not considered suitable for younger readers. 

Are They Suitable For Male Readers? 

While the target audience of these works is generally women, there are undoubtedly men who enjoy reading them. 

Which Writers Are The Best? 

This is down to personal choice, with each author offering something different to the romance genre. 

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