Read The Ruby Series In Order By V.C Andrews

In 1979 Andrews released her first series of books called The Dollanganger Family Series.

But you may be most familiar with the first book in the series Flower In The Attic which was then turned into a film adaptation in 2014 and was even adapted into a television series in 2022.

Read The Ruby Series In Order By V.C Andrews

Since then, Andrews has continued to be a pioneer in the family gothic genre.

One of the most well-known book series released by Andrews is The Landry Family Series. More commonly known as The Ruby Series.

The Langry Family series has recently been adapted into a television series by Lifetime along with other drama series written by the late American author.

Giving her work new life and bringing your favorite characters to life.

However, Andrews passed in 1986 and so the estate hired a ghostwriter, Andrew Neiderman, who continued the legacy and published novels such as The Ruby Series under the Andrews name.

About The Ruby Series

For those who are new to the work of Cleo Virginia Andrew, then it is only right that you learn about her work before we begin discussing each book in detail.

The Ruby Series was originally released in 1994 under the title The Landry Family Series.

Set in the Louisiana bayou, the series focuses on the Landry family. Ruby, her daughter Pearl, and Ruby’s mother Gabrielle.

Ruby finds what she believes to be the love of her life, Paul.

However, as she begins to let herself be happy, she quickly discovers a dark family secret that she wishes would stay buried.

She meets her cunning twin sister and reunites with her estranged father, which exposes the complex roots of her family tree.

The main themes of The Ruby Series are romance, gothic, secrets, and of course, toxic family relationships.

Sound like your type of book? Then keep reading to find out how you can read them in order!

The Ruby Series In Order


Ruby (1) (Landry)

Ruby is the first installment of the series. Released in 1994, it was the second series written by Neirderman under the Andrews name.

Ruby and her daughter Pearl have only ever known the love of her guardian Grandmere Catherine and her Grandpere Jack.

While Grandmere Catherine was a Cajun spiritual healer, her Grandpere would find every opportunity to have his head in a bottle.

However, all she knew was love and her eyes were full of hope and wonder about the world.

Especially when the perfect Paul Tate bursts into her life ready to give Ruby the best love affair of her life.

When her Grandmere dies, Ruby runs to New Orleans where she finds her estranged father and is thrust into his world of deception, lies, and utter madness.

Knowing that only true love could save her at this point, Ruby clings to her memories of Paul.


  • Introduces new characters to the plot.
  • Easy to read.
  • Writing is elegant without being boring.


  • The plot flattens at the end.

Themes: Romance, toxic family, secrets, magic, relationships.

Pearl In The Mist

Pearl in the Mist (2) (Landry)

Even after living in the bayou for a year, Ruby is still in awe of the grandeur of her family’s estate in New Orleans.

Even while true happiness continues to be as elusive as swamp mist, she takes great joy in the love of the father she had never met.

While learning she has a twin sister should be a source of delight, her stepmother sneers at her small-town upbringing, and Gisselle has only shown resentment toward Ruby.

When Ruby and Gisselle are sent away to boarding school, Ruby has no idea about the storm that is about to hit.

And she thought the bayou was hard. As her wicked stepmother and the school’s principal work to make her miserable, Ruby must persist and hope to escape.


  • The plot progresses for the series.
  • More characters are introduced.


  • Ruby’s character does not develop.
  • The plot is predictable.

Themes: Wicked stepmother, horror, gothic, suspense, family.

All That Glitters

All That Glitters (3) (Landry)

Ruby is determined to create a safe and joyful home for her priceless infant daughter, Pearl, even though she is once again living in a modest shanty.

Paul Tate, who is now a man of sparkling fortune, is by her side once more. It appears like their future is secure when he whisks her away to his opulent home.

However, when her devious twin sister, Gisselle, arrives, Ruby knows that her happiness is about to be short-lived. Gisselle has news that the father she once knew was in fact not her real father.

Ruby creates a shaky new life for herself in an attempt to obtain the complete, satisfying life she so desperately wants, but the first flood sweeps it away.

She won’t be able to see the fragile promise of the rainbow, which is a morning of sunlight and happiness with her own family until the storm reveals the deepest atrocities of the past.

This is the third installment in the series and with the lies and deception brought on by her family, Ruby is constantly tested to see just how much she loves her own family.


  • There is action from the very beginning.
  • Shows how deep lies can lie.


  • The plot line is rather far-fetched.

Themes: Deception, true love, protection, growth, betrayal.

Hidden Jewel

Hidden Jewel (4) (Landry)

Pearl, who was raised in a loving, humorous New Orleans house, wants to be a doctor.

Yet after one of Pearl’s twin brothers suffers a tragic injury, Pearl’s tortured mother returns to her Cajun roots.

In quest of her mother and the horrific truths about her ancestry, Pearl travels to the swamps.

Fortunately, she finds a wonderful haven in the cozy embrace of a kind Cajun guy.

Pearl, however, is unable to enjoy the springtime freshness that always, always appears beyond tomorrow until the storm clouds part.

This exciting new installment in the venerable Landry series follows Ruby Landry’s daughter as she strives to grow up despite the murky family secrets she fears will one day consume her life.

This is the last installment in the series which takes place in the present day and you can be sure that it is just as dark and twisted as the last.


  • The focus on Pearl keeps the series progressing.
  • Gives a feeling of completion from Pearl’s perspective.


  • Writing is drawn out without much action taking place.

Themes: Family, destruction, secrets, romance, hope.

Tarnished Gold

Tarnished Gold (Landry)

While Tarnished Gold is the last of The Landry Family series to be published, it is a prequel.

Learn about the beginnings of the fate of the Landry Family and how everything became so dark and twisted.

Gabriel Landry is happy. Well, until she is trapped by Ocativus Tate, and her innocence is stolen.

Left pregnant and alone, Gabriel does the unthinkable, she allows Tate to claim the baby as his and his barren wife’s.

Prior to a hunting excursion that brings dashing Creole millionaire Pierre Dumas to the bayou, Gabriel, who is drifting in a realm of sadness, is only solaced by sporadic glimpses of her son.

Gabriel is so hopelessly in love that she will ignore the voice telling her that their happiness might cause her more sorrow than she can handle.


  • Gives backstory to the plot of The Landry Series.
  • Extremely emotional.


  • The plot is predictable.

Themes: Romance, loss, desperation, secrets, greed, betrayal.

Final Thoughts

For many of us, V.C. Andrews is a staple of her childhoods all the way into our adulthood.

She is a tremendous author who explores intense themes of child abuse and the real impact of being protective of your family can have.

And Neiderman continues her work to perfection.

While dealing with intense themes, he continues to make the works easy to read and evokes rather extreme emotions from the reader.

Above is the correct order for reading The Ruby Series and we highly recommend you follow it. A tale of deception, protection, and above all else, love.

As you enjoy the tales of Ruby Landry and her twisted family, don’t forget to watch the television series to see the characters you love come to life while the venomous plots play out in front of you.

Truly evil!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Books Are In The Landry Family Series?

There are 5 books in The Landry Family Series. Each of which follows the story of the Landry women, Ruby, Pearl, and Gabriel.

Is Tarnished Gold Being Turned Into A Movie?

The Tarnished Gold installment of The Landry Family series was adapted into a film in 2021. Alison Lea Bingeman wrote the screenplay for the movie which can now be streamed on various streaming platforms.

Are Ruby And Paul Related?

In the second installment of the series, it is unearthed that Ruby and Paul are half-brother and sister. All is revealed in the fifth installment, Tarnished Gold, where we discover more about their mother, Gabriel.

Are Ruby And Gisselle The Same Person?

No. Ruby and Gisselle are twin sisters who separated at a young age. Ruby remains with their Grandparents in the bayou while Gisselle remains with their father in New Orleans.

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