Fall in Love: The 20 Best Single Dad Romance Books

If you are a fan of romance novels, you know there are a lot of tropes within the genre. Friends-to-lovers, enemies-to-lovers, paranormal, forbidden love, fake relationship, holiday flings, and the list goes on! But one of the more popular romance novel tropes is single dad romance. 

Fall in Love: The 20 Best Single Dad Romance Books

Perhaps it’s the tension of wondering if the characters will come together as a family, or maybe it’s the sensitivity and protective nature we see in dad’s love interests as they care for their kids. Whatever it is, there’s just something about the added element of fatherhood that makes single-dad romance books some of the best romantic novels to read. 

Whether you are already a fan of single-dad romance books or are interested in reading your first one, we’ve got you covered in finding your next great read. Check out the 20 best single dad romance books

Discover The 20 Best Single Dad Romance Books

The Match (It Happened in Charleston #1) by Sarah Adams

The Match: A Romantic Comedy

Southern Service Paws (SSP) is a service dog organization. Evie works there and is also a former client, matched with her dog Charlie for her epileptic seizures. 

When single dad Jake meets with Evie to get a service dog for his ten-year-old daughter Sam, he’s less than warm. But Evie still finds herself drawn towards him, making her think there’s more than a service dog match in their future. 

If you like your romance novels sweet and funny, The Match by Sarah Adams is a must-read rom-com for your bookshelf. Buy a copy here

Down Too Deep by J. Daniels

Down Too Deep

Nathan Bell was recently widowed. Overcome with grief, he left his parents the hard work of raising her. Two years later, he regrets it and is trying to be the best dad he can, but he’s in over his head. Then single-mother Jenna steps in to help. But the more time they spend together, the more their attraction grows. Could they make it as a real family?

Down Too Deep is a single dad romance book full of passion, sure to tug at your heartstrings. Get a copy here.  

Forever and a Day: A Lucky Harbor Novel by Jill Shalvis 

Forever and a Day: Lucky Harbor 6

After losing everything, Grace is a dog walker for Josh Scott, an ER doctor with no time for anything but his job and children. When his nanny no-shows one day, Grace upgrades to nanny, and playing house together might be what they both need. 

Full of the steamy romance and romantic tension you can always expect from Jill Shalvis, Forever and a Day will surely be a page-turner. Buy this romance novel here

A Nordic King (Nordic Royals #3) by Karina Halle

A Nordic King (Nordic Royals)

A Nordic King by Karina Halle checks all the boxes for top romance books: Single dad? Check. Nanny-romance? Check. Royalty-romance? Check. Forbidden love? Check. Boss-employee romance? Check. 

Working as a nanny for a widower is always a challenging job. But when your charges are princesses and their dad is the King of Denmark, it’s about ten times harder, especially when the King is cold, distant, and unwelcoming. Too bad for Aurora, her heart and desire are adding even more complications to the mix. 

Buy a copy of A Nordic King here

All Rhodes Lead Here by Mariana Zapata

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After a bad breakup, Aurora returns to the town she grew up in and rents a garage apartment. But when she learns the owner’s son has rented it out without his knowledge, Aurora has to convince him to let her stay. And even though he’s grumpy, Aurora finds herself enjoying the view of him across the driveway. 

If you like slow-burn romances, All Rhodes Lead Here is a perfect next-read. Pick up this single dad romance book here.  

Funny Feelings by Tarah Dewitt

Funny Feelings

Meyer is stand-up comedian Farley’s manager and a single father to Hazel. When single gal Farley lands an opportunity to go on a tour, the other comedians have an idea for bringing the excitement: flaunting their love lives. And what better place to find a fake boyfriend than in Meyer? Only it starts to feel a lot less contrived the longer they go.

Fans of fake-relationship love stories will adore this funny, sweet romance novel. Buy a copy of Funny Feelings here

To Hate Adam Connor by Ella Maise

To Hate Adam Connor

If you are a fan of enemies-to-lovers romance novels, get ready for your next romance read. 

Lucy’s got a new neighbor: the super-hot and super-famous actor Adam Conner. Adam’s also super-single, thanks to his recent divorce. And Lucy is here for it. Only things get off to a rocky start when Adam has her sent to jail. Now Lucy is torn between the sexy feelings she has for him and wanting to take him down a few pegs. Get this steamy single-dad romance book here

You & Me by Tal Bauer

You & Me: An M|M Single Dads Romance

Craving romance books about single dads? Well, how about one with TWO single dads? 

Emmett’s been having a hard time since his wife died. His teenage son will barely talk to him, and everything feels out of whack, not like Landon, the father of Emmett’s son’s best friend. He’s got everything together, including a fantastic relationship with his kid. When Landon convinces Emmett to volunteer for their kids’ football team, the pair develop a strong friendship, and even though he’s never been attracted to a man before, Emmett can’t help himself falling for Landon. 

You & Me by Tal Bauer is a bi-awakening, friends-to-lovers single-dad romance that will leave your heart full and tissue box empty. Buy a copy here

Irresistible (Cloverleigh Farms #1) by Melanie Harlow

Irresistible: Cloverleigh Farms Book 1 (Cloverleigh Farms Series)

Mack is not in the market for romance. He’s a busy single father and CFO of Cloverfield Farms, with no time for anything else. But he can’t resist his gorgeous nan, even though he knows he should. And although she drives him crazy in a good way, she’s also making him feel something beyond the bedroom. 

Irresistible has all the steamy romance you can expect from Melanie Harlow, with a solid single-dad love story to boot. Grab your copy here

Make Me Yours (Bellamy Creek #2) by Melanie Harlow

Make Me Yours (Bellamy Creek Series)

Melanie Harlow has penned several single dad romance novels, so we couldn’t resist adding one more of hers to this list.

Cheyanne is thirty years old, teaches kindergarten, and has been crushing on her brother’s BFF, Cole, since they were kids. Cole is a single dad and a beloved officer of his community…and happens to live right next door to Cheyanne. When Cheyanne drunkenly texts her deepest desires to Cole one night, she immediately regrets it…until he tells her to tell him more.

Make Me Yours is the perfect contemporary romance novel featuring a single father. Buy yourself a copy here.

The Single Dad (The Dalton Brothers #3) by Marni Mann

The Single Dad

Sydney and Ford met at a bar, and the chemistry was instantaneous, leading to a one-night stand neither of them will forget. But when Sydney applies to be his new nanny, the brakes are put on full stop. Ford’s priority will always be his daughter, Evelyn. Will their nanny-boss situation keep their relationship professional, or will the forced proximity cause their feelings to grow even stronger?

Find out what happens in this steamy, single dad romance novel by buying a copy here

Forever Right Now by Emma Scott

Forever Right Now

After spending most of her life getting in trouble (and not the good kind), Darlene Montgomery is ready for a new start, determined to return to her failed dance career. When she moves to San Francisco, she moves into an apartment above a grumpy, over-stretched single father, Sawyer, with an adorable little girl. And while there’s definitely chemistry between Darlene and Sawyer, they are both determined to keep their emotional walls up. Unfortunately, fate has other plans. 

Buy a copy of Emma Scott’s edgy, emotional single dad romance here

When the Time is Right by M. Mabie and Aly Martinez

When the Time Is Right: A Single Dad Standalone Romance

Alexis has been friends with Hudson, her brother’s best friend, since high school, eventually becoming best friends with Hudson, too. Their fifteen years of friendship have stood the test of grief, loss, and all the ups and downs of their lives. Hudson is a devoted single father, directly contrasting with the chaotic, witty Alexis. But when they share a drunken kiss one night, everything changes. 

When the Time is Right is a force of a friends-to-lovers single dad romance novel, and you can purchase it here

The Christmas Fix by Lucy Score

The Christmas Fix

An enemies-to-lovers single dad romance that takes place during Christmas? Yes, please! 

A hurricane has left Noah’s city without their annual Christmas Festival, the annual tradition the town depends on for the tourism money it brings. Enter Catalina King, a TV reality star best remembered for the wild time she had the last time she came to town. Catalina’s money and camera crews could solve the town’s problem…that is if city manager Noah can get out of the way. 

This festive and fun single dad romance novel will steal your heart no matter what time of year you read it. Grab a copy here

Broken French (The Mediterranean Series #1) by Natasha Boyd

Broken French: A widowed, billionaire, single dad romance (Mediterranean Series)

Parlez vous l’amour? After reading this emotional, sweet, and steamy widowed-billionaire, single dad romance novel by Natasha Boyd, you will. 

Josie has just been hired as a nanny for a little girl aboard a yacht in the South of France. Her employer? A widowed billionaire, Xavier, who is, despite his grumpy nature, super hot. Hell-bent on keeping his life as closed off as he’s made it, he’s been having a hard time since Josie arrived. So he really shouldn’t go there with the nanny…should he?

Set sail on a love story fit for any fan of single father romance novels. Get a copy of Broken French here

Fortuity by Jewel E. Ann

Fortuity: A Standalone Contemporary Romance (The Transcend Duet)

USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Jewel E. Ann delivers a powerful and emotional story in her romance novel Fortuity.

Following a terrible accident, forty-something Gracelyn Glock has become a caregiver to her ten-year-old nephew. After moving into a beach house in San Diego, she discovers she’s living next to Nathaniel Hunt, a single dad to a young daughter and professor of anatomy. Gracelyn swore she was done with men forever, and Nathaniel hasn’t been with anyone in over a year, but the romantic tension between these two is palpable. Is it the makings of a summer fling or something more?

Find out by buying a copy of Fortuity here

Hired by the Single Dad (The Single Dads of Seattle #1) by Whitley Cox

Hired by the Single Dad (The Single Dads of Seattle)

If you haven’t read The Single Dads of Seattle series, you are missing out on some fantastic single dad romance books. Hired by the Single Dad is just the first of ten books about single fathers falling in love from Whitley Cox. 

Recently divorced Dr. Mark Herron needs a nanny for his special needs son. Tori dreamed of going to grad school and working with special needs children, but her now ex-husband cleaned out her bank account and her heart. But then Mark hires Tori as his nanny, and everything seems to be getting back on track. That is, if they can keep their relationship professional, something neither anticipates happening. 

Pick up this angsty and emotional romance novel here

Return to Us (Willow Creek Valley #1) by Corinne Michaels

Return to Us (Willow Creek Valley)

Grayson was Jessie’s first love, but at eighteen, she broke it off with him and left Willow Creek for (what she thought was for) good. But fourteen years later, she heads back home to recover after an accident. But the accident may not be the only thing she recovers from after she and Grayson end up working together at The Park Inn. Maybe there’s a second chance at romance with Grayson, who’s now a single dad and never really got over Jessie.

Grab a copy of Return to Us here

Show Me the Way (Fight For Me #1) by A. L. Jackson

Show Me the Way (Fight for Me)

After his wife left him to raise their daughter alone, Rex Gunner has sworn off romance forever. Enter his new neighbor Rynna Dayne, who left Gingham Lakes at seventeen and only returned because her grandmother passed away, leaving Rynna her diner in her will. One look at Rynna and Rex’s heart begins to melt if the past doesn’t ruin everything. 

Grab a copy of Show Me the Way here

Compared (The Sweet Rom “Com” #1) by Kortney Keisel

Compared: A Sweet Romantic Comedy (The Sweet Rom'Com' Series)

Tyler Dixon is everything Meg has been looking for in a partner: He’s sweet, hot, and an amazing dad. Too bad Meg is the teacher of Tyler’s son, and getting involved with a student’s parent will get her fired. But since his wife died, Tyler hasn’t been interested in anyone…except Meg. She’s everything he needs to cure his never-ending loneliness, but she keeps turning him down. 

Buy a copy of Compared, the perfect single dad romance novel for fans of rom-com romance. 

Final Thoughts

Single-dad romance novels are swoon-worthy love stories that keep the pages turning. Whether they turn up the heat or keep it clean, you will fall in love with these sensitive characters and the lovers who steal their hearts. The 20 best single dad romance books above will get you started in this romance novel niche. 

Happy reading!


What is the most popular romance trope?

There are so many tropes in the romance genre it’s hard to narrow it down to one, especially because so many of the best romance novels are crossovers of multiple tropes. However, some of the most popular tropes are:
Fake relationship
Paranormal romance
Mistaken Identity
Forbidden love
Holiday flings
Stuck/trapped together
Secret identity
Best friend’s sibling

What are the characteristics of romance novels?

All romance novels must contain a central love story and an optimistic ending that leaves readers emotionally satisfied. Setting, plot, tone, and level of steaminess are all parts of the story that can be whatever the writer dreams up.

Who is the top-selling romance writer?

With over 800 million copies of her books sold, Danielle Steele probably holds the title of top-selling romance writer. Honorable mentions must include Jane Austen, Nora Roberts, Nicholas Sparks, and Jude Devereaux.

Do any men write romance novels?

While female writers undoubtedly dominate the genre, a fair number of men write romance books. You’ve likely heard of Nicholas Sparks, especially given the success of his novels like The Notebook, and John Green penned The Fault in Our Stars. However, many men write romance using a female-sounding pen name, such as Tom Huff, who wrote romance under the pseudonym Jennifer Wilde.

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