Authors Like Amanda Quick (18 Book Recommendations)

The common themes you’ll find in Amanda Quick’s books are romance, mystery, a touch of fantastical magic, and social restrictions.

Authors Like Amanda Quick (18 Book Recommendations)

Although Amanda is known for her historical fiction, we didn’t include history in her collection of themes because some of her novels are set in contemporary times, while others are set in the future.

However, regardless of which period she chooses, the main characters all have a society-based restriction that prevents them from acting as they wish.

Quick uses her degree in Library Science to create realistic worlds. She does this by researching historical experiences, or technology we could find in our not-too-distant future.

Amanda keeps these genres separate by using different pen names. When she writes in the contemporary timeline, her writing name is Jayne Ann Krentz.

When writing historical fiction she uses Amanda Quick, and her futuristic stories use the pen name, Jayne Castle.

If you like Amand Quick and want to read more historical romances filled with suspense, humor, and a touch of magic, then check out Elizabeth Peters, Georgette Heyer, Stephanie Laurens, and Kat Martin.

Each of these women writes amazing historical romances, but they all have their own twist to the trope.

Books By Amanda Quick

After Dark (Ghost Hunters, Book 1) (Harmony)

Amanda usually writes stand-alone, historical romantic fiction however she also has 8 series which you can jump into. From Jayne Castle’s Ghost Hunters to the Arcane Society.

These stories explore supernatural mysteries, fantastical powers, and romantic suspense.

Amanda Quick’s most popular books are Ravished, Second Sight, and The Paid Companion, and she achieved over 40 New York Times bestseller awards from almost 100 novels.

Ravished: A Novel

In Ravished, you would find regency romance when Miss Pomeroy summons a man to protect her against thieves. Little does she know that the man she summoned was the devil himself.

Second Sight (Arcane Society Series Book 1)

In Second Sight, Venetia plans to seduce Mr. Jones and leave none the wiser but is trapped in a mystery when he dies violently and leaves her a sum of money. However, Mr. Jones had the eyes of a sorcerer and wouldn’t die so easily.

Something is amiss. Second Sight is the first in the Arcane Society series and the most loved series in Quick’s collection.

The Paid Companion

While in The Paid Companion, the Earl of St Merryn hires a woman as his fiancée while he is in polite society. This Pretty Woman story mixed with historical drama creates the perfect romantic affair.

Authors Like Amanda Quick

Elizabeth Peters

Crocodile on the Sandbank (Amelia Peabody Book 1)

Unfortunately, Elizabeth Peters has passed away, but her time on earth allowed her to write almost 80 books.

The Curse of the Pharaohs (Amelia Peabody Book 2)

Her most popular creations were Crocodile on the Sandbank, The Curse of the Pharaohs, and The Mummy Case, all of which are part of the Amelia Peabody series.

The Mummy Case: An Amelia Peabody Novel of Suspense

As you can guess with titles such as these, Peters, like Quick, put a lot of research into her stories. Her Ph.D. was in Egyptology which is why her world-building is so realistic.

However, more than being pieces of historical fiction, Peters wrote her stories around intelligent women who enjoy racy romances alongside a rich and detailed plot.

Think of Indiana Jones mixed with James Bond, but set in the Victorian era with a woman as the main character.

When Crocodile on the Sandbank was first released in 1975 the libraries had to watch the books like a hawk as so many people wanted to rent them.

If they came back late by just a single day, the delay caused a domino effect of frustration among Elizabeth’s fans.


  • Intelligent Characters
  • Good Humor
  • Intriguing Mysteries


  • Often Compared To Scooby Doo Stories
  • Main Character Isn’t Likable
  • Mystery Is Easy To Solve

Themes: Mystery, Historical Fiction, Romance, Cozy Mystery

Georgette Heyer

Georgette has also unfortunately passed from our world, having died in 1974.

However, despite her work being from a different century, her creation of an intelligent female detective was considered “before her time”.

Heyer wrote 154 novels before passing, giving you a lot of chances to explore her work before finally running out of content.

Due to her early 1900s timeframe, Heyer’s novels weren’t as sensual as Amanda’s, but they are a lot more sensual.

This sensuality paired with a stronger belief in personal honor makes Heyer’s historical romances more dramatic.

The mere touch of a bachelor creates more tension and desire than anything a modern writer could create.

We recommend reading The Grand Sophy, Frederica, and These Old Shades.

The Grand Sophy (The Georgette Heyer Signature Collection)

The Grand Sophy is based on Regency Romance and surrounds a charming young heroine on her quest to try and solve everyone’s problems.

The comedy will leave you belly laughing as she creates a tangled web in her attempt to be helpful.

Frederica (The Georgette Heyer Signature Collection)

In Frederica, Heyer continues this comedy of romantic errors as the main character tries to set up her beautiful sister Charis for a chance to marry in high society.

Seeking the help of her selfish and arrogant cousin, the Marquis of Alverstoke, it seems that Frederica makes more of an impression than her sister.

These Old Shades: The Alastair-Audley Series, Book 1

These Old Shades is the first in the Alastair-Audley Tetralogy series. The story begins under the reign of the corrupted King Louis XV.

It follows a young boy called Leon who runs away from home, only to realize he is a girl and the legitimate child of the Comte. Depiction, lies, and trickery follow in this romantic historical fiction.

Heyer’s stories are mostly filled with comedy, history, and romance while touching on sensuality more than desire.


  • Intelligent Characters
  • Long List Of Novels To Pick Up
  • Sensual Not Explicit


  • Dull Male Characters
  • Repetitive
  • Contains Concepts Now Considered Offensive Or Stereotyping

Themes: Classic, Historical Fiction, Romance, Regency

Stephanie Laurens

Stephanie used to be a cancer researcher before making a career change into novel writing. Her creations are focused on family dynamics, power exchanges, past trauma, and society as a whole.

This makes Laurens’ stories richer in plot details than Quick’s, but they are no less romantic and steamy.

Continuing with Amanda’s historical romance, we think you may prefer the following stories from Stephanie – Devil’s Bride, The Lady Chosen, and the Untamed Bride.

Devil's Bride (Cynster Book 1)

All of these books are the first of their series. The Devil’s Bride follows Honoria who is found in a compromising position with the devilish bachelor Cynster.

Cynster offers his hand in marriage, but Honoria doesn’t want to settle down just because rumors are flying. A murder takes place and Honoria decides this is just the distraction she needs.

The Lady Chosen (Bastion Club Book 1)

In The Lady Chosen, bachelor Tristan Wernyss is forced into marrying or will be cut from his inheritance. He decides that the beautiful woman next door will be his wife, but Leonora has a different idea for her future.

The Untamed Bride (The Black Cobra Quartet Book 1)

While Untamed Bride takes a different turn. If you prefer a story with a little bit of fantasy wriggled in, follow this tale as four officers of the crown are tasked with fighting the Black Cobra.

The untamed bride comes as a distraction and a path to destiny.


  • Great Beginnings And Great Endings
  • Complex And Realistic Romance
  • Laugh Out Loud Comedy


  • Uses Failed Communication Trope
  • Love Scenes Are Poetic And Tame
  • Slow Middle Sections

Themes: Historical Fiction, Romance, Regency, Mystery

Kat Martin

The Bride's Necklace (The Necklace Trilogy)

Kat and Amanda both follow the genre of fast-paced mystery books which balance steamy scenes with suspenseful plots.

They both write their locations in period dramas of lords and ladies while many of their stories contain murder.

The Bride’s Necklace is a great example of this as Victoria Temple becomes a servant to the scandalous Earl of Brant in an attempt to hide her family’s heirloom from her stepfather.

The Last Goodnight: A Riveting New Thriller (Blood Ties, The Logans Book 1)

Against the Wind: A 2-in-1 Collection (The Raines of Wind Canyon Book 1)

However, if you want to branch away from historical writing while keeping the same suspense and mystery, you should explore Kat’s western stories.

The Last Goodnight and Against the Wind continue the genre of romantic mystery but in the isolated open spaces of an American ranch.


  • Realistic Characters
  • Complex Mysteries
  • Handles Abuse Well


  • Low Starts To Series
  • Very Long
  • Very Technical Writing Style

Themes: Historical Fiction, Romance, Suspense, Westerns

Final Thoughts

People love Amanda Quick’s novels for their romance, suspense, and mystery. This is why we have suggested reading books by Elizabeth Peters, Georgette Heyer, Stephanie Laurens, and Kat Martin.

Elizabeth wrote with historical accuracy, steamy romance, and Egyptian mystery. Georgette wrote more sensual content which focuses on Victorian social cues.

Stephanie continues the romantic storylines but with murder and forced marriage. While Martin writes very similarly to Amanda but her novels are set in the contemporary American West.

Depending on what you love most about Amanda Quick’s novels, you will be able to find the same style or genre among these other novelists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Writes Like Jayne Ann?

Jayne Ann is one of Amanda Quick’s pen names, however, these novels are often written in the contemporary period.

For more contemporary stories that follow Jayne Ann’s style, read Janet Chapman, Jennifer Cruise, and Jaci Burton.

Why Does Amanda Quick Have So Many Pen Names?

Amanda either writes under the name Jayne Ann Krentz, Amanda Quick, or Jayne Castle.

She does this so that fans can instantly see what type of setting or world they will enter when they pick up her novels.

Jayne Ann Krentz is for contemporary fiction, Amanda Quick is for historical and Jayne Castle is for futuristic.

What Are All Of Amanda Quick’s Pen Names?

Amanda’s most common pen names are Amanda Quick, Jayne Ann Krentz, and Jayne Castle.

However, she also uses Jayne Taylor, Jayne Bentley, Stephanie James, and Amanda Glass.

These other names are not used as often but follow the same idea of easy categorization.

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